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As such, Aquarius is a sign of culture, history where both progress and tradition are honored. This new moon is in the Nakshatra of Purva Bhadra, which is related to the lightning strike of inspiration that comes down from heaven, affecting our mind and heart in the present moment. In Pisces, we are trying to let go of our fascination with the world, which even includes trying to save it. I like the fact that you integrate Jyotish with spirituality not just focusing on materialism, not saying it doesn't count.
Injury happened in Saturn dasha, when Saturn transited over her Ascendant and Sun at 20 degrees Virgo. Secure SiteI take extra precautions to make sure you know this site is safe and free of malware.
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Indian astrology, free astrology, hindu astrology, 2016 vedic astrology, vedic fortune teller, indian astrologer. Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. There will be 3 exalted planets in the Sky until May 14, 2014 – Exalted Planets are a bit of a wild card. CLICK HERE – Click Here to Get the may 2014 Forecast, with a comprehensive daily overview. Exalted Saturn in Libra gives the awareness to wait and consider the consequences of our actions before committing to a course. It’s interesting, the 3 exalted planets in the sky reminded me of the biggest transformation I faced in my adult life. My creative energy and the songs I wrote were actually just expressions of my life struggles.
It was not until I returned to the path of Yoga and (eventually) Vedic astrology and made a commitment (Saturn) to my true soul’s calling (the Sun) that my potential emerged. We are all somewhere on this same path, wondering if that great thing we have inside of us is actually possible. The Hero’s journey is to walk the path in pursuit of the dream because the vision is bigger than her fear of disappointment. If you are not in the game, now is a good time for you to figure out why – and if you are in the game, not is the time up the stakes.
Uses for Astrology – Many people feel that astrology is for entertainment only or is frivolous with no uses whatsoever. For example, many astrologists were aware that something terrible was about to happen in September of 2001.

For example, if you know that the moon sign is making you overly emotional for a few days, you can actively choose not to make major decisions during that time. You can also use these astrological influences to help you in your relationships and dealings with others. Vedic Astrology is very different than Western Astrology which is usually only applied as a predictive science. The first book, my own, discusses the many uses of astrology within the ever-changing and often unstable scenario of Italian politics.
He also sees personal clients (good news for you) and uses a unique colour-themed approach to the horoscope.
Western astrology, today, lends itself to giving life advice to those who want to know what will be of their careers, relationships, and money.
Astrological symbols are images used in various astrological systems to denote … in form of an antenna that uses matter as a way to insight. Thanks for stopping by our post about Uses for Astrology, please come back as we update daily with new articles, videos, and blog listings. Vedic astrology has been around for more than 5000 years and, a lot of people believe that it is the most pure and spiritual form to predict the future. This is due to the fact that common astrology is more based in the west through, while the Vedic astrology is more focused on the East regions. A lot of people in India take this as the base for their marriage with another person, as it helps a person to be matched with someone who is compatible with him.
We may feel our individuality may seem swallowed by mass trends, social contracts, and history of the world itself here. She is fascinated by unicorns and so much of her creative play, drawings, toys and favorite books are about unicorns. I am not bragging, just that this interpretation is not from the scriptures or anything else I have ever heard (equating AjaEkapad with Unicorns). They need further examination if we are to understand them correctly, beyond good and bad assertions. But this is not the case at all, as we should look at exalted planet to be transformative forces of intelligence. It also show where we are realistic about others and willing to seek the counsel of others when we are stressed or upset.
That happiness needs to evolve from the personal realm, to a sharing with loved ones and family members, to a place where we find happiness in all things. For years I toiled writing songs (Venus) and putting my effort (Saturn) and energy (the Sun) in expressing myself. Most of us do like I had done for years and years, sell myself short and play it safe out of fear of having my heartbroken and my dreams shattered. I have found that many people keep their deepest dreams hidden away, afraid to expose those dreams to a disappointing world, for fear of failure – like I had done, and sometimes still do. Astrology has long been used to determine the best times for planting and harvest in farming and other agriculture. While astrology was not specific enough to tell exactly what would happen, it was clear that death and destruction were near at hand. Certain astrological phenomena, planetary alignments, and moon signs are good for particular activities.
When you understand how astrology influences your life and the life of others it will become clear when to fight your battles and when to stand by and wait to resolve the issue.

When you interpret astrological birth charts you can gain knowledge of what your child’s strengths and weaknesses will likely be as they grow. It is said that astrology is one of the most authentic ways and one of the most reliable ones in it.
They get ready for their daily life, monthly and even yearly and they help people in understanding what is reserved for them in the future by basing themselves in a series of different aspects, as their studies, work lives, relations, health and travels. The Vedic astral card helps you, by determining the exact date and place where you were born, to know the position of the planets and the Sun in that moment and, this is what your predictions will be based on. At this time, it is the cycle of Aquarius, the sign of our individual power aligned with collective purposes.
Aquarius is where we need to make peace with all of life’s victories and defeats, and release all of our personal struggles toward a larger collective good.
I could not actually get behind my own *passion* and inspiration, because it was not actually inspired.
We have all had our heart broken over and over again and we just couldn’t bear that heartbreak.
Astrology has also been used to determine the best time for slaughter for cattle and other breeding practices.
While astrology is far from specific in the nature of its predictions, astrology can indeed predict certain variables or sentiments that you will need to deal with in the future. These astrologists urged everyone they knew to take heed of their warnings, stop all travel, and stay in their homes. You will also be better able to determine when emotions are running high versus when a real issue in the relationship exists. When you plan a wedding, birth, or other event you can easily ensure success by checking your planned date against astrological phenomena for that time frame. This will enable you to expose the child to their strengths while helping them overcome their potential weaknesses.
There are a lot of different aspects of astrology that have been developed from different parts of the world. No great career, no great romance, nothing of greatness happens if you have no skin in the game. When you are aware of these times you can know when to ask for a raise or try for a promotion.
This will help you determine if your date is feasible, or if another date would be more appropriate.
This will help the child to grow in ways that you may not be able to help them accomplish without this astrological data. Vedic astrology has helped a lot of people to discover the secrets of the horoscopes readings every day and the predictions. Maybe you will win the lottery or a long lost relative will give you the money to make it happen – maybe the astrology reading will show you one day magically it will all change.

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