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So the other day, I was staring at myself in the mirror debating whether I should tweeze my eyebrows, or let them grow out into a new shape.
And while I was gazing into the depths of my soul, I realized that I could really use a facial.
So I started rummaging through my bathroom cupboards, because I ALWAYS have at least one type of face mask on hand. I tell you this in the hopes that you are near enough to me that you will come to my house with ice cream in hand, sometime in the next 12 minutes, drop it off, and then LEAVE.
But since that's not going to happen, I'm going to have to try and talk DadGuy into making an ice cream run.
When I was a young lass and made my list of qualities that I wanted in a future husband, I seem to have left the part about where he agrees with me that peanuts are gross. Of course, every body has different boundaries, and that's when the internet can get cliquey. I mean, it's not like everybody gets to have a total abdominal hysterectomy when they're just 26. It was hard to narrow down my choices, you see, because CSN Stores have every item you could ever possibly want.
They have over 200 stores, which is no good for someone like me, because I want something from just about every shop. I finally decided on a Little Tikes Fold N' Store Picnic Table with an umbrella for my kids, because happy kids = happy mom. I love sending them out to do their thing, and not having to worry about what kind of a mess they could be making. So when the opportunity to go downtown to learn about a new campaign that promotes this very thing arose, I said yes.
Yesterday at the National Press Room in Washington DC, We Give Books launched their new digital initiative that enables ANYONE with internet access to put books into the hands of children who need them, for free. Be the model: Practice what you preach, don't just TELL your children how to be charitable and compassionate, SHOW them.
Right now, the majority of the books available are for the younger crowd, but they are working to make more titles available. I got to go downtown (by myself!) and meet some fabulous bloggers, as we learned about an amazing new literacy campaign for children called WeGiveBooks. Then he brings home an envelope for the money that coordinates with the price sheet of the books he has pre-selected.

And I get a kid who is convinced that if he doesn't get his pre-selected copy of the American Presidents for $34.99 that his whole kindergarten experience is ruined and I must not love him.
I'm not exactly sure what all goes on, but they have little "interviews" with the kids to see what they know. And let's face it, as much as I love my family, and the DadGuy, by Sunday morning I'm ready to explode. Every Saturday afternoon, DadGuy stalks back into the house and says, "It's YOUR turn now." Then I refuse to go outside just to make a point. There are a few things about reading (specifically books) that have improved since the advent of the online electronic book, or ebook as it’s known today.
Project Gutenberg is a great project that has brought many open literary works to digital print making it possible for anyone to read books for free online. These ebooks are totally free to read online or download but if you enjoy the resource and have the means, they accept donations. The cool part about Google eBooks is that they aren’t necessarily stored on your computer or other devices but the ebooks are accessible from the cloud. There are many more resources online where you can find ebooks for sale and websites where you can visit to read books online for free. This is a great tool for teachers, because it allows you to make a group for your class, and then you can set a goal, and work towards it. A list with photos of the book covers pulls up, they choose the book they want to read, and then just click to turn the pages.
So on October 7, you'll be able to join in as we set a new world record for the greatest number of people reading the same book on the same day! I received breakfast, a goodie bag, concert tickets to the Rock Bottom Remainders concert, and a gift certificate.
For instance, the portability an electronic file brings rather than a paper book is huge, seeing as we are now able to carry hundreds of them on one computer or e-reader.
Michael Hart, who created the concept of the electronic book, and therefore changing much of the way we receive text today, died September 6, 2011 at the age of 64. With the help of many volunteers, they digitized the works of bone fide publishers that are now public domain. One warning to take notice of is that these books are free in the United States because their copyright have expired but for those outside the US, check the copyright laws in your own countries before downloading and distributing them. This makes it simple to begin reading a book on one device and pick up where you left off on another.

They have a huge and growing library of free online books comprising of genres like 18th and 19th century books, European and American fiction, myths and Science Fiction. The process is actually kind of interesting because if you are a library card holder, you just log on, choose the ebooks you want to borrow (just like the physical library), and check out. Many also offer audio books in a similar fashion so check out your local library’s website for more information. Remember that copyright free ebooks are legal to read for free online, and Project Gutenburg is doing a good job of digitising them! Of course remember that it is legal to read free books online as long as they are copyright free. They eat snacks, and read books, and discuss whatever small children discuss, outside, around the table. And how amazing would it be for your class to say, this year, we donated 500 books to Room to Read? And while all of those things are great, I would have done it just for the sake of doing it.
Both of those things are completely unrelated and we're just going to agree to ignore that fact, m'kay? Also, the production of books in its online or electronic form is a lot cheaper when you think about the fact that ebooks don’t have to be printed. Most libraries attach a digital time limit making the borrowed book useless once your time limit is up.
They provide a nice option when time is of the essence or when you just want to be entertained by creative voice overs, sound effects, and music that sometimes accompany them. You can even make the group private, so you don't have to worry about your kids while they're on the We Give Books site. We've gone over the very few rules I have, which are to stay on our street, and don't go in to anyone's house without asking me first.

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