TORONTO: Fake astrologers and soothsayers are damaging brand India abroad by reinforcing stereotypes about India.
With fancy titles and superlatives tagged to their names, these charlatans are mushrooming in the West. And one wonders how these papers running these ads without even an iota of evidence in favour of the claims made in these advertisements. On the other hand, when people read these ads by Indian charlatans making godly claims they must be laughing up their sleeve.
The modus operandi of these charlatans is simple: prey upon new immigrants whose new life in this country is full of uncertainties. This is a cultural and social problem in the Indian context, and a grey area in the context of Canadian laws.
Opposition Common Candidate Maithripala Sirisena while addressing an election rally expressed that he has no faith or belief in astrologers or personal horoscopes. Quoting some news stories published in media recently, he also pointed out that he never said he would restrict President Rajapaksa from leaving the country. Responding to a recent allegation raised by the President of his failure to probably maintain the Health Ministry, he accused the President of appointing his (President’s) allies and friends to the higher posts of the Ministry, what he explains as an alleged conspiracy to sabotage his works.
Different Densities means that simultaneously, in the same spot, several realities can occur. In a spiritual learning house, a schoolhouse for emerging souls, the prime directive is non-interference.
At a certain point in the progress of a world developing emerging souls, it on occasion becomes necessary to interfere further with circumstances, to maintain a proper balance for the first lesson that young souls are to learn, which results in their decision to be either Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self. In all these exceptions with the Rule of Non-Interference, manipulation is done to things, not the incarnated human or life form, and thus does not interfere with the setting the emerging young soul can control.
Astrologers of Nick Rogers One day a Discrepancy of The Storm becomes evident when the Astrologers of Nick Rogers (Astrology in Kamilogy should not be confused with astrology) fail to make an accurate prediction about an earthquake that shook the entire Greengolden City of Engawer.
It soon becomes clear and Claritin Clear the earthquake was actually magnified by Kinetic (Service-to-Self aka malevolent) forces from outside of Earth.
Conference of the Archfucks of the Universe When The Dark Earth is discovered by Sir SIster, the inhabitants of The Dark Earth-the Dark Sorcerers and Dread Warriors have already been manipulated by Dr. Meanwhile, Michael Brown and others are coming up with a way to stop the Dark Sorcerers and Dread Warrior's invasion.
Lord Dabovic In 1975, when Dabovic was 25 years old, a powerful Fuck of the Universe was needed to volunteer to become a Storm Guardian. Gegon Ovski Meanwhile in Fi'yo, on a moonless night, two powerful self-servers-Alkron Helsfuro and Sukivich-conspired together, and planned to break out from the prison. The Zodiacal Light casted by Gegon Nevertheless, Gegon, still blind, was able to run out of the prison with the use a spell called Lightning Speed.
Unfortunately the message left by Gegon did not contain much information on the Discombobulators who managed to kill the fire mage and escape from the prison.
The whole incident was covered up by the Archfucks of the Universe as to not incite fear over the common folk who would be incapable to defend themselves from Service-to-Self Discombobulators.
Kowakkhu during the fight vs Alkron Helsfuro Kowakkhu, with the use of Nano Sound, finds and encounters Alkron Helsfuro-the most powerful of the fugitives.
The Great Swordmaster When The Great Swordmaster of Redridge became an Archfuck of the Universe at the age of 13 (in 1983), the world was rocked. Warrior of Ice The reason The Great Swordmaster (it's his actual name-what his parents named him) and Warrior of Ice (also his real name) were so strong at a very young age was because they were Wanderers.
Valkran also known as The Black Lord or The Mind Twister, is the main antagonist in the The Secret of Storms Saga. In 1967, when Valrakn was 12 years old, he practiced Kinetic Occult spells of the darkness and left a mark on his brother-Kwanzaa.
Valkran then went out to live on his own, but after two years after making the deal with L, he went to some desolated parts of Duskwood inhabited by large, self-conscious ravens. Till now, you could find these thugs making ludicrous claims in bold advertisements in desi papers only. Thumb through Toronto’s free morning dailies and you will find tons of these charlatans in classified columns. The imagery they use in their ads only reinforces the impression that Indians are still snake charmers, that India is a country of obscure cults and pagan practices. They prey upon people’s uncertainties about success, businesses, jobs and their family life. By this I mean the elements are found in different proportions and the resultant chemical reactions that ensue therefore have different characteristics.
Thus, it occurs that on the planet Earth, where 3rd Density humans are living and walking about, 4th, 5th, and higher Density incarnations are living and moving about, occupying the same space, as it were.
Humans, for instance, were used to the concept of matter and energy being discrete and separate.
