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John's luck derived from this number will be strongest when he is addressing events and issues related to the general meaning of the number.
A Bulgarian Canadian actress and model, best known for her role of Mia Jones, the single teenage mother, on Degrassi: The Next Generation, and as Elena Gilbert on The CW's supernatural drama, The Vampire Diaries.
Well, it has been over a year since the city of Calgary really ramped up their rather aggressive policy of dropping bike-lanes on us in areas with little demand and with little warning. The number cooking, hyperbole and outright misinformation from the bike crowd has been striking.
The only measure that I can find is here where it is estimated that bikes make up between one and two percent of downtown commuter traffic. Another number tossed out there is that while bikes make up potentially as much as 2% of the traffic out there, they are being ripped off as only .05% of infrastructure is directly dedicated to them. I even heard Mayor Nenshi making the case that every extra bike put on the road helps ease traffic for us all. As these extra bikes come at a cost to many lanes of formerly drivable roads, it will take thousands of extra bike riders to make up for the lost roadways. Now last year a ballpark estimate was given that perhaps 600 bikes per day use 10th St NW to commute downtown (while 15,000 cars do). Well between 7am and 8am I counted a grand total of  52 bikes using the lanes in either direction! Yes while cars lined up and passed by the thousands, a mere 52 bikes used the lanes that were built at the expense of a very busy artery into our city core. One thing I did note though is there is a terrible bottleneck at the pedestrian crossing as many bike riders play the game of suddenly becoming pedestrians and hitting the light to cross as seen in the video below. So it is safely determined that these thousands of bikes are not coming into downtown from the 10 St NW bike lanes despite them apparently being ideally placed for Northwest Calgary traffic. I decided to head down to one of our better travelled bike paths to see if the bikes were indeed packed fender to fender there in agony trying to get to work but stalled due to our critical lack of bike infrastructure. While that is certainly a better number than 10 St NW was, it still does not account for these thousands of missing bikes that apparently head downtown daily.
How many more vehicular lanes will be wiped out by a bike obsessed city hall despite a lack of need? This entry was posted in Calgary City Hall, Druh Farrell, Environmentalism, Uncategorized, waste and tagged 10 ave SW, 10 st nw, 11 st se, bike lanes, Brian Pincott, calgary, Calgary city council, Calgary city hall, Druh Farrell, Nenshi, supply and demand, traffic jams by Cory Morgan.

The ratio of morning peak hour to total traffic for downtown is about 1:11, which would make the morning peak hour car traffic on 10 Street about 1,200-1,300, if traffic is still the same as the 2010 count at 15,000 total.
Add those numbers with the numbers from the many ways to get into down town and you have your thousands. It’s always the same group complaining about the problems (city gridlock traffic) while also complaining about the solutions.
The bottom line is that there simply is no way that bikes in the 10 thousand range are heading into the core daily. Cory, can you please put your name forward for mayor so I have someone I actually feel good about voting for?
If they want to block off roads meant for cars, they should start licensing the bike to let them help pay for them. One of the most fluid anecdotal numbers being tossed all over the place is the estimated number of bikes that commute daily into our city core. That is a 100% margin of error so it leaves more than a little room for interpretation here. That number is sheer bunk when it is considered that bikes utilize nearly every road in the city, alleys, parks and sidewalks at time. My wife Jane constantly has railed about the bike lanes that were created on 11 st SE at the expense of two driving lanes despite rarely ever seeing a bike using the bike lanes. For these bikes, we have given up two entire automotive lanes and made a double-wide and useless turning lane in the middle of 11 St SE to complement the unused bike lanes on each side of the road. Those 15,000 cars have been jammed into one lane rather than two now and the congestion is brutal.
If 10th St NW had apparently 600 bikes per day using it before the bike lanes were created, that street should be a veritable Tour De France by now right? To be fair here, I am strongly supportive of bike paths such as the one on the Bow as they do encourage and enable more bike and pedestrian traffic and they do it without impacting existing vehicular lanes!
The 10th Avenue lane is proving to be a failure and again no flood of bikes or drop in traffic have resulted.
As gas prices grow and the strain on families is felt even more as time goes on, more and more people will be resorting to alternative transportation.

Just go out in the middle of the night, do a 30 minute count, and proclaim that there are 0 people that ever use any bike lane or path anywhere in this city. The bottom line is that nobody really accurately knows how many bikes actually commute downtown daily.
The bike lanes are being built on top of automotive lanes that taxpayers already paid to build! This street is now a priority one road for plowing as well as the needs of 12 bikers are more important to the city during snowstorms than streets with firehalls or school zones. That street was a pilot project turned permanent that was dumped on us over a year ago despite great objection from citizens. How much longer will city hall ignore Calgary citizens as they move along on this bike crusade?
They have changed it once due to traffic backups at the four way stop but it’s still there. If he is in a team situation, his 2 may help Nash choose the path most likely to keep his team on track and out of trouble.
It simply is not growing no matter how hard city hall tries to choke traffic to encourage it. I went to Staples and purchased a little handheld counter for accuracy’s sake and parked myself on 11 St. There simply is no congestion or shortage of bike infrastructure and choking vehicular traffic is not causing increased bike ridership.
Doubtless I will encounted those bikes in the thousands and thousands that apparently only those in the bike lobby can see. Downtown business associations raised concerns but they were shrugged off as they languish in an increasingly inaccessible city core with parking costs second only to New York City in all of North America.

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