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Number Plates made in Leicester while you wait to the UK legal font specification to pass your MOT. Euro GB logo along with car reg on your number plates, ideal for touring holidays in Europe. These are priced different to the plain number plates, please ask a member of staff first for a price.

These are special order and and are priced different to a plain number plate please enquire first. Graham Goode stock Number Plate anti theft security screws, strong double side adhesive mounting tape, white, yellow, black plastic screws,bolts,nuts and caps. The new number plate law came into effect from 1 January 2003 (amended on 1st December 2005) aimed at reducing the ease at which fake number plates can be obtained by thieves who wish to attach them to stolen vehicles.

To get a new number plate in the UK you will have to show proof of ID and ownership of vehicle  documentation with name, address and entitlement.

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