Once a year the ‘King of the Gods’ Jupiter moves forward into the next sign of the Zodiac in his 12 year cycle around our Sun.
So how will this exciting character do his thing in the gentle practical earthy sign of Virgo? This current Jupiter cycle began in mid-2010 when he entered Aries for a brand new cycle personally & collectively. Then mid-2011 when he was in Taurus we dealt with our core issues re our values & prosperity and added steady building to our initial seed of 2010.
In mid-2012 he charged into Gemini and we experienced the arrival of a whole new set of technology and expanded our knowledge & connections to grow our lives. Then mid-2013 he took us into Cancer so we could heal our emotional safety and do the hard yards required to build safe foundations to underpin further progress.
Mid-2014 as he powered into Leo he gave us the opportunity to step into our true individuality and ‘be free to be me’ and grow our creative confidence and courage. So get set to eat your veggies, detox that dear body of yours, join your local co-op and support clean food production, clean out the cupboards big time, set up clever new book-keeping, embrace your daily work in progressive new ways, volunteer time to animal welfare & community support groups, join amnesty international, move your funds into community banking, enjoy being crafty and making things, and generally think and act carefully and strategically when making decisions about future plans. As Jupiter does things ‘to extreme’ we may find ourselves moving into a bit of a micromanaging phase as Virgo is renowned for ‘the devil being in the details’. Those with their natal Jupiter in Virgo born in 1944-45, 1956-57, 1968-69, 1979-80, 1991, 2003-04 will be experiencing their ‘Jupiter Return’ as he returns to its natal position in the Chart. He also makes a positive Trine aspect to Pluto three times starting from Mid-October, then mid-March and late-June 2016. The other big one here is the contentious vaccination issue that has been growing in recent years. As a student of cycles I know how important it is to educate people that we are also in the midst of a massive 26,000 year evolutionary shift as our changing Sun is affecting our whole solar system…not just planet earth. It is only 12,000 years or so since the end of the last ice-age when people were free to begin to migrate leading to a new epoch.  So be it causal or natural the system and its self-regulatory ability is shifting. Taurus                                Virgo rules your natural 5th house of “creativity, children, speculation, love affairs and how we project ourselves as an individual.
Gemini                                For you guys Virgo falls in your natural 4th house of “home, family, emotional safety, nourishment and love”. Leo                                      The 2nd house is naturally naturally Virgo’s domain for you kids; the house of “worth, value, security and of course money”. Virgo                                   Well Happy Birthday Virgo… and what a year it will be. Libra                                    Jupiter will pass through your 12th house till mid-2016 bringing inner psychological and spiritual growth, which may not necessarily involve others…or at least only a few who understand your expanding consciousness.
Capricorn                           Jupiter in Virgo falls in your natural 9th house (ruled by Jupiter), so as with the other earth signs this is a very major year for industrious growth in your chosen field. Maggie has trained in the fields of Metaphysics, Philosophy, Astrology, Humanism, Ancient Teachings, Psychology and Psychotherapy. This also happens to be the point in the Mars synodic cycle when Mars is closest to the Earth.
During the April 8th, 2014 opposition, Mars reaches a magnitude of -1.2, only slightly dimmer than the bright star Sirius. When looking at the synodic cycle of Mars from opposition to the Sun to the next opposition to the Sun the average length of the cycle is about 26 months.  Mars has an eccentric orbit creating considerable variability in each cycle with regards to length, distance from Earth, and brightness.
Even with the variability, each synodic cycle of Mars will always have the same phases and the same developmental processes relative to the observer on the surface of the Earth using the naked eye. It is important to know that the pattern and meanings of the phases of Mars, (as well as Venus and Mercury), are completely unique archetypal expressions of that planet.
There are many possible meanings and interpretations of Mars from different frameworks or schools of astrology and astronomy.  In the Shamanic Astrology paradigm, Mars by sign primarily represents the specific archetypal expression of the masculine principle (the animus) for both men and women. For women, initially, Mars represents the projected externalized imagery of the masculine or the beloved. Shamanic Astrology recognizes 12 organically evolving and ever changing core archetypal expressions of Mars (and 12 archetypes of the feminine for Venus).
The Shamanic Astrology Mystery School continually questions and exposes the cultural and historical biases and assumptions regarding gender. The synodic cycle of Mars through its 26 month phase process, describes the currently unfolding story and journey of the masculine principle through its 12 unique archetypal expressions.
