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The next thing it shows is how many hundreds of thousands of people have this name, the state where it is most popular and the height of it’s popularity. If you scroll further it will show you the other most popular states along with how many people in age groups have that name.
The information for the names is provided by Whitepages, Social Security Office and Oxford University Press.
Apparently Oklahoma has the most people named Shana per capita which is funny since I just moved to OK. I learned that my name is a little more male than female; and South Dakota has the most per capita.
1970 was the height of popularity for my name, and of the women named Dawn 83% of them are now between the ages of 30-54.
Your device must have atleast 25.6 MB of space to download and install What Does My Name Mean??. We had electronic day a couple days ago and everyone wanted to know what there name meant we had to do a class project on it only 1 girl named Deenie didn't know what her name meant out of 36 people. I would have given this app a way better review, but every time I look up a name or exit out of a screen, and add pops up!
I love you so much!because my name was there,but one more thing is that there's 370 Meghan's born last year and I don't believe that my Mom says that there was waaaaaaay more Meghan's born last year.
If you did make the mistake of  installing the rogue application you are now spamming the very same spam message to your friends. If you or your Facebook friends are falling for tricks like this, it’s time to get yourself informed of the latest threats.

BitDefender Safego is a Facebook application you can install that will scan your News Feed and help keep you safe from scams like this. It is what people call you, what your parents had branded you with for the rest of your life, however, it wasn’t always that way. It gives you the ability to look up others with the same last name as well, in case you are hunting for long lost relatives. It’s incredibly fun, informative and also helps me look up more information about my maiden name that has eluded me for years. This is news to me, because I’ve got so much housework to do, and my prince turns into a pumpkin at midnight. The only thing I didn't like is that my name is Lauren, and the definition is variation of Laura. My sisters have taken my phone and played this and I finally convinced them to download it. You are also asked on the next screen if you would like to give the application the ability to post to your Facebook Wall.
I didn’t believe her until I had a pet I named Chaos, which he quickly grew into and that is my earliest remembered moment of when names became important to me.
I looked up my maiden name and it shows where the name derives from and the assumed meaning.
Under the place where it shows how many people have the same last name, it gives the option to look up other people with that name as well. I think about my friend with her baby coming soon and how this would be such a great resource on choosing a name or finding out what the name means before planting the seed of personality within her child.

It could be a little better without so many add popping up all the time, but otherwise it's great! Sometimes considered a badge of honor, Names not only called to you a sense of strength, but even the giving of it to another would have been considered very personal and at times a sign of weakness. We grow into our names after awhile, I used to hate mine until I found that it really fit me. I know it might be a lot, but I really want to know, please add Yu(boy), Yosuke(boy), Chie(girl), Kanji(boy), Naoto(girl), Nanako(girl), Ryotaro(boy), Torhu(boy), and that should be about it, thanks!
From the common (there are 3,551,763 Johns in the United States) to the rare (there are 411 people named Jv), we can help you find the information you want, and maybe even have some fun.
As of today, my last name has 2840 other people with the same and it also let’s me know that most of them are located in South Dakota. Let’s find out, we’ll use my name as an example and you can follow by going to Whitepages Names and putting in your own! No matter how many people might have it, it is still one of kind because it was a gift from our parents to us as children and from us to ours.

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