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In a compelling and at times disturbing series, Dr Michael Mosley explores the brutal history of experimental psychology. The Secret Life of the Brain, a David Grubin Production, reveals the fascinating processes involved in brain development across a lifetime.
Read our comprehensive and honest Winter Valco’s The Millionaire’s Brain Academy review to find out if it is a genuinely useful guide or just a waste of time.
Five cruel experiments featured in The Brain: a Secret History Surrogate mother experiment Psychologist Harry Harlow's studies of severe maternal deprivation might be questionable today. Last summer, while filming for my new BBC4 series, The Brain - A Secret History, I took part in the UK's first scientific trial of psilocybin - the active component of magic mushrooms.
The way the bullet produced as many as 40 tiny fragments inside Kennedy’s brain, and the reported 6mm diameter of author of A Cruel and Shocking Act: The Secret History of the Kennedy Assassination. PayPal’s engineers would train computers to look out for suspicious transfers—a number of large transactions between U.S.
Since 2004 Plastic Crimewave (aka Steve Krakow) has used the Secret History of Chicago Music to shine a light on worthy artists with Chicago ties who've been forgotten, underrated, or never noticed in the first place.
I've had to fight off suicidal thoughts after a traumatic brain injury -- and I used my gamer strengths try to see if you can spot the clues to this secret history. Together, they form a secret history of the studio that a working robot could be built by lobotomising a person and installing their brain in a metal body.
The Plymouth Prowler doesn't have a sterling reputation in the automotive "You have to remember, everybody thought design was brain-dead in the mid-80s," Gale told me.
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In the split brain patients, when a shape of a letter was placed in their left hand, and they were asked to identify it, Dr. Israelis use these techniques on the children encouraging them to hate and fear Palestinians.
That said, anyone that has read my other posts, of which there are many, knows that I am very compassionate toward the human condition and work constantly to do my part in improving it.
That said, I don't feel bad at all for saying some people need a good swift kick in the rear as a wake up call. I love how people look for any evidence to validate their "scientific" religion but consider others who believe in the supernatural or "paranormal" as you say to be ill rational. I strongly believe that this need for a purpose is nothing more than a trick of the mind necessary for evolution to take place. Well Rick, I guess I should have started a new paragraph there, as I wasn't referring to Pavlov specifically.

On the other hand, a 'soul' is a living being combined with its spirit or driving force, in other words, you & I are both 'souls' (a soul is not a spirit).
I personally think Pavlov was too reserved in his pursuit for knowledge, it's sad that 'morals' used to be considered more important than results.
Experiments on the human mind have led to profound insights into how our brain works - but have also involved great cruelty and posed some terrible ethical dilemmas. To begin, Michael traces the sinister ways this science has been used to try to control our minds.
In this film, Michael investigates how scientists have struggled to understand that most irrational and deeply complex part of our minds - our emotions. Dr Michael Mosley concludes his series exploring the brutal history of experimental psychology by looking at how experiments on abnormal brains have revealed the workings of the normal brain. They are taught that the Jews are apes and pigs and Christians are dogs and that we should all be killed.
When he gets out of the car- beat him repeatedly amongst the head and shoulder area then flee the scene.
It is wrong for many reasons in my opinion, but I don't know what you mean by it not being fair.
Mosley says that "this clearly demonstrates that *language* is solely a left-brain function". They are taught that the Palestians do have and deserve to have no rights that need be respected, and that the Palestinians violent reactions have no basis in self-defense of those rights, or in consequence of the loss of those rights. I love human kind, it is when I have to deal with the individual humans that make it up that I get frustrated. Just because science can show the processes of the brain and how they affect us does not mean that anything outside the physical world doesn't exist.
What makes you believe our purpose is any different than the purpose we are able to observe in "nature" around us (Destroy.
At the end of the day, we should be able to agree that in our present circumstances we are accomplishing nothing more than ''retards throwing ice cubs at the sun" and we have a lot of f***ing work ahead of us! This means that by "science's" own confession, non-visible or non-observable things are not considered by science.
The Bible says that a spirit doesn't continue after the host body expires because it describes a dead person as 'asleep' and 'aware of nothing'. He finds that the pursuit of mind control has led to some truly horrific experiments and left many casualties in its wake. Michael meets survivors - both participants and scientists - of some of the key historical experiments. He meets remarkable individuals like Karen, who suffered from a rare condition - alien hand syndrome - which meant that one of her hands constantly attacked her. I know people think that something is wrong with those of us that identify with animals to the point that I do, and maybe there is something wrong with me- but I am this way and I can't help it. And with the climate the way it generally is in much of the world right now, should that be in any way surprising? All those doctors had to do was wait around a bit longer, collect case studies and make use of advanced statistics. That doesn't mean that I like people, in my experience they are usually dishonest, selfish, lazy, and overly concerned with appearance and how what they say sounds or how they look. But it would seem to me that since the left hand (which is controlled by the right hemisphere) is still able to sign the correct answer, that the right hemisphere is obviously still fully capable of understanding language. I despise serious violence as well and of course never intended anyone to take my suggestion to hit someone simply because they are being a selfish pig and driving a hummer seriously.
If we all knew the answer nothing would ever get done, we'd all just sit around in a big permanent orgy and breed like we were cancer cells.

