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The world’s most documented psychic mediums channel astonishing and heartfelt messages from our most beloved celebrities who died too young. Terry and Linda Jamison, known internationally as “The Psychic Twins,” are the world’s most documented psychics, with an unrivaled track record of 1,400 accurate world and celebrity predictions. Aside from their astonishing world predictions, the Jamison sisters have reunited families, helped solve murder cases and find missing persons, saved marriages, and diagnosed illnesses using their unique gift of automatic writing. Please follow the link below to be certain to avoid any imposters and connect with the real us. If you have read our book and enjoyed it, please post a brief review on our Amazon page (5 stars!) It would help us out so Amazon gets behind us! Your advice on how to hone psychic gifts and talents is so helpful and exciting!- Jay W., TNHey everyone! I am a world renowned professional book critic and I give the book Psychic Intelligence three thumbs up, a six star rating, and an 11 out of 10!
Hurry and get it while it's still on sale!- Tim, writer and criticI saw you two on Good Morning America the other day and you guys are awesome and funny and beautiful! I do hope that you are able to help even more people as a result of your ABC debut.- Monte Farber, best selling author Twin Hearts  Twin Hearts is an empowering meditation CD that will guide you through the process of opening your heart to receive love. You help the world as we search for the divine, you represent the highest energy -- the essence of love. When I heard about the school shootings in Ohio yesterday, I remembered your radio predictions.
We're blessed to have you share our time in this world!- Diana P.Your gifts are so much more important than showmanship, curiosity and money. After being single for 5 yrs and many dysfunctional relationships, I purchased your "Love" CD. I truly believe he is my soul mate and that listening to your tape truly helped my heart open so I could receive true love.With gratitude,- Karin D.

I need to add that to my X-mas list!- Carlos M.I bought five of them for friends as a gift -- they love them too! I am in utter disbelief at the level of doubt at the proposition that the Universe is Conscious and is able to communicate with us via mental telepathy. Why in heaven’s name doesn't the President have Terry and Linda as his Personal Aides in Matters of State?- Alison W., AustraliaPsychic Intelligence is an amazing read! It's great to see psychics who not only know what they are talking about but also practice what they preach ¦ - Harry T.I just wanted to say to both of you that I'm a huge fan of you guys just from watching your various TV interviews on youtube! You are two beautiful beings and I'm so happy that you are here helping and alerting people to what we need to know. It is with sincerest hope that I run into you two someday so that I can hug you both and let you know how appreciated you both truly are! You bring comfort and certainty and guidance that I've never been able to find anywhere in my life.
I cry as I write this because you both are so special to me and we've never even met in person. JacksonI got your Soulmate CD "Twin Hearts" in the mail today and put it in my DVD player to listen to it through my entertainment center.
I put it in my CD player on continuous repeat all night long so I can listen to it while I am sleeping.
They are our A-Listers!”- Ricki Lake, TV host and author, The Ricki Lake ShowLinda and Terry Jamison are women of deep character, passion, confidence and integrity with gifts that display truth and power on every level. They bring to their work so much more than their very evident and proven psychic abilities - they emanate an energy that comes straight from their hearts allowing others to know they are connecting to their unique essence and needs in a truly open, powerful and authentic way.- Dr. Kristin Whitelaw Holistic and Transformative Counseling)When I first learned of the twins, I was a fan. When I read their books they became my heroes, but then I started to listen to them… to really listen.

Not only to their predictions, but to them, and what I heard were two beautiful spirits who choose every day to help others, and in doing so I found Kindred Spirits.- Joanna D.The Psychic Twins have mind-blowing ESP! Browne, author of 40 booksPsychic Intelligence is the best spiritual book published to date!!! Your book gives really practical and helpful advice anyone can use for bettering their lives and improving their situation. Highly recommended.   - Michael V.Psychic Intelligence By Terry and Linda Jamison is one of the best books I have ever read! My 16 year-old daughter is reading it now and she has found out she has more abilities than she thought she had, and has also gained new psychic and spiritual abilities that I've noticed. Terry and Linda have helped awaken more of my child's psychic abilities and I am very grateful of this. Yay!?  - Samantha W.I have seen and heard of other psychics in this life, but you two are just beyond! First, the reading was heartbreaking, so emphatic, very emotional and yet another proof of your authenticity.
They hold among them the unique attributes to help usher greater and greater bits of heaven unto earth by eliminating darkness and illuminating truth.
I hope you continue your "war" on darkness and ignorance.?  - PatrickI think the government should listen to your predictions more, as you have a 100% track record that no one else can claim. Even though they cannot respond to the thousands of emails they receive on a daily basis, no offense is ever intended. All emails are greatly appreciated.Send Futurescope to a friend - We encourage you to forward this newsletter to those seeking positive change and inspiration.

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