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Your horoscope for the January 23 Leo full moon: Dial down the drama and keep your heart open. Friendship rifts and work-related SNAFUs could be especially prominent while Mercury is retrograde. January also brings us two planetary retrogrades: Mercury and Jupiter will reverse course early this month, which could demand so quick adjustments. Step back and assess a mess with a critical eye, correcting the flaws before relaunching in the spring. With this weekly horoscope for December 29, 2014 to January 4, 2015; you will get to know how this week is for you. Akshaya Tritiya is indeed an auspicious day and Jupiter has its special spiritual significance.
Weekly horoscope for April 25 to May 1, 2016 is here for your zodiac sign based on Vedic astrology. Alcyone is the main star of the Pleiades; this mysterious star cluster has beguiled us for thousands of years. The pleiades may also make one more likely to experiment and not be too concerned with the gender of the person they love.
Sceptrum is now part of Eridanus but was once part of an obsolete constellation known as Sceptrum Brandenburgicum. The sceptre is a ceremonial staff used to display power and authority.
Rams are currently tormented due to Saturn affliction causing stagnancy and dissatisfaction in work related matters.  As I had recommended last week, chanting Saturn mantras will help you a lot. Spirituality, mantras and philosophical thoughts – your mind seems to be engaged with all the three in different degrees nowadays. Ambition and a sort of restlessness is bubbling up inside you – in a good way of course. With Jupiter in a fairly strong position and Venus entering Leo this week, you have a fairly good time in most of the areas of your life. This week will give you favorable results, but it is not right to take love as entertainment.
This week might not produce extremely favorable results, but you may get the satisfactory results after trying. Your influence is likely to increase at workplace, your presence of mind and efficiency will remain great. This is a good time to go for distant or foreign journeys, you will get the desired results from them.
Global astrology - google, A blog about mundane astrology, geopolitics, social, climate, weather and astrology. Libra 2016 horoscope: free libra horoscopes yearly and, Free libra 2016 horoscopes, libra 2016 horoscope predictions and libra yearly astrology forecasts.
Roseastrology - youtube, For more than 35 years, kathy rose has provided thousands of clients around the world with intuitive, insightful astrology consultations that help reveal the. Astrology: natalie portman, born june 9, 1981 in jerusalem, horoscope, astrological portrait, dominant planets, birth data, heights, and interactive chart.
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Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. If you haven’t read your 2016 Horoscope yet, we recommend you do, because change is definitely in the air. On January 3, energizer Mars moves into Scorpio until March 5—its first of two long visits to Scorpio this year. Communicator Mercury backspins through Aquarius from January 5-8, then dips into Capricorn, where it will remain retrograde until January 25. From January 7-May 9, the planet of expansion and abundance is backward in analytical Virgo. Their role is supposed to help humanity evolve by purifying our astral and etheric bodies in order to receive higher wisdom. This star takes us back to Arthurian times when love was courtly and brave men risked life and limb for the woman they loved.