Here the interaction is less exploratory than stepping in to assume an active role in promulgating God's plan. The world is more technologically advanced, monetary systems, and organized religions do not exist. The good-hearted natural leader sees the task to be done by the crew, and if any crew member is having difficulty, assists. The terms are however laden with a baggage of subjectivity and what is good for one can be bad for another, thus these are easily misleading. This places a wealth of spontaneous experiences before the emerging souls, who develop empathy by being subject to various painful situations.
A young soul in a constant state of fear struggles to get past this to the point of empathy, which is something the Service-to-Self masters, visiting the schoolhouse and waiting to be called as advisers, know. The decisions by the entity, expressed into action by the incarnated human, are not interfered with, thus. It is peacetime on planet Earth which is in her transformative period and scheduled to shift to 4th Density sometime soon.
The Astrologers of Nick Rogers estimated a ~5 Richter magnitude quake, when in fact, a 7 magnitude one shook the city.
Michael Brown leads a team astronomers in the search for what it is taught to be alien space crafts hovering around planet Earth.
A Storm Guardian is any Service-to-Others Fuck or Archfuck who serves as a warden in a Service-to-Self prison to prevent any break outs.
This led to an incident where most of the Storm Guardians were put asleep, essentially hypnotized.
There, he channeled his last spell before he was finally captured and executed by Alkron Helsfuro and Sukivich.
It was not long until Lord Dabovic sighted the sign in the sky left by Gegon and immediately began to decipher it.
Nevertheless, the Archfucks of the Universe determined it must had been either Alkron Helsfuro or Sukivich.
The E levers of any Kinetic are always above 100,000 and Discombobulators are even more powerful. Gettane shoots at Sukivich with his raygun but Sukivich's Greengolden shield absorbs the shot. Valkran was born in Duskwood in 1955 and is the son of Gettane (1931-1998) and brother of Kwanzaa. Valkran also maimed his mom's cat and tried to poke out the eyes of one of his teachers at school to prevent World War III. They did not believe Valkran or Kwanzaa that Valkran was actually their son but they agreed to get him to the hospital. They nullify that India is actually the land of the Infosyses, the Wipros and the Tatas of the world. Please avoid outside hyperlinks inside the comment and avoid typing all capitalized comments.
In all fairness, the concept of Density differences is difficult for even your scientists to deal with. During 5th Density travel is extensive, and communication with other groups is frequent, where this is not so much the case during 4th Density. Spiritually, entities are mainly leaning towards Service-to-Others, but there are some that are becoming Service-to-Self. Thus, he is too busy to hang around the office to make his face known to those who might promote him. To qualify for Service-to-Other orientation, an entity must consider others as often as the self. Thus, brutal intimidation, without any apparent hope of changing the situation, is something the Service-to-Self try to achieve in a developing world, but something the Spirit Guides prevent.

Most of the people on Earth are Service-to-Others candidates, excluding few Service-to-Self entities which are to be transported to "Prison Planets" when the Harvest of souls occurs.
Surprisingly enough, Sir Sisterwho works with Micahel Brown discovers a previously unknown planet that hovers close to Earth. The Dark Sorcerers and Dread Warrior with the help of L's powers go through a dark portal and where they end up on Earth. Lord Archdick in a conversation with Michael Brown mentions The Secret of Storms-a mythical and much more powerful manifestation of Spontaneous Temporary E Surge. While Gegon was recovering in his ice barrier, Alkron Helsfuro and Sukivich began to cast their ace spells. Putting that aside, the Archfucks, after reviewing all the other Discombobulators and Kinetics that were imprisoned in Fi'io, came to a quick conclusion. Since a sound wave consists of a repeating pattern of high-pressure and low-pressure regions moving through a medium, it is sometimes referred to as a pressure wave. Rayguns are useless against Motherfuckers because every Motherfucker has learned to sing the DNA song which excites DNA and produces a large amount of E particles that can act as a shield. While in the hospital when Valkran's pain wore off his Service-to-Self spirit (a part of L itself) returned to his body and he became a highly Service-to-Self entity again.
Help us delete comments that do not follow these guidelines by flagging them(mouse over a comment and click the flag icon on the right side). Entities learn to support and communicate with each other to a high degree, so that utter trust is well placed.
Some 5th Density entities incarnate and mingle with 3rd and 4th Density societies, but use these incarnations as a learning tool. Council of Fucks and Archfucksof the Universe govern the affairs and stands as the final arbitrator when issues fall into certain areas, such as territorial issues.
Perhaps the owner hears the talk and understands the good hearted one gets the job done, and promotes him the same as the ambitious one who spends his time self-promoting.
