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Scorpio Zodiac SignScorpio zodiac sign cusps have remarkable powers of attachment and seem to contain in themselves the silence of Pisces and the tenacity of Cancer, Scorpio's companion water signs. Sagittarius Zodiac SignSagittarius zodiac sign cusp’s failings are those that can be easily forgiven; the worst evils have been left for the sign Scorpio to work out. The Universe has plotted a way for you to reveal more of your inner self to your friends and family, but you’ll be getting something in return!
The level of familiarity you might have with friends, acquaintances, and neighbors might be equally unnerving and exhilarating.
And with the Sun conjoining the Moon in Cancer, you’ll be able to retreat with no guilt when the outside world gets to be too much. The important thing to remember is every bit of information you receive this year will helpful to you. 2014 Scorpio Horoscope offers that problems which are not cured totally in past, will make you suffer this year.
Scorpio Horoscope 2014 reveals that if you are already in a committed relationship, this year might be unstable for you as there will be ups and downs.
Scorpio Astrology 2014 suggests that be careful in 2014 as people are jealous about your success. The area in your life that would excite you and also would add color to spice up your days is romance and romantic partnerships. The challenge this year would be to remain who you are as a person and be confident even in times of adversities.
Below is a guideline that lets you peak into the personality of the Scorpio and learn how they behave in a relationship.
Scorpio Horoscope Today’s Good Points Scorpios have a reputation for secrecy and deception, and while this can be true for less evolved Scorpios, it is somewhat of an unfair assessment. Scorpio Woman’s Love HoroscopeScorpio horoscope sign is ruled by Pluto and it’s the 8th sign of the zodiac.
Scorpio Man’s Love HoroscopeThe characteristics imbibed by a Scorpio horoscope man are like none other. Many women find this passion attractive in the Scorpio man, but one has to understand that this fervor is a double edged sword. Another thing to be kept in mind about a Scorpio man is that he likes to be in a dominant and controlling position no matter the setup he is in, this means that he likes to be the boss at the office as well as in the house. This is a transition that has a unique mix of characteristics and doesn't fit in well with others. They can learn fast and adapt quickly, making them skillful opponents as well as excellent teachers, consultants or scientists.
But, it's the best way to find out if there really is a problem or that problem only exists in the imagination.
They are generally marked for their very dignified manner, and though always affable and courteous, they are ready at any moment to stand upon their dignity. When personal they may be very personal; they are then restless and inclined to be over-active, very highly strung and nervous, with a tendency to become petulant and irritable. From February 10 through February 12, the Moon in Cancer will be trine Saturn in Scorpio, meaning that difficulties within the home will be ironed out through the use of your own personal wisdom. Mostly this will involve how to handle or talk to difficult people, which will be worth a lot to you, both in your daily life and your career. You may become frustrated due to excessive expectations from your partner and heavy demands may become a burden for you. Your time will come around your birth date and your attracting power will be the strongest at that point of time.
You shall strike a cozy intimacy with your partner and this will fill up your days with joy and happiness. Things would be pretty unpredictable for you round the year be it your personal or professional front. Also with that you need to understand who your real friends are, and keep away from the influence of the ones who just pose to be friends, but are foes in disguise. We all need a little help when it comes to romance and the stars can provide the guidance you need. It is helpful for Scorpios themselves, as well as someone who just wants to know more about their Scorpio love interest. More than any other sign they symbolize the erotic and passionate nature that is buried in all of us; this sign is very physical in nature and emotionally powerful. They are the eighth sign of the Zodiac and they rule they eighth House of Intimacy and Spiritual Growth.
They are not for the faint of heart, but they will seldom go out of their way to hurt anyone; they are both passionate and compassionate. They are very intuitive and their role in life is to teach us about the restorative power of transformation, of taking pain and turning it into love.
