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The only reason why I wanted to read this book, was fairly because I had nothing else to read. There were some parts of the book that were so cheesy that I literarily rolled my eyes while reading, some things were too over rated. While reading this book my imaginary "Christian Grey" was Ian Somerhalder, perfect fit right?
Overall, I think it's a really great read, and suggest this trilogy to those who can handle mature content. Prices and availability are subject to change from the time and date that you print this page. While we don't have a suggestion for what book you should read next, we do have a suggestion for where to store it.
Since the announcement early last year that there would be a film adaptation it seems like everyone has openly embraced their interests in fetishes and kinky sex much more easily than we ever thought possible. Everyone from Emma Watson to Shailene Woodley has been rumored to play Ana, while Channing Tatum and Ryan Gosling are among favorites for Christian Grey.
But even better is the fact that celebrities are reading Fifty Shades, recording themselves and posting it online. Today, I spent the whole afternoon in the palace garden of Schonbrunn, reading the book Fifty Shades Of Grey, which was featured in this week's Links a la Mode by Beautifully Invisible.
Fifty Shades Of Red Grey is the first part of the spanking new erotic bestselling trilogy Fifty Shades written by British author E. I managed to read the first three chapters and skimmed through the rest of the 514 pages long book in order to get a first-hand experience of this seductive first-person love story of innocent Anastasia Steele, a literature student from WSU in Vancouver, Washington.
The story sets off with Anastasia being pushed by her roommate Katherine, who suffers from a flu, to drive instead of her to Seattle for a highly anticipated interview with successful entrepreneur and billionaire Christian Grey for their student newspaper. Arriving at Grey Enterprises, Anastasia is both deeply attracted and highly intimidated by the dominant appearance of the young CEO and uber male, Grey. Wanting to take full control over Ana, Grey requires her to sign a special contract (that is also part of the book in Chapter 11 and one of its highlights), where her status as his slave is defined. The erotic story unfolds relatively slowly and features a lot of delightful conversations also in form of printed emails.

I see Fifty Shades Of Gray as an accessible introduction course to BDSM, which includes relatively mild, and consensual spanking, bondage and lots of sex scenes.
Bonus, Beautifully Invisible has put together a sexy Fifty Shades inspired jewelry collection, for "your inner goddess" (a phrase that appears quite often in the book btw). The sequels of Fifty Shades Of Grey are entitled Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed. Whether you've read the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy or not, you may be interested in reading similar romance or erotica books. Bared to You by Sylvia DayThe most similar book to 50 Shades of Grey, but it's arguably much better written.
Angie Lynch is a Native Floridian without a tan, probably because she spends her days hard at work inside on the magical internet. When their daughter started experiencing pain throughout her body, this family discovered that not all illnesses are visible on the outside. Health Canada, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, & Mayborn USA Inc have recalled five types of spill-proof cups. This portable, delicious (and easy-to-make!) snack will nourish your kids without the added sugar of store-bought granola bars. Today I wanted to do a quick review on Love & Beauty Glow in the Dark nail polish from Forever21 . Our Good Read Book Caddy features durable wooden construction and is available in lots of colors that fit with nearly any decor. The movie is the most anticipated book adaptation in the history of book adaptations — and months after being announced, it still has no screenplay or cast. Nearly every A and B list celeb has been picked through trying to find the perfect leads and still we have no one.
Some of them shy away from the more graphic language and some of them end up ruining our childhood a little bit, but it’s one of the more entertaining trends — no matter how many times you see it. Soon and unbelievable to Ana, she finds herself in a passionate love affair of submission and dominance with Grey and is gradually introduced to his dark secrets and his hidden Red Room Of Pain.
I especially enjoyed the refreshing female perspective and the subtext of the conversations, which open a lot of room for more kinky fantasies around the main story line.

It lacks the X-rated detail and BDSM of 50 Shades, but the books make up for it in romance, lust, and heady intellectualism. If you're shy about Google-ing various piercings to find out just what they heck Brian has on his body, this book is not for you. For the past several years, Angie has worked way too hard at building clout as an influencer in food and margaritas as well as being a source for laughable pop culture commentary on her blog, A Whole Lot of Nothing. It’s about this super naive, virginal college student named Anastasia Steele who meets this guy Christian Grey.
Even if you’re trying to hold out from reading the books or simply have no interest in any of the shades, these videos are way too funny not to watch. The story is partly quite unrealistic and obviously fictional, regarding Ana's and Grey's luck, the sex scenes, the easiness of orgasms and the endurance of pain for example. But if you are into that sort of thing, get this book.Need some more erotic reading material?
Christian is like crazy rich and successful, but also very mysterious, which obviously only makes Anastasia want him more. But luckily there are several parodies to get you through this tough time, like this Fifty Shades of Chicken cookbook or the Funny Or Die parody staring Selena Gomez.
Eventually Christian admits that he wants to do the deed with her too but only if she agrees to all the kinky stuff he likes. He writes up a contract that pretty much says she isn’t allowed to tell anyone about all the crazy sex they’re about to have and she agrees (because gag orders on your sex life are no big deal or whatever). Check out the 20 best links, sure to spark some great conversations and fire up your own blogging inspiration engines! I don’t mean light spanking or doing it with the lights on; I’m talking whips, chains and all that good stuff. Before you know it little Ana starts to see that Christian might be dealing with some stuff and maybe she isn’t ready for it.

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