If there is too few of a certain good, then it is communicated and a meeting of the group is called.
There is no need to list the situations mankind or any life form finds distressing, as the list is something that every incarnated soul struggling through a life is acutely aware of. A balanced situation, where action can result in change for the better, so a young soul can perceive the result of their efforts to change a painful situation for others, is desired, and thus circumstances are manipulated in the schoolhouse to arrange for this.
The concept of The Secret of Storms was passed onto Lord Archdick by The Essence of EMCL (that tiny moon that follows Lord Archdick around) in the past. Now that he has graduated from Ahhu's Universe of Magixx, Lord Dabovic wanted to become an Archfuck and sought a way to serve.
In other words, Gegon could cast a silencing spell but could not discern which of the spells was more powerful.
Zodiacal Light is a faint whitish glow caused by sunlight scattered by space dustseen in the night sky which appears to extend up from the vicinity of the sun along the ecliptic or zodiac. Slowly, as Lord Dabovic was able to come through the distortions caused by dust, the message became more clear and Claritin Clear. Only weapons enchanted with Greengolden (with the combination of Eternal Glory which pounds in the heart of every Motherfucker) can pierce through Greengolden shields. Then in 1985, another teenager warrior, Warrior of Ice from The Nordic Twilight, broke the 400,000 E barrier and also became an Archfuck. They were sent by Payuumian Guardians (light beings from 6th Density) to undertake incarantions on Earth in order to assist it with it's transformation to 4th Density. Ahhu had founded Ahhu's Universe of Magixx-a grand motherfucking school of all the Magixx studies. While being incarcerated he gave the Call to the Service-to-Self which was answered by L itself. After a year spending time in the desolated parts of Duskwood with the ravens, Valkran learned a lot about Kinetic Lunar Magixx. Those environments contain severe dangers, as silicon based microbes are ones your immune system could not begin to muster a defense against. When we state that the Earth is scheduled to move to 4th Density Service-to-Others, we are describing what is to happen to humans. Those in the Service-to-Self orientation also learn how to depend upon each other, but trust due to the caring and concern of others is not the route. But more likely the ambitious one arranges for the competent natural leader to be assigned to him, as an underling. People in the group weigh their current activities in light of the new need, and discuss alternatives. Where it may seem that these individuals would stand out, some very diplomatic and cultured people are of this category. Living with physical pain, dread or terror or abandonment and uncertainty, loss of a child or spouse, sudden setbacks, ridicule and expulsion from a group, the list is almost endless. Likewise, a young soul leaning toward the Service-to-Self orientation would find in a vicious dictatorship over other young souls a false setting for the world they are heading toward. One reason is that the great majority of the entities native to the planet have reached an orientation decision, and are ready to proceed with other lessons, and 3rd Density planets are checked periodically as to their readiness for harvest in this regard.
Unfortunetely, due to EMCL's collapse in the past, The Essence of EMCL is not able to relay the full details of the secret. Nevertheless, Gegon was able to incinerate some of the lesser Discombobulators, but since he had no clue as to what had happened to the other Guardians, Gegon desisted himself from burning the entire place down.
At about seven seconds in, Gegon was able to tap the Chromatic Vibe leaving his body in spirit form and having a good read on both of the Discombobulators. Gegenschein (German for counter shine) is a faint brightening of the night sky in the region of the antisolar point. They are to be hunted down and executed as quick as possible by Fucks and Archfucks who would volunteer for the job. Kowakkhu knows Alkron Helsfuro is an entity from outside of the solar system and realizes he can cancel out sound waves.
While Gettane pulls out his Greengolden enchanted sword, Sukivich charges at Gettane and strikes at him with his arms that just like Alkron Helsfuro's hands emanate Kinetic piercing shadows.
Ahhu's Universe of Magixx is located in the Greengolden City of Engawer in Redridge, EE nation. In 1970, when Valkran was 15 years old, while still being incarcerated he received a vision in a dream on a full moon night, a vision that was invoked by L. When Valkran was 18 he realized he must become a powerful wizard of darkness so he could serve his master-L. 1st and 2nd Density are referred to as Densities not because they are truly of differing Density states, but because they indicate different levels of spiritual potential.
There will still be a 3rd Density Earth, on the same plane as the future 4th Density home of humans, as a portion of the Earth will be left in 3rd Density.
They do not emerge grasping and running after the perks of high office, as they are too busy attending to real problems around them.
Now come disasters in the area, and the natural leader is busy helping out more than his work crew.
