Pluto on the ascendant or within 5 – 10 degrees of an angle brings the god of the underworld’s energies out very strongly in the individual’s lives. Taboo sex, death, stalkers and spies, yes they are all here as you would expect with the square pushing Pluto’s seething larva to the surface.
Also transit Pluto has been dancing all over my Sun, Ascendent, and Jupiter in conjunction or opposition pretty much non stop for the last 5 years.
Definitely a time for both looking around me, looking deep within, and learning to be ultra sensitive to toxicity as well as learning to defend myself from it.
I think have read and re-read all the Pluto posts here in my search for understanding and awareness.
Before starting with the personality traits of the rising signs, let us get acquainted with the method to find out the ascendant signs.
If there's any sort of competition, Arians are known to put all the pressure on themselves. Aries rising people are often termed 'independent', and you will hardly find them asking for help. A swift walk, broad shoulders, rash or acne on the face and shoulders, slim hips - that's Aries ascendants for you. Security is the most important thing in their lives, and they can even let go of their freedom when the security aspect is in question. They are always concerned about their appearance and the way they present themselves in public.
These ascendants have a lot of friends and acquaintances, but may seem to be emotionally attached. However, their main problem is that they tend to see themselves through the eyes of others, and this makes them worry a lot. They love sports, food, drinks, dancing - basically, they love to live their life to the fullest. As far as their physical mannerisms are concerned, these people tend to dress up a bit differently.
They may come across as quite gentle and peace-loving people at the first glance, but you cannot predict how they will behave when you interact with them. Ascendant house astrology is the first house of the horoscope, and considered to be the strength of horoscope. The characteristics of this house are health, longevity, happiness, physical texture, character, height, nature, physical constitution, innate temperament, knowledge, joy,status, nature, self-esteem, personality, radiance, activeness success with efforts , failure, natural qualities of the person, person with questions, fame, the beginning of life, childhood, children, age, environment, physical body. When benefic planets sits in ascendant house astrology , then it is strong or when the ascendant house aspects benefic planets or lies between benefic planets or lagnesh can see the first house. When ascendant house is stuck between malefic Planets, it becomes weak or if any malefic planet sits or aspects this house, or if a person is born in an inaupicious Navansh or drehsthakon.
A well-known owner of this configuration is Jane Fonda, the famous actress and anti-war activist.
Since the house cusps are based on the Earth’s rotation, the ascending sign changes, on average, every 2 hours (12 signs in 24 hours). Thanks for answering my question…thank goodness I have Taurus in Mercury to help ground my mind. My full trinity is mutable, Sun in Sagittarius, Rising Virgo, Moon in Pisces, what exactly does that mean for a woman? I have nothing but Venus in the second house, with Ceres in LIbra in the second house, with Venus and Pluto in scorpio in the third house, Part of Fortune in my 10th house along with Part of fortune conjunct Mars in my tenth house, Sun and Jupiter in the twelfth house, Jupiter in Leo, Venus in Sagittarius, Ceres in Libra, Chiron in Cancer, Pholus in Cancer, Vesta in Taurus, Vertex in Aquarius, Juno in Sagittarius, Juno in the 4th house, Pallas in Virgo, Pallas in the 1st house, Moon Uranus and Neptune in the 6th house. I have read a little bit by Alan Leo concerning the importance of the planet that is rising on a natal chart (not really to do with the rising sign).
He says that if a planet is in the 1st or 12th house, or if both the one that is closer (but either just above or just below the horizon), it reveals something about the circumstances in which the individual will find advantageous in their personal quest for the ideal life. Hi Molly,I have been searching my astrology books for info in determining how the asendant or rising sign is calculated.
If you want to do it by hand, the most accurate way is by getting an Ephemeris, so you can calculate local sidereal time for the birth. Either your birth time was recorded wrong, or you lack understanding of your rising sign and other factors that may be at play.
I was hoping you could give me more information on the ascendant being in conjunction with the sun sign. Ozrichelle, your ascendant may be wrong if there is some doubt that your birth time is correct.
Will you attract obstacles that come to you from the outside or could it be an inner conflict or both. Careful sixth moon… just because you are something and you have Libra rising, does not mean all Libra risings have the same trait. I only recently discover how your rising and moon sign come into play, and im a little disheartend im and aries sun and ive always objected against scorpios behaviour and will (my dad is a scorpio). I only recently discovered how one’s rising and moon signs come into play, and im a little disheartened. I agree with dennis, i am a gemini rising and i dislike my boss who is a gemini for his nervousness and flightiness. I have Virgo sun in the 5th house, Aquarius moon in the 11th house, Aries rising in the 1st house, Virgo Mercury in the 6th house, Cancer venus in the 4th house, Aries Mars in the 12th house, Gemini Jupiter in the 3rd house, Sagittarius Saturn in the 9th house, Sagittarius Uranus in the 9th house, Capricorn Neptune in the 9th house, and Scorpio pluto in the 8th house.. I love how the people who might feel nuts, like me, have opposing sun (Capricorn) and rising signs, or how if someone has an aversion to a particular sign usually has a strong connection to it in their chart…LOL.
