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This power supply is the ideal replacement for lost or broken DC adapters for small electronic devices. This device features adjustable polarity, allowing the tip to be center positive or center negative.
It features an adjustable voltage range between 1.5VDC and 12VDC and includes 6 power plugs in various sizes to fit most electronic devices. It would lead to a risk of fire or something much worse so the prong formats are a means of protection.

While most of the appliances used in North America do not have the 3rd grounding prong on the wire the majority of appliances in Europe and Asia do for safety reasons which is something you should be cognizant of when traveling overseas.What Makes These Universal Power Adapters Appealing ?Imagine going to Europe and having to buy a replacement charger for your mobile, laptop and all of the other devices you brought with you ? By having a universal power adapter it should (in theory) take the electricity of any outlet and convert it into something that will work with your device however not all of the universal power adapters out there are created the same which we will highlight in a little bit.Finding The Right Universal Power Adapter For Your Specific NeedsNot all of the universal power adapters are safe to use and in fact some of them are downright dangerous. We won’t mention names but we wanted to educate the public on the do’s and don’ts associated with finding the right universal power adapter for their needs.What countries will you be visiting ? It would not be prudent to base your decision solely on those reviews but it will give you an excellent starting point to work from.

While using the adapter do not try to attach more than one device to it, some individuals will use an extension cord hoping to power multiple devices at the same time.

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