Essentially, someone who may be on sabbatical in order to devote to learning may cut this short to assist, or someone who has taken responsibility for doing laundry may find they have extra time on their hands, and volunteer. At a certain point in the young souls development, Spirit Guides become involved to help shape the circumstances of the next incarnation, so the setting is one which will maximize opportunities for learning for this particular entity. Another reason is administrative, and that is why the Earth is undergoing its Transformation now. Michael Brown comes to a realization that it must have been teleported by Service-to-Self forces from a higher Density. Gegon was aware of Alkron Helsfuro and Sukivich and suspected that the two masterminded the breakout.
Gegon's spirit quickly updated his mind and he was able to perceive that the spell casted by Alkron was Kinetic Lens Flare, and the spell casted by Sukivich was Kinetic Reflection If Gegon were to be hit with Kinetic Flare, his sight would be reduced to zero.
The antisolar point is the imaginary point on the celestial sphere exactly opposite the Sun.
In this vision, L gave Valkran instructions on how to polarize further in the negative path. Gettane, being a powerful Motherfucker was able to repel Valkran's attacks and immediately retaliated but his blows were blocked by Kwanzaa.
One place is acidic and is covered with moss, another has soil that compacts into rock-like hardness, discouraging probing roots. While the official leadership is getting themselves adorned with the trappings of high office, the ceremony, the dinners, the carefully arranged interviews so the public can get to know them as they hope the public will be led to believe they are, the real leaders are at work.
The ambitious one, who has not even done his job much less volunteered to help others, continues to hang out at the office, suggesting how he might be put in charge of any large contract the firm might secure.

Or, it may be that in weighing the activities of all, the conclusion of the group is the good is of less importance, and an agreement is reached to parse the existing supply out more carefully. The young soul might be placed into a starving country, or a place of wealth and power, into a body stricken with genetic disease or into a body capable of intimidating others.
Thus, in a balanced schoolhouse, the Service-to-Self gang does not invariably win, and when the gang turns on each other, viciously, the true nature of living the Service-to-Self life style is learned. Should he were to be hit with Kinetic Reflection, his sight would be reflected and extended into infinity. The Zodiacal Light, since it propagated on Greengolden vibratory oscillations, had left a message, but it had been distorted by interplanetary dust.
Kowakkhu moves at the speed of sound and dodges Helsfuro's attacks and then ignites his staff which is made of Greengolden opal and with the use of photonic crystals embedded on the staff conjures a barrage of Greengolden photons. Gettane now retaliates and kicks Sukivich in the stomach and then swings his sword and strikes him in the head cutting it in half. Lord Dabovic was 33 years old when The Great Swordmaster become an Archfuck and this was the beginning of Dabovic's downfall who was known and revered throughout The Nordic Twilight as an Illustrious grand master mage. The negative entity is aware of the full array of possible methods of viewing the universe of the One Creator and it is convinced that the ignoring and non-use of the green-ray energy center will be the method most efficient in providing harvestability of 4th Density. The variables are many, and any horticulturist will tell you that a wildflower taken from one location could not be expected to grow in another.
During 3rd Density, entities must decide their spiritual orientations-Service-to-Self or Service-to-Others. Nevertheless, the rule is non-interference with the incarnation, so the lessons to be learned stick as they are not theoretical, but very real to both the incarnated life form and the spirit within. They are the Dark Sorcerers - Service-to-Self Dark Magixx users and the Dread Warriors - a race of Service-to-Self knights. Thus he made a choice, and before the two criminals could finish casting their spells, Gegon canceled his protective ice barrier, turned around, and used a silencing spell on Sukivich. Alkron Helsfuro drops dead, but then all of a sudden, Alkron Helsfuro attacks Kowakkhu from behind?!
In 2nd Density, the spiritual density potential is possible, and in fact at times incarnations into 2nd Density life occurs, as a lesson. It is still unknown to the Archfucks of the Universe that the enhanced earthquake which shook the city Engwer was caused by the Kinetic-Prismatic Wave that emanated from L (a 6th Density supermassive black hole that has gone rouge) when it teleported The Dark Earth right next to planet Earth.
A council of Archfucks was held and a renowned fire mage from Redridge was chosen to guard Fi'io while the other volunteers were spread out to different facilities. This allowed Alkron to finish his Kinetic Lens Flare spell which traveled at the speed of light and thus superseded Gegon's Quantum Leap spell when he tried to dodge it. Kowakkhu can no longer move at the speed of sound and but absorbs the attack with the use of a sound shield. L would change Valkran's appearance with the use of Kinetic Prismatic Vibes and teleport him out of the facility if Valkran surrendered his soul to L. Valkran soon after left Redridge and went to Duskwood in order to find and kill his brother-Kwanzaa. This decision, or the lesson of 3rd density as it is called, needs to precede almost all other lessons, as mixing the two spiritual orientations together creates chaos and thus other lessons cannot proceed. In his sleep, Kaxtror had a very strange dream where he saw a blackened sun which only gave off silent shades of gray.