If venus is conjunct the descendant, how does a person behave or the attributes if it is in Gemini ? Since mid-dec 2008 I have been doing various types of meditation and delving into all things spiritual. At this point I do not know exactly what steps to take in life, and why I have become so obsessed with finding my purpose all of a sudden.
Virgomatic – The above article links to another article detailing how to get an accurate birth chart. You are correct about the 1st house sign being how we project ourselves to the outside world.That is also how I see it. For me,I also find the planet ruling the ascendant insightful in gaining further knowledege about the sign on the 1st house cusp. With all this in mind however, I see a lot of similarities with the interpretations of the Venus planet and my rising sign.
Perhaps the visitors of your sight can read on the ruling planet in order to gain further insight about their ascendant? I have Aries Moon, Taurus Sun, and I did the rising sign calculations myself and got Virgo but everything else says I’m leo. Hi Molly my name is Kat, i found out that i am a virgo ascendant, my sun sign is a cancer and my moon is in pisces, mercury and venus in leo, pluto in scorpio, jupiter in pisces, saturn and uranus in saggitarius, mars in capricorn, neptune in capricorn, chiron in gemini and true node in aries ;D my moon and ascendant is opposite what does that mean. I had come onto this site yesterday after trying to find out whether being induced to mother’s health, and as a result being born as a Leo rather than a Virgo, would influence the my Leo traits. When your time of birth is so close to the minute the ascendant changes, do you present yourself in the ways of both signs? I would like to know more about my rising and moon sign and how does this affect me as an individual being that my sun is in Virgo. My rising sign is 29 degrees Capricorn…I am trying to understand, does this mean that I am STRONGLY a Capricorn rising? Could you help me out with the calculations to find my ascendant without using one of the automatic internet calculators? Molly, thanks for the clear explanation on the difference between the sun sign and ascendant. Molly's Astrology is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License. This is the light which ever shines within the dark, and cleansing with its healing rays that which must be purified until the dark has gone. The urge to be all things to all people is a very strong one with people who have Aquarius rising. Thus Aquarius rising will be most naturally attracted to those devices and processes that place as much information as possible in the hands and minds of as many people as possible. The intensity of the Pluto is still there, but finds an outlet through artistic expression. Nostradamus (09’); 16th century French seer and apothecary whose predictions are still discussed today. I have a wide Pluto trine Ascendent and got involved with a tight Pluto conjunct Ascendent late last year. It is believed that the ascendant characteristics are stronger when the person is born at the beginning of the sign. Now, as you know your ascendant sign, you will be curious to know what personality traits your sign represents. These people are self-reliant, and due to this, they often appear fine doing things on their own.
One set is bubbly, talkative, and eccentric, while the other set is cool, intellectual, and love to have loads of fun.

They are capable of handling multiple things at a time, while it may appear that they are not paying attention to any of these tasks. They love their life to be structured, and generally appreciate having rules even in their relationships. Women Cancer ascendants will rock the style world by donning beautiful frocks, pearls, and all girly accessories. They are extremely precise and helpful by nature.Libra RisingYou will find life to be wonderful when you have a Libra ascendant around you. Libra ascendants should be careful while entering romantic relationships.Scorpio RisingYou cannot push a Scorpio ascendant around. You will not be able to point them out in a crowd, but their dressing is surely different, just like their temperament. If you have an Aquarian partner, you would know that you have all the freedom in the world.
Not only is Burk a skilled communicator (who has studied how people learn), he is also a funny, self-revealing fellow with an astute foundation in traditional astrology (and human psychology) … His book is an in-depth presentation that is spaciously formatted with color in the text and in the cartoons, charts, and tables. If any of these yoga is formed in the horoscope , then first house is  considered to be strong.
The cusp of the First House is the home of the Ascendant, the sign that was rising on the eastern horizon at the precise moment of one's birth.
It specifies everything from the earliest steps to the view of the emerging that shapes the natives being. And also i was approved by a company to shoot a commerical and print advertising and become a model, and i also have a few connections to other companies, is modeling really in my stars though? I have an aquarius rising and a taurus moon but i look more like a taurus than an Aquarius.
I am 19, and recently I have been feeling that the sooner I channel my life purpose, the better. Everyday I have mini-epiphanies of a prophetic nature concerning myself and the whole world.
That said, it is becoming a constant challenge to relate to my friends because I think I am psychic and that I have some sort of large-scale life purpose. I used a different calculator to find my ascendant a few years back which incorporated location, hour of birth, time zones etc but the result was Pisces! Now after getting my chart I am very interested in understanding what all these Astrology things mean. I have been looking into astrology for years, just for fun, bugging my friends (and sometimes strangers) for their charts and comparing what I read with what I see.
IM baning my head against a window i need help one websight says my rising sighn is virgo the other scorpio(wich is my sun sighn) its pulling me appart can you help? I’ve checked my chart, and the Ascendant is nearly on the border between Cancer and Leo. They seek to be of service because they enjoy people but for an Aquarