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Zodiac - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, In astrology historical astronomy, zodiac (greek: ????????, oidiakos) circle twelve 30° divisions celestial longitude . The 12 zodiac signs: traits, meanings, symbols, colors, The 12 zodiac signs: traits, meanings, symbols, colors, ! If you feel this image is in violation of our Terms of Service, please use the following form to have it manually reviewed by a staff member.
Nail Art is our new obsession and who doesn’t love reading their star sign on a daily basis? Enter your email address for Free People BLDG 25 news, offers, and other promotional communications. Browsing the internet and taking the information on an average, I found it very interesting that 6 of the Zodiac signs are said to have the most cat lovers. Our Walter is a Leo in that he loves being bossy but with Cancerian traits of wanting to join in and being sensitive. This entry was posted in Human to cat relationship and tagged Zodiac Sign Cat Lovers by Michael Broad. Absolutely because this is my sign ?? It probably explains why I always seek the truth and hate scams and fake stuff.
In my opinion: since there are several factors that tie together to determine each persons astrological charts there are commonalities between all signs under certain circumstances. Capricorn – dog person, is patient and loyal [the worst criminals or the best cops are Capricorn I read somewhere. Aquarius – cat person, quirky and playful, also very intelligent [dogs more than cats. A perons sex, sun sign, modality, day of birth, moon sign, significant others sign, time of birth, the exact Latitude and Longitude of where you were born ALL have factors in this.

BTW: I quit my study of astrology when I realized that one would need record of every celestial body in the cosmos to accurately determine a true forecast.
I only have one good Scorpio friend to judge from, so my comments may have been a bit one-sided.
Libra moon in six is DEFINiTELY a cat person, aqua moon in six: dog person, sag moon in six likes exotic animals etc. The dog-scorpio connection has to do with loyalty and Pluto (ruler of scorpio and the underworld). Loyalty issues can drive cancer or the occasional capricorn (if pets at all) also to prefer dogs. Certainly not dog people as shohom says,yes I do rescue dogs and we do love them while they are with us but cats come first and I’m phasing out dogs for more cats once these latest 2 dogs are rehomed.
What are some other things that might be interesting for her to look back on and know about the day of her birth or signifigant things that are happening in our present time. If the Duchess of Cambridge gives birth today, then the child’s birthday will fall under the zodiac sign of Cancer, but if born very late this evening or tomorrow, it will be a Leo.
Thanks for stopping by our post about Birth Zodiac Signs, please come back as we update daily with new articles, videos, and blog listings. It adds a certain cosmic feel to your look… it’s perfect for late summer nights and even a summer solstice party. I’ve had so many comments from people about this zodiac nail art when I wear it – awesome! I love my family and pets and home and friends and would fight to the death for them if anyone or anything threatened them.
He would watch the cats play with the bit of plastic off the milk jug all morning if he had the time.

As for me, my cats and pet parakeet keep me in a Fantasy world at home in Mumbai, sheltered from the harsh truths of daily living!Very interesting topic on star signs and cat owners.
This is not something new since Ophiuchus (alongside with Orion and Spider) don’t count as astrological knowledge at all. Though I’d love to say its not too late, I couldnt find a book to keep such things in, and being way out in the country, no shops close enough for me to get to, to get some stuff like the right paint for the prints. I am so glad to be a Pisces hence the blog name, I am Pisces, I am totally gonna do this tonight if I don’t fall asleep, went to one to many Asian Markets today. I’m a Cancerian and very typical of the crab sign in that I retreat into my shell when upset but can give a nasty nip when necessary. I studied Astrology under my cousin (and a few others) learning how to make Natal Charts (based on Sun and Moon signs). Another thing to consider that every person forecasts from within their sign and they may have certain prejudice against some signs. Astrology may be mumbo jumbo to some, but many people pay attention to it — at least the shiny part that comes in a small gift box. I am drawn to that but that might come from personal experiences rather then the birth date.

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