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Daily Taurus Horoscope New information can change your outlook and your life and this information just may be the fun morsel of fate coming your way.
Peaceful, innocent Virgo is actually highly analytical and level headed—perhaps the Virgin isn't who you want on the battlefield, but she does very well behind the scenes as a military strategist. The world thinks of Gemini as the social butterfly of the zodiac—always flirting, chatting and having fun—but the current states of the heavens has rendered you a little bit quieter, more introspective and stoic. Sure, whenever we see Jupiter, we know people could have a tendency to overdo things, but you're a self aware ram, and you read your horoscope so you can know what to expect ahead of time. The sun and Mercury combine on your birthday, which is good, but because Mercury is moving retrograde you must not let your ideas get out of hand. Do what you can for good causes over the coming year but don't forget you need to do things for yourself as well. A Venus-Jupiter link on your birthday means the coming year will see you making new friendships, new alliances and, maybe, a new romantic attachment too. The sun unites with Venus, planet of harmony, on your birthday, which means you will enjoy life more if you don't take it so seriously.

Friendships are under excellent stars for the coming 12 months but because Mercury is moving retrograde on your birthday you need to be selective about who you spend your time with. Mars and Uranus join forces on your birthday in such a positive way that you can't help but be original and adventurous.
Neptune, planet of imagination, is strong on your birthday this year, so listen to what your inner voice tells you, then act on it as if it is the most natural thing in the world.
It's wasteful—both of time (which is ruled by your planetary ruler, Saturn) and of money (which as an Earth sign, is rather important to you). Last month left you rattled, Cancer, but this month is really easy, especially after all that drama you just went through!
You might feel pushed to assert your dominance over others—you know your lion's roar is freaky and that, if you use it, you can get pretty much anyone to do anything.
You tire out very easily any way (you are the last sign of the zodiac, and you've been through a lot). They may be good, they may even be great, but check them carefully against reality before you proceed.

Charity begins at home, so get your own house in order before you reach out to help other people. Make it your aim each and every day over the coming 12 months to laugh till your sides hurt and love with abandon. 20): Your feelings about a career matter are spot-on, so listen to your instincts and act on what they tell you.
Of course there is and with the sun and Mars strong on your birthday you will make sure everyone knows what it is.
23): Although your money situation may still be difficult, you will be less inclined to worry now that the Sun is moving out of the financial area of your chart.

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