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Health gurus have long stressed that the right personal trainer can help you maximize every workout and exceed your fitness goals. To find a trainer best suited for your individual needs was once a costly and time-consuming process. Protein is the basic building block of our muscle cells and is necessary to build muscle tissue after exercise.
A much-deserved massage on overworked muscles feels amazing and is especially useful when an injury is present.
If you have specific soreness, try a cylindrical foam roller (available from most major sports stores) which you can use at home  between training sessions. When we sleep our body gets to work repairing, rebuilding and renewing, so it can be an important recovery technique for athletes.  Studies have shown that even a small amount of sleep deprivation can decrease athletic performance and lower levels of the hormone leptin, which plays a role in regulating hunger as well as storing body fat.
Those quad and calf stretches might signal the end of your personal training session but, according to Brun, these ‘static’ stretches aren’t the best way to wind down after a tough session. Research has found these types of stretches are also especially helpful in increasing flexibility and decreasing injury, with one study finding injury rates were significantly lower among athletes who practised dynamic rather than static stretching routines.

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We match you with a personal trainer who can work around your schedule, and meet with you at your home, office, facility, or the outdoors.
But finding time to get  that power-packed meal sorted after your workout is sometimes next to impossible. A recent Canadian study took muscle biopsies from athletes over a decade-long period and found massage therapy significantly reduced exercise-related inflammation and also assisted in muscle soreness following exercise. By using your own body weight and the roller, you can soothe tight spots while increasing blood flow and circulation to the soft tissues. For the best rest, make sure you nap in a cool, dark and quiet room and maintain a regular sleep schedule. Instead, he suggests adding some ‘dynamic’ stretches such as gentle lunges, kicks and arm circles to your cool-down routine to gradually lower your heart rate and help your body effectively process the waste products your muscles produce during exercise. Their certifications, experience and specializations vary greatly, and rolling the dice puts your health at risk.

FindMyTrainer has top trainers nationwide, weeding out the inexperienced and unprofessional. A good way to maintain protein levels is to use a  natural protein powder supplement, which is usually mixed with a glass of water.
We have developed a respected network of the most effective and affordable fitness trainers across the U.S.
This will help reduce recovery time after your exercise session by getting protein back to the muscles more efficiently.

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