They are also very contradictory; they are very mysterious themselves but they will dig until they uncover all of your secrets. Many a times it so happens that some of the traits observed in people born under different zodiac signs overlap a bit but a Scorpio man is totally unique in his nature. He might be a passionate lover today, but this can end up resulting in jealousy or obsessions etc. This might not be such a bad thing as this need to be dominant also pushes him to attempt to shine in all the endeavors he joins in today.

This can cause a Scorpio-Sagittarius individual to feel different and perhaps even cause them to be outcast. Jealousy and possessiveness are the only major personality flaws in a Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp. They can be very abrupt and brusque when they wish, but they are always amenable to approval. The personal Sagittarius is a blunt, brusque and outspoken character, and he may become very exacting and somewhat domineering. Under the tropical zodiac, the sun transits this area on average between October 23 and November 21, and under the sidereal zodiac, the sun currently transits the constellation of Scorpius from approximately November 16 to December 15. You would enjoy implementing your sharp intellect and responding to the need of the hour by coming up with instant plans. However, the tendency will prevail for you to spend more than you actually plan to, not always by choice, but at times by necessity. Bring more structure and organization to your life if you want to achieve your goal in keeping with a deadline you have in your mind. It's great to read today’s Scorpio love horoscope and find that smooth sailing is ahead; it's even better to know if there are issues that need to be addressed. This profile highlights their good points, bad points, compatibilities and those astrological signs they may or may not get along with in a love relationship. The Scorpio will normally sheath that stinger unless they feel personally slighted; then watch out. They keep things inside and then when they do let loose their emotions, they are out of control.
While the Scorpio understands these concerns and they are very deep thinkers, he or she is about taking these possibilities and transforming them into something tangible and real.
Fortunately, this transition has many good traits, such as the ability to care deeply and an excellent sense of humor.
They have the power of self-control to a very considerable extent, even to the power of controlling the whole of their sex nature, turning it into the highest spiritual development; they are then as it were a huge engine with steam up, all ready to start upon a very long journey, but these persons are powerless to move or make any progress until they have overcome their very tiresome and trying personality. When wayward their nature is exceedingly rebellious, never willing to submit to the least restraint, and when angered they know just where to hurt their victim, which arises from their ability to sense the weakest spots in others; then, with the arrow, fully charged with hurtful speech, they know just how and where to wound. But this would be a good value addition to your profile and will bring you new opportunities that would add feathers to your cap in the future. As an extension of this you may even consider tying knot or getting engaged just to take your relationship one knot up.
But at times things may seem to be beyond your control; and even a shrewd person like you may feel a little anxious and overwhelmed as a result of this. In fact there may be a huge expense coming in your way due to health grounds of someone elderly in your family. There may be people trying to influence you – but you should act upon something only after your instincts and brains make you believe in it. Scorpios love deeply and have an uncanny knack of seeing right through a person that can be unnerving. Their mood swings are not as frequent or extreme as a Cancer, but their temper is much more explosive and vindictive. They both share a love of the carnal and the material and the Bull can ground and stabilize the otherwise erratic and intense Scorpion.
Scorpion’s with strong will power cling tenaciously to their beliefs and this is because of the aspect of water that produces extreme pressure like deep water or ice.
This is because both the positive and negative emotions are ruled by passion and hence the reactions and actions both tend to be a bit extreme.
This encourages him to brush things under the carpet that are influencing him in a way that could lessen his chance of success.
People born during this transition often have difficulty with authority and generally want to do what they want to do, regardless of the approval or disapproval of others. Working on building the positive traits and minimizing the negative ones can help the Scorpio-Sagittarius individual reach their full potential as human beings.
This being the ninth sign of the zodiac, the house of guru or teacher, we may foresee what humanity is to become by knowledge of this sign. Keep what you are doing positively, so that you may get noticed by higher ups and certainly you may get recognition.
Married couples may look forward to expand your family by welcoming a newborn to your family. The constant effort that you shall have to make to keep up with all these would take a toll upon your health. There may be times when you may feel restless and unsure about which course of action to adopt. But the health of an elderly member of your family shall become a cause of major concern and require time and attention, and also would put some financial burden on your shoulders. Today’s predictions may give you the advantage of knowing when the stars are lined up in a favorable way to make an approach to someone new or whether it’s a good day to take that next step in your relationship. This due in part to their mysterious and secretive nature; what people cannot know, they fear.
