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Back in the olden days (like the 1970s and earlier), marketing for architectural and engineering professional practices was restricted. These questions are subject of further initiatives, but the trend appears to be for the return of the non-technical business developer, but in a new role:  as coach, guide and co-ordinator for the professionally qualified employees.
View featured jobs and all open positions, ranging from entry level to executive, in the SMPS Career Center. Get to know SMPS member and Certified Professional Services Marketer Christopher Imbeau, marketing manager with Rafn Company in Bellevue, Wash. SMPS is pleased to be partnering with McGraw-Hill Construction on a North American industry-wide survey of building information modeling, and we encourage you to participate. The survey will capture the insights of professionals who currently use BIM and those who do not.
If you are not currently a BIM user, you will be asked about your current attitude and potential future interest in BIM. If you are a current BIM user, you will be asked about where you are experiencing value by using BIM.
Evaluating the success of your marketing efforts across key performance indicators is essential; however, making those key performance indicators meaningful can be a challenge.

In a series of five experiments, professor Steven Blader, a management professor at New York University's Stern School of Business, and Ya-Ru Chen, a management professor at Cornell, demonstrate that it is status in the workplace, rather than power, that motivates people to act fairly.
Rainmakers continued to do their thing, but AEC practices began hiring marketing specialists and even sales representatives (business developers), without professional qualifications. To survive, businesses and practices slashed their marketing budgets — and departments. The SMPS Foundation commissioned an extensive study of business development practices and discovered that clients want to meet qualified practitioners, not sales representatives. And how can practices manage the challenge of time management and emotional rejection in the business development process? The SMPS University: Leadership Advancement Program will help you achieve the next level in your career.
Job seekers can begin the search for their dream job, post their resume and set up job search alerts. Here are four steps that can ensure you are accurately measuring the performance of your marketing efforts. As marketing communications practitioners, it's natural to think about what it takes to get a little attention from a buyer.

For example, Ragu's Twitter marketing campaign in assuming that women do the cooking or Netflix's disastrous mistake in not claiming the Twitter handle for their new brand, Qwikster.
Professionally qualified practitioners were expected to go out and drum up business and they had time to do it, because of the volume of work drying up. As a participant in SMPS University, you will be exposed to critical business management concepts: research and development, client development, finance, human resources, leadership and marketing. Pilla Associates PC in New York, shared her thoughts with SMPS upon her return from the national conference. But are you doing all you should with your content to nurture those buyer prospects that are milling around the periphery of the sales funnel — gradually mitigating their concerns, soothing their anxieties and building their confidence so that they are ready to advance through the sales funnel? You will gain a clearer understanding of how marketing impacts a company's performance, and you will be equipped to contribute in new ways to your firm's success.

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