Shamanic Astrology places great importance on direct observation of the visible planetary cycles. 3)      Retrograde     (Shamanic Astrology views the retrograde phase of any planet as the time when metamorphosis occurs, or when complete archetypal change takes place shifting from one sign to another. Note:  Similar conditions also apply to the synodic cycle of Venus at her Heliacal Rise or the starting point of a new Venus Cycle. Although the synodic cycle actually begins, or births, at opposition (April 8, 2014), there is a preliminary phase just prior to opposition. This phase, commencing with the Acronychal Rise, includes the birth, youthful education, and the onset of puberty of the new “god” LIBRA. In this phase, Mars enters into a 15 degree orb with the Sun and drops below the horizon into the underworld. Having now completed a long journey with many accomplishments, and powerful initiations, the Elder stage of the Mars cycle has arrived.
May 22, 2016      Mars opposite the Sun at 1 Sagittarius 47  BIRTH OF NEW MARS ARCHETYPE  – start of new synodic cycle of Mars. Yang Wood, Yin Wood, Yang Fire, Yin Fire, Yang Earth, Yin Earth, Yang Metal, Yin Metal, Yang Water and Yin Water.
His energy frequency opens new territory both physically and psychologically as he urges us to grow and expand our lives. Virgo is the sign of health and hygiene, of organization and systems, and all things practical and useful. This will be when we step up and out into PR and marketing our projects and goals as Libra is the sign of social connections. Virgos are humble folks who don’t seek the limelight but are usually content to simply get on with tasks that make the world a better place in a thoroughly down to earth way. Cultivate patience and humility, keep things simple, be discreet in all your dealings, be diligent and willing to really put some effort into developing your work areas, as this is one Jupiter position that doesn’t just hand you good luck without some effort.
Obviously the caution here is to take care not to become a nit-picking annoying person who drives yourself and everyone else nuts being too critical or perfectionist!
This is a few days after a powerful solar eclipse and is also the final day of a 49 year cycle that underpins major historical global social and financial shifts.

These areas necessarily go hand in hand as our nutrition has everything to do with what we eat. In recent years the Allopathic (traditional) medical professions have been greatly challenged by the alternative movement on the rise since the 1960s.
As Virgo is an earth sign the whole matter of the global environmental crisis will come onto the front burner during the next year. The ongoing lobbying & control from dinosaur fossil fuel companies to demand dangerous oil & gas contracts from our Governments is now becoming blatantly abhorrent to everyday people! This is the cycle responsible for this massive shift we are passing through over these decades as we move beyond the old unconscious approach to living here on our planet. Our global system is known as “Gaia” – she is an intelligent sentient being and it’s time we began to join with her rather than unconsciously destroy her. Virgo’s keyword is service and it would be very nice if more people actually came to the realization that we are all here to serve each other and the planet. The nice part is you will actually feel like applying yourself to better health and work habits, and generally adding some analytical skills to your naturally competitive nature.
So this is a wonderful year ahead to send your energies toward motivating and inspiring within your home, or using your home base for new creative activities. You will find a renewed sense of growth in your ‘inner self worth’ is a pre-requisite for Jupiter to do his work for you.
We each get a turn at playing in Fortuna’s garden every 12 years, so make the best of what’s coming your way as you open a major new expansive cycle in your life. Your normally sociable & ideas orientated nature will be challenged to allow intuitive and artistic features to emerge and integrate. This is a reaping year for all the hard work of the past 6 years that brings opportunities to shine as the teacher philosopher that you are! The ingredients Jupiter now offers you involve any form of higher education to enhance your knowledge along with exposure to philosophies and fresh ideals that increase your sense of meaning and purpose in your life.
So perhaps you will open to passion and power in new and interesting ways, expand your financial activities in conjunction with ‘safe’ others, or simply deepen your sense of inner power in readiness for future unfoldment in a few years’ time.
A highly expansive phase is ushered in here as all relationships will be in focus, with the potential for important people offering you big new options to play in and people also marry under this transit! Her unique blend of these subjects offers in-depth understanding of our life purpose and challenges to our empowerment.
Technically, this is called the Acronychal Rise similar to when the Full Moon rises in the East as the Sun sets in the West. It helps in understanding the phases of the Mars cycle by comparing the phases of the synodic Moon cycle, or the observable phases of the Moon (over 29.5 days) from New Moon to New Moon.
