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I'm no schizophrenic, but as a February baby, I saw a lot of similarities between my personality and the description of the personality of a Pisces.
Creatine monohydrate is an extremely common dietary supplement for people who are trying to build muscle. One of my best friends here is a complete believer and showed me this book that had descriptions of the different signs and indicators.
I did, however, enjoy reading this blog because the truth about horoscopes always fascinated me.

I am very doubtful though, especially after reading the kind of bullshit horoscopes they put into magazines and such. Even though many are skeptics, astronomical data has been collected through astrology as a result. People are always asking what your sign is or looking up your horoscope to see what your personality is like. In most magazines, they have horoscopes that talk about what your week will be like, or some sort of fortune telling.

Even when it comes to relationships, some people go straight to a compatibility search to see if their love is "destined from the stars" For me, I am a cancer.

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