Looking into the eyes of a Scorpio is to get pulled into their spell.Once they have found an object of desire, they can take them to the greatest heights of passion.
Fire signs, in general, are too independent and likely to trigger the famous Scorpio jealousy.

It is nearly impossible for a man born under this horoscope sign to even consider giving up on whatever he is wholly focused on. This is an independent and impulsive cusp that can sometimes be hard to get along with, especially if you are the one issuing the orders. The deep emotion of Scorpio combines with the pure motivations of Sagittarius to create an individual who is more concerned with righting wrongs than making a buck. The razor sharp awareness of Sagittarius can cause a person born on this cusp to notice little things which may not actually mean anything but, because of Scorpios deep emotions and possessiveness, can cause misunderstandings and even pettiness when it comes to personal relations. It represents, first, science, then philosophy and we find the Sagittarius leading to one or other of these attributes.
Also you need to learn to sieve out the truth from what people say instead of being influenced by opinions of others.
However, they can also become obsessed with this person and become extremely jealous and possessive of them. They are also compassionate and sensitive; they truly feel for the plight of others, and it troubles them deeply to see someone else in pain. She will work to complete today’s goals that she sets for herself as quickly and efficiently as possible. Since scorpions are intense and passionate, she can get obsessed with what she is doing and this is why most people with this horoscope sign are successful.
It is also passion which compels him to make decisions which might even go against any logical explanation. It is extremely hard and nearly impossible for a Scorpio man to think that he might actually be wrong. A Scorpio-Sagittarius individual will expect anyone in authority to have earned that position by being right more often than wrong. This is a visionary sign that will have some trouble learning to be objective and pragmatic. Ultimately, we are born under certain signs and with certain characteristics, but we also have free will and not even fixed signs are slaves to the stars. This trait will cause them to study mysticism and provide a keen interest in esoteric matters, which they will use to help others. Because they can see very deeply into the minds and motivations of others with great clarity, they feel they have the right to control those close to them, today, tomorrow and every day. The Aries need for total honesty will be greatly bothered by the Scorpio tendency to secretiveness.We hope this guide will help our Scorpio friends and their loved ones know a little more about the personality of this volatile and interesting Astrological sign.
With this attitude they dream of a bigger goal and can silently achieve it like a snooping snake hunting for its prey. Because of the strength of his enthusiasm, practically the whole of his being is somehow affected by this. Thus some of these facets of personality will require a lot of patience from their respective love partners. And such a cusp individual will sit in judgment on any authority, whether the authority likes it or not.
The spring months are the perfect time to express your skills so that you can achieve what you want.
During this time of the year it would be best not to attempt any new venture without properly weighing the pros and cons.
It is a positive symbol, a sign of transformation, and so is the horoscope sign of Scorpio. Water is the element that rules the emotions, and all Water signs are deeply sensitive and emotionally vulnerable, even the outwardly tough and capable Scorpion.
Whether your sign is compatible or not, having a deeper knowledge helps overcome any obstacles to help make a potential relationship a success. However the woman with this horoscope tends to be secretive, possessive, revengeful, and jealous. In fact if a woman wants to be in a love relationship with a Scorpio horoscope man then she will have to be patient with a lot of things. This horoscope man has to experience a surge of passion motivated by emotions and deep feelings for a girl or he will not be interested. These are some of the negative aspects but it is well known that Scorpios make great friends. The emotional influence of Scorpio combines with the outward orientation of Sagittarius to create an individual who likes engaging the emotions of others is a public way.
A person that betrays her is in for a disaster and she won’t forget the hurt or insult caused to her. A Scorpio male does not believe in patience and small talk, his instincts will tell him when his attraction to a girl is genuine. If they truly trust someone then they will stand by their friends no matter what the consequences.

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