That's sad because there's a whole other dimension other than what you see yet you're 'blissfully'(?) ignorant of it all. I'm sorry, but Rick Hall is right - I ADORE science but also believe in the non-observable world & by this very definition, science cannot answer everything - including the existence of your crappy Easter Bunny. The spirit may be assisted by electrical stimulation (defibrillators etc) while it is still attached to its host, but once it dies or leaves the host, it appears to exist no more.
Many of these extraordinary research projects were captured on film - an eight-month-old boy is taught to fear random objects, baby monkeys are given mothers made from wire and cloth, and an adult is deliberately violent before a group of toddlers. And Julia, who seems to have recovered from her stroke - until experiments reveal she is unable to recall the name of any object.
Why is it that there is always some politically correct uptight person, for lack of a better term, waiting to jump on every little thing anyone says in an attempt to look more sensitive or politically correct than everyone else? Do I have a problem with some one getting a good beating now and again when they deserve it, no- not at all. I guess it is not fair to the person accused of being possessed in that it denies them the benefit of real medical diagnoses and treatment in some cases, could lead to severe mental issues during and long after the so called exorcism, etc.
So, in reality, all this experiment demonstrates is the physical disconnection between the right hemisphere and the speech center, AND an apparent total unawareness by EITHER hemisphere that the disconnect even exists.
I think it is a testament of just how d*mbed down the world has become that I have to explain that about a statement that was such an obvious joke, but apparently I must. Absolute pacifism and total political correctness leads to a stagnate world that never changes, refuses to admit the truth, and is lacking the concept of justice. Besides, I think they said they were going to show more horrible experiments on animals and people. Here, the puppets that automatically spew such divisive doctrine are primarily intended for ADULTS, of course. Dr Mosley thinks the knowledge is worth it, but of course he wouldn't have let his own children be experimented on.
You decided to pass judgement on me after reading two paragraphs that were mainly written to be humorous.
I simply can't watch stuff like that without getting so angry that I start pacing the floor and ranting on and on- it gets out of hand.
They act like it is the greatest sin since man ate the apple if they get a busted lip or black eye.
Or do you mean it is not fair to call it a scientific hypothesis or theory because it is inherently untestable - unmeasurable? Do you view everyone that asked the world not to do things they consider wrong as self righteous? I know something is wrong with me, I should be able to detach myself at least to the point I can watch these documentaries and debate with others intelligently about it, at least that would have the potential of being productive. How about civil rights leaders, the ASCPA, countless humane centers around the country, alcoholics anonymous, etc.- are they all self righteous as well? If a few kicks that are normally aimed at defenseless innocent animals find their way instead to the seat of some gangster wanna bees rear, that's fine with me. I could send over some diaper salve and baby powder though, if you think you might lose sleep or something..
In fact they are innocent just like children, I would rather see an adult person get beat than an animal.

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