Kowakkhu realizes he just used a powerful spell that uses up a lot of E on one of Alkron Helsfuro's shadow decoys! Indeed, Kwanzaa looked like he would grow to be a powerful Motherfucker, even challenging his father's might.
Kwanzaa was only 16 years old then but he managed to beat Valkran with the use of a Greengolden Telekinetic Vibe which sent Valkran flying off in the air and eventually hit a tree with his back.
Many entities on Earth are choosing the Service-to-Other orientation, and mid-incarnation are thus joining the ranks of the Service-to-Others.
The Dark Sorcerers and Dread Warriors infiltrate New L, a dark and evil place where the Black Saturnalist wizards and Witches dwell. In order to come to this conclusion an Ascertain technique was used by Lou Rogers-the father of ADD of the Astrologers of Nick Rogers. L then would use a part of itself to possess Valkran's body and polarize further towards the Service-to-Self path.
Their leader, Valkran, also known as The Mind Twister, who was thought to be deceased after encountering Kaxtror, reappears and uses his mind powers to lurk Kaxt into L to study his DNA because L (the supermassive blackhole) has a plan for this particular kaxt (Kaxt is one of the 18 kaxts).
To his shock, this did little and strangely enough, it seemed that Gegon was not able to sense anything. Kaxtror was running around aimlessly in an attempt to escape this apparently endless night but could never find a new sun. Kowakkhuy should have known better because after all Alkron Helsfuro's decoy attacked him with a two-handed axe (how and when did he get it?!) Kowakkhu backs up a few yards but Alkron Helsfuro charges at Kowakkhu. Cults of Evil (groups of Dark Sorcerers and Dread Warriors) are sent to seek and destroy any living earthlings, but their primary target are the Pluei who Dr. Kowakkhu throws an Acoustic Blast towards Alkron but Alkron's Greengolden shield absorbs the attack. Wisdom, skill, common sense and compassion of the Astrologer is what determines the result. When Valkran hit the tree with his back, his Service-to-Self spirit jumped out of his body due to intense pain. Alkron Helsfuro now swings his arms that emanate strange piercing Kinetic shadows but at Kowakkhu but the sound mage parries the attack with his magical staff.
It has nothing to do with the relative position of planets to Earth during the time of birth. Valkran was no longer possessed by L and before Kwanzaa left him Valkran told Kwanzaa (no longer being a Service-to-Self entity) that he was his brother.
Once again, the mage was able to tap into the Chromatic Vibe, and his spirit jumped out of the body, but this time it was due to the extreme trauma experienced by his body. When Kaxtror came out of his bed to go to the bathroom to take a leak he noticed it was very cold inside the house.
Kowakkhu knowing that Alkron Helsfuro just used his Greengolden shield to absorb on of his attacks (Alkron Helsfuro can't use the shield again because there is a cooldown! When he finally broke 400,000 E, Dabovic became sure it could not have been a mere coincidence. Babes are sensitive to the moods of their parents, and adopt the mannerisms of those they take to be their role models.
Kwanzaa could not believe Valkran until Valkran told him things about their parents that no one else would know. He saw the door was open and went out to check if someone was outside and then went to his mom's room and noticed she was not there so he went outside again to look for her.
Since Valkran was born during one of the most harsh winters in the recent Duskwood history, Lou Rogers determined that Valkran would become a depressed person. A powerful blast of Greengolden electrons shoot out from Kowakkhu's staff and hit Alkron Helsfuro in the head killing him instantly. Yet, the attacks from the two Discombobulators kept coming at the fire mage and Gegon without his spirit was weakened even more. Kwanzaa then suddenly interrupted Valkran telling him he is convinced enough and that there is no time to lose-they must get Valkran to a hospital. The spirit of Gegon confused and unable to provide any information on his enemies moves fused back with Gegon's body.
Kwanzaa with the use of his telekinetic powers was able to levitate Valkran and the two went back home. To his astonishment, Gegon Ovski thought it was a Kinetic-Prismatic Vibe that was channeled by the two criminals!
When people became less and less confident in Dabovic he finally accepted to duel Warrior of Ice. Lord Dabovic noted the extraordinary speed of Warrior of Ice right away, but it was no faster than the speed of sound. Nevertheless, the people of the Nordic Twilight were still not convinced of Dabovic's "signs of doom" and thought Dabovic was being jealous.

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