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Up until now, the formative forces expressed by the zodiac under the signs of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, and Leo have been orientated towards the inner realm of self-expression and self-actualization, and particular an expression that doesn’t wish to be hindered by external influences or contingencies. From what we can see, Virgo is obviously a reflective sign that places a colossal emphasis on education and learning. In neural physiology, we might align Virgo with the rational, mechanistic, and dominant scientist that lives in the left hemisphere of our brains.
In classical mythology, the stellar constellation of Virgo was inextricably linked with Astraea, the goddess of justice and innocence.
Become a Down The Rabbit Holer and receive free e-articles, and the chance to win some very big prizes. Paul Kiritsis is pleased to announce the inaugural Dorothea Dix Award for all those who have overcome or battled mental or physical illness, disability, or injury. To Paul Kiritsis in recognition of your outstanding website and and in honour of your personal philosophy of alchemy and applied alchemical methods on mind-matter interaction, transpersonal psychology, consciousness studies, mythology, and history. This all changes with Virgo, a sign whose potency derives from the ethereal element of earth and mutability. There’s nothing more satisfying than giving to a fellow projection of the conscious universe, a brother or sister, and you can be more than certain that God, salvation, and peace are to be found in such moral, selfless, and loving acts.
And what Virgo aptly sees in this temporal and sometimes chaotic world of change and evolution quicker than any other sign is that self-preservation is dependent upon doing things in moderation. Like the latter, Virgo is only interested in knowledge pertaining to reality that is collected by the sense faculties and categorized through deductive reasoning. The first is a reclining woman, an obvious allusion to the Great Mother Goddess in all her guises (i.e. According to the Hellenes, there was a time when the immortals were thriving alongside the mortals on Earth.
As a sygil, it bears a great many resemblances to two subsequent signs, Libra and Scorpio, both of which are intensely concerned with the collective social and psychospiritual evolution of humanity.

We can be certain that both signs place immense emphasis on ascension and specifically the ascension of the human soul because the totemic figure is often shown with a pair of angel wings. Prostaglandins promote blood clotting by causing the blood cells to stick together; thus, in the case of high blood pressure, which is also a risk for heart attack (which is in turn directly caused by blood clots in the vessels), aspirin helps.
Virgos are quite like a combination of metal oxides, minerals, and organic matter otherwise known as clay.
When physical, mental or emotional energies are utilized to extremes for prolonged periods of time, the individual will manifest wear and tear that inevitably leads to burnout. Unlike the latter though, Virgo discriminates between knowledge collected on the basis of its usefulness.
Back then the world was largely devoid of diseases, plagues, burdens, and other conditions detrimental to general health, wellbeing and contentment. On a great many occasions we find that the uroboric loop formed by the final leg is represented as a fish, the Piscean totem. The position of Virgo on the great cosmic wheel also reveals that both signs have to make do with maternity and fertility, as well as the condition of having fulfilled all prerequisites leading up to any undertakings meant to test physical, psychological, or spiritual parameters. They adapt quickly to the pulling, pushing, thrashing, twisting, folding, and overturning caused by the protean elements of the environment through sharpened faculties of common sense and level-headed thinking. This has nothing to do with conceit or being up myself but rather a love for the world and my devotion to it. The best way to avoid hitting a wall, according to Virgo, is to engage in periodic exercise, eat a nutritious diet high in protein, complex carbohydrates, fibre and coloured vegetables, and cordon off a few hours each day for solitary endeavours intended to cultivate the soul. If theory or knowledge cannot be applied in some concrete way to improve the present conditions of life, then there’s no point in even knowing about it. This was to change with the curiosity of Pandora, who made the tragic mistake of opening a cursed box gifted to her by the immortals themselves for the sake of testing her willpower in consort with her ability to toe the line and follow simple instructions.
Therefore we can infer that the glyph is denoting an ethereal condition where spirit or vital essence is in the process of incarnating in the dense, lower world of physical forms.

The course of action of garlic is that it causes thinning of blood and reduces the chances of blood clotting. There are quite a lot of antihypertensive medications out there, and they have different mechanisms of action.
Learning new skills and refining natural talent is way more important and meaningful to a Virgo than being a social magnet or an energy vampire. As far as Virgo is concerned, anything abstract and speculative or anything that evades human comprehension and classification is simply not worth any vested time or effort. Save for being the source of all misfortunes for mankind, Pandora also became the reason for the gods and goddesses to desert their corporeal posts. From this perspective it’s easy to see why the Virgo man or woman admires, respects and holds in the highest esteem individuals who are intellectually and academically inclined.
Even Astraea, the most tolerant and patient amongst them, surrendered all hope of a swift redemption for mankind and fled to the mount of heaven when she saw that the ravages of war had escalated to a degree of barbarity that left expired mercenaries without dignity. Moreover, the mutable energies of Virgo are meticulously practical and conscientious; they will measure, demarcate, and map out their worldview before ruffling through to weed out items of information that are superfluous, insignificant, of no intellectual or creative interest, or of no practicable use. How can the most intellectual of earthly creatures be so incompetent and inefficient sometimes? It is said that Astraea will descend from her celestial throne to Earth again when the human psyche returns to its former Adamic state of spiritualization.
Virgo is a focused sign and sees no value in going off on wild goose chases or intellectual tangents that are merely products of curiosity rather than data aligned into a chronological tree of final causes.

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