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Scorpio (October 23-November 22) It looks like you’ve built a defensive structure to protect some emotional vulnerability. Your feelings are going to be a jumbled mess today, so make sure to guard what you say closely.
Something is going to happen today that will open your eyes to how you truly feel about something important. You will gain incredible insight into a project that has seemed bogged down for a long time, today. Walk away from irritations today as they could escalate into all out fights that no one will win (even you). This may not be explicit, or even vocalized, infact it may come from your own intuition ( Osmosis, a fancy word for monkey see monkey do ) Nevertheless, when faced with peoples actions the message will be clear, if you choose you listen to it, and you should listen because you just may find that you have been believing the wrong people, maybe for even years, this does not mean some huge secret will be revealed, but it doesn't mean it wont. From the 9th forward, relationships are changing, and or a new energy is brought to a relationship, think about that, What is energy?

May is a time for repairing all those relationships whilst ridding yourself of emotional baggage that comes with dysfunctional relationships, even if they are not romantic, toxic friendships have been the bane of my existence for years, so I know how hard it is to ' say goodbye'.
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Probably a good idea considering the sea of change that you’ve been navigating these past few months. I promise to send you only valuable and interesting information (like my horoscopes!) and only, at most, once a week. It isn't what you think and holding on too tightly is going to backfire on you in the worst way. Of all the signs you are the most sure of yourself, so accept yourself for who you are and share this confidence with others.
After a lunar eclipse in your chart in April, and with all the violence in the world I wonder just who can say they had a great April, you yourself may have been feeling a bit isolated or unsupported.

You know Scorpio, you are how you say ' complicated' when it comes to saying how you really feel, give you some paper, you'll write the most honest beautiful songs, but ask you how you feel, you clam up.
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Don’t forget to give yourself credit for staying the course for this type of devotion to change is not easy.
People do love you and value your insight, which will be proven to you later on in the day. You will have your chance this summer to tell people how you really feel, and there has never been a better time in the world for brutal honesty.

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