The Skylink DC Power Adapter is a DC12V Transformer, Class 2, compact size and direct plug-in style power source.
A perfect complement to all your outdoor adventures, the Realtree™ APG camo exterior is designed to blend into any environment. This popular model can operate a wide variety of appliances, making it perfect for portable use at home, camping, on the jobsite, or much more.
Weighing less than 46 pounds, the EU2000 is incredibly lightweight and portable, thanks to Honda's inverter technology.
If you have a question or concern regarding what issues are covered please contact us prior to placing an order.

The precision of Honda's inverter technology ensures our inverter generators produce power that is as reliable as the power you get from your outlets at home. This makes them ideal for camping, supplemental RV power and any other activity that requires quiet operation. Even with it mounted on my Airstreams A-Frame, it's hard to tell if it's running until it runs out of fuel. Had it for 5 years now and with 1000's of hours on it, I Just check and change the oil regularly and it keeps on running. If I was a mobile dealer I could have sold at least 25 of them at the RV rally's I've been to over the years.

I've turned down a few tempting offers for mine, from fellow RVrs who thought they could boon-dock for weeks without some power.

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