His guidance combines mantras, chants, gemstones (color therapy) and other ancient remedies with astrology and numerology and has proved to be life changing for a number of people who have consulted him over the years.
I know you are itching to do something entrepreneurial, but restrict yourself to thinking and planning as of now.
Work may be a bit slow due to retrograde Mercury, but things will pick up pace after 2 weeks. Projects may stall or slow down considerably, testing your patience and skills.There could be issues in the family needing your attention. If you are planning to initiate any business venture in partnership with someone, it will make sense to wait for two more weeks and then sign on the dotted line. This time it would be better for you to avoid arrogance and stress regarding domestic issues.
Avoid unnecessary stress and take out some time for love in the beginning of the week, you will definitely feel good. Some guests may visit your place, you will enjoy with them, but your workload is likely to increase.
Competitors of competitive exams are advised to increase their efforts a bit, in order to get success. He is known as a great man in history, particularly in Islamic culture, who worked a lot for the welfare of mankind. The new vibes are already afoot in January, and we’re ready to kick those goals into gear thanks to the Sun in ambitious Capricorn, and a January 9 Capricorn new moon. In fact, Mars will spend much of 2016 toggling between Scorpio and Sagittarius, enticing us to go deep AND big. But soon you will get rid of this lethargy because mid of the week is indicating betterment in life.
In the mid of the week, not only your endeavors will show colors, but also your name and fame will rise.
It will start as the Sun moves into a new decan and looks at what fixed stars it hits during the decanate week.
He is also a practitioner of Kriya Yoga meditation and a disciple of the world renowned Kriya Yoga Guru – Sri Shailendra Sharma. But, this week – family and business matters are likely to keep you actively engaged. Though your financial situation may look like it is standing in your way and posing a challenge, I assure you, it is not going to be this way for too long.
Business people could still sense a slight slowdown in income, but things will improve after around 2 weeks. Chanting Saturn and Mercury mantras or worshiping the related deities will help you to draw in the positivity needed during this phase. Then, read the weekly and love weekly horoscopes for this new week, prepared by our expert astrologers. Avoiding irritability and arrogance in the beginning of the week will keep everything in favor. If you want to propose someone, do that it is very likely that results will come in your favor.
You will get chances of going for entertainment or outings together in the starting of the week. The week will start on an auspicious note and it would be better to enjoy sweet little things this time. Time is also favorable regarding your domestic life, a harmonious atmosphere will prevail at home.
Your workload might increase in the beginning of the week, but try to maintain a balance between your professional and personal life. But it’s also an amazing chance to step back and assess a mess with a critical eye, correcting the flaws before relaunching in the spring. It is a very feminine star, but I don’t think it is particularly gay, but make one far more open about ones sexuality whatever flavour it is. He seems to always get the better of authority by his cunning and can be a modern day folk hero.
Jupiter can be very theatrical and spectacular while Gemini is about surface, and can wear many masks.

Yet, the good part is that your efforts will be in the right direction, irrespective of a feeling of general slowdown. Income through overseas customers and connections is on your mind and could soon become a reality in the next couple of weeks, so keep exploring any opportunities you see. Chanting Saturn mantras is recommended to keep yourself balanced, as mentally many you may feel slightly low, for no apparent reason. You will get some new opportunities of business expansion, time is also good for job-seekers. Some tensions may surround you in such a way that you won’t be able to take out time for love. If you are married or want to get married with your sweetheart, time will give extremely favorable results. You are advised to apply cautiousness while taking some major financial or work related decisions.
But maybe not TOO much fun, since social Venus moves into status-conscious Capricorn that day. As St Micheal, god’s first soldier, he is therefore the chief slayer of all things Satanic. Somehow it all seems to good to be true, which is why Gemini decan 1 can get the reputation of being a cad. Here you will also find more straight-laced looking liberals who are so incredibly “right-on” and politically correct. Atlas is one of the Pleiades was the father of both the Hyades and Pleiades. It makes me think of the wizard in the Wizard of Oz, that geeky old man operating the booming wizard voice and theatrics from behind the curtain. Also, maintain a distance from fire and electrical appliances, because chances of injuries are there. Everything will remain smooth at domestic front, support will come from father and life-partner. Time is not very appropriate for starting any new work or business, so let the right time come. But set against the backdrop of some intense planetary trends like Mercury retrograde (conjunct grim reaper Pluto!), Mars in simmering, secretive Scorpio and Venus now in conservative Capricorn, it might be hard to REALLY let our hair down. But, you will get good results in the matters related to family as well as finance at the weekend.
Whereas, at the weekend, not only things will come in your favor, but hindrances in work will also end. With Jupiter’s influence here then, we get activists and militants who are on a spiritual or religious mission to add to already zealous theme. He is the endurer, and is depicted carrying the weight of the Pleiades are found in the shoulder of the bull. Time is not appropriate for buying a new property or vehicle, so wait for the right time to come. Weekend will be favorable, but don’t let arrogance come in between your love at this time.
Take care that if you are going for entertainment, have fun together, but don’t try to prove yourself superior than your partner.
But, time may remain a bit weak for your health, so take care of your daily routine and eating habits. Minor ideological differences are possible with life-partner, but they will resolve with time.
Gemini decan 1 promises much and seems suspect, but like the animated spaghetti-western film Rango, the apparent charlatan did in fact come good in the end. Make some plan for outing and entertainment with your friends in the weekend, it will help in keeping you energised. One twin is constantly at war with its shadow and they are constantly on the verge of becoming the very “darkness” they are trying to eliminate.

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