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Salim Fields picked up a rental car with expired registration tags from a neighborhood location in New York that led to the vehicle being towed and Fields carless.
According to Daily Traffic News, most major car rental companies in Japan are growing their fleets. In looking at eight of Japan's larger car rental companies, the fleet growth ratio is averaging at more than 100%.
While a customer was driving the Budget rental vehicle in New Jersey, she was cited for driving a vehicle with outdated registration. In order to maintain current price levels, car rental companies are forced to delay replacing their old fleet by two to three years.

Boston City Councilmember Rob Consalvo authored the legislation in which the Boston Police Department and major car rental companies in the city agreed that police should have immediate access to drivers’ names when the license plate is pulled. In an attempt to solve crimes sooner, one Boston councilmember proposes that the city gain electronic access to information on customers who rent a vehicle for more than 30 days. In the new mobility eco-system, goods, services, and people still need to be moved — the hard part will be figuring out how and where fleets will take advantage. Better technology, education, transparency, and a way to show the correlation between price and customer service are needed. The 2016 International Car Rental Show convened the first meeting of association directors from around the world that represented an important step to communication, problem-solving, and idea-sharing between the groups.

Budget then had to send a representative to the courthouse to have the ticket switched out of the renters name.

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