The cycle of Venus, Mercury and Mars all have specific phases and meanings associated with each phase. For men, Mars symbolizes the archetype of the masculine or the intended current life expression of the new “god”. On April 8, 2014 a new cycle begins, bringing the LIBRA masculine archetype to center stage in the theater of life.  The following is a proposed structure for understanding and participating in this journey as the Mars in LIBRA god steps onto the world stage.
Unlike Venus where there exists a variety of historical and traditional precedence (Babylonian, Sumerian, Mayan, etc), that uniformly placed her cycle as beginning with the Heliacal Rise (currently being used by the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School), no known experiential or mytho-poetic tradition exists for Mars.
For this reason, the Heliacal Rise of Mars has been ruled out as the starting point of any Mars cycle, because it’s at that phase of the cycle that Mars is so faint and difficult to see that it’s hard to locate through visual observation (and the conjunction is totally invisible taking place behind the Sun).
This is something like an initial dream or vision that occurs as Mars enters into the sign of the next opposition.
It concludes with something similar to a strategy council or a specific period of training before embarking on the intended quest.
Each labor carries the “god” Libra to a new place of additional knowledge and greater experience.
This is the where Mars exits the world stage and undergoes a variety of initiatory experiences appropriate to the underworld, including chaos, surrender, and conditions beyond one’s control. He offers us the classic image of the hero who happily takes on fresh quests in his ceaseless search for purpose and progress in our lives.
So after developing our passionate creative ego and stepping into our true individual nature over the past year while he has been in Leo, it’s time to get on with the practical details for plans and systems to take our creative projects and lives forward from here.
As Virgo is the sign of ‘order’ & routine we get the well-known association of clean & tidy and everything in its place, with a downside of OCD tendencies in the search for perfection! As Jupiter is a globetrotter at heart, work might literally take us to new and interesting places! Virgo also loves to worry and fret and has trouble allowing and flowing, as the left brain mind resists the right brain faith and trust of the opposite sign of Pisces. These are incredibly significant age points in life when we expand into fresh territory often involving travel or higher learning to trigger fresh meaning & purpose for the next 12 year cycle. As Jupiter rules ‘speculation’ and Neptune can be either idealistic or deluded this is a day to watch and make sure you’re not practicing crazy speculation!! This is generally a ‘re-structuring period’ in our lives with accompanying tension between the urge to move forward and the need to release any fears of doing this! Note the strong action from three planets in Leo and Uranus in Aries offering plenty of stimulus, action and revolutionary brand new models as a feature of the re-formatting of global systems.
After recent focus on how overweight and un-healthy so many people from the ‘developed’ nations are whilst those in 3rd world areas are starving, Jupiter in Virgo will bring these issues front and centre. Whilst I understand the principle of vaccination there is masses of evidence now that the extra toxic ingredients like mercury in the vaccinations are often very harmful. I like to think that expansive Jupiter will bring broader understanding and some truth to the situation beyond the conflicted hype currently driving this issue.
Even now here in Australia our current right-wing govt insists on limiting sustainable renewable energy models, so please people speak up and demand that the insidious greed that destroys our natural world must end!
Yes we need to be accountable for our ‘carbon footprints’ and do all we can to end toxic fossil fuel consumption.
The trine from Jupiter in Virgo to Pluto in Capricorn also means that we need to educate ourselves about different environmental implications before we decide to get on a particular bandwagon & stay very open to fresh incoming information over the next year. Once again we may expect to see current limitations in all levels of service industries revealed.
You may receive a promotion or be off to training courses to enhance your work related goals. A naturally spontaneous position for you here with great opportunities to grow your confidence and dare to be authentically you. Some of you may renovate or change residence even internationally, or you may invite exotic new and interesting people into your home.

Expand your ideas & plans to inspire your prosperity consciousness, and for some there may indeed be windfalls and abundance around dollars, whilst for others you may be investing in future goals which will bear fruit in about 4 years’ time.
Think back to mid-03 til mid-04 for insight into what’s on offer PLUS you are 12 years older and wiser this time with lots of growth under your belt. This is a ‘gestative’ time so studies of spiritual and psychological subjects will allow you t access your Soul to reveal new purpose for your new 12-year cycle beginning mid-2016 till mid-2017. You may step into a higher profile, or you may simply feel excited and highly creative around your career.
This is also the house of long distance adventures to open your horizons to fresh possibilities so international conferences or trainings all fit here. Think big and internationally to promote yourself or products that you have just spent the last year working to develop. Maggie has been a pioneer in developing tools and techniques to identify and change limiting unconscious patterns so we may heal and connect with our Soul’s purpose.
Six days after opposition, on April 16th, 2014, Mars is closest to the Earth, about 57 million miles away and is also at its greatest brilliance from the Earth’s perspective.
Each month (moonth), the Moon cycles through all her phases, including the First Quarter Moon, Full Moon Last Quarter Moon back to New Moon and all the phases in between.
This is when a woman develops the capacities and ability to take responsibility for her own Mars, ultimately creating wholeness. These energetic patterns are found to have more essential value and significance than the more popular and more culture-bound definitions of masculinity (or femininity). Over the last 20 years we have found the acronychal rise of Mars (Mars opposite the Sun) is the most dramatic and useful starting point from a visually oriented perspective.
Spiritually, this phase can be perceived as a kind of sundance or okeepa, a spiritual trial that is ultimately undergone in service to the people and the greater community.
Slowly moving through the signs and constellations, the Libra “god” slowly regains strength and grows in experience and wisdom as an initiated male.
This phase represents the culmination and the assimilation of the entire journey of the development of the Libra archetype. As the largest planet in our solar system his bold dimensions also ‘enlarge’ the affairs of the sign he activates.
This love of order and ritual brings us the sacred ceremonial features of life where we must cleanse our bodies & homes to release accumulated physical and energetic ‘impurities’. All three Earth signs, Taurus, Virgo (of course) and Capricorn are all to receive Jupiter’s wake-up call and opportunities for growth.
The “Organics Movement” of the past decades will gather great momentum, as the dedicated folks who have laboured to teach us of the dangers of current food production practices finally begin to get their message home. On a practical level ‘green consciousness’ is now a simple reality for many corporate energy providers, as the coal industry is losing its power to attract infrastructure investment…yay!
But we also need to get real that our earth is in a natural extinction and re-orientation cycle.
Social Welfare systems are in for a major overhaul so this issue will become a hot potato there as well I am sure. Typically you wave goodbye to kids and welcome new bubs when Jupiter transits this zone of your life. You will literally feel a growing sense of optimism and enthusiasm to move forward once more after a year just spent letting go and gestating your next phase. There may be international opportunities for some of you as travel & sharing your knowledge are features on offer. Couns.) is a leading Australian Astrologer who has offered her services as a Counsellor, Teacher, Author and Presenter for the past 30 years. Therefore, Mars is not to be identified with men per se (or Venus with women), but rather as the archetypal expression of the Masculine and Feminine.
There can be 7 to 10 conjunctions of the Moon with Mars during this phase that illuminate this journey of Mars as he travels across the evening sky from east to west. This phase completes with the entrance of Mars into the sign (Libra) where this journey began in April, 2014.
He epitomizes the principle of expansion so travel, foreign countries, education, higher learning, media and all means of transmission of knowledge all fall under his rulership.
Astrology is such a cool model once you really start working with the development process on offer! On the up-side and as a result of this phase we can expect to see many announcements over the next year of spectacular developments in the Medical Sciences. Electricity companies are also being forced to change their models to solar & alternate options or they will go broke. New love interests may feature that may not be built for longevity but rather for re-opening your passion toward life.
She is an accredited teacher with the FAA, APA member, member of the FAA exam board and the Australian Vice-President for ISAR. During this phase, Mars rapidly increases in brightness, dominating the late evening and morning sky.
The constellations and signs he passes through articulate the nature of the challenges encountered. They meet in the even number decades every 20 years – so 1900, 20, 40, 60, 80, 2000,10,20…and so on…a fascinating cycle when you take a moment to notice the history! This current cycle began in 2000 in the sign of Taurus (which rules money & resources), they opposed each other in 2010, and now form the final 90 degree square aspect before they start a new cycle in 2020 in Aquarius. OK don’t lose the plot here…cycles are actually really easy to understand as they begin, develop, fulfil themselves and then die back in preparation for a new cycle!
This is one of the ‘business cycles’ so as their square began in August 2015 the highs of stock markets were totally nuts…always the signal that bubbles are set to burst. In July 15 we saw the Chinese stock market take a major tumble & the Greek debt crisis play out the reality that the Euro system AND the whole global financial system is a mess.
Many nations are now joining the new BRICS banking system offering a new option beyond the western banking cartels, and we’ll also see the growth of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin that offer freedom beyond the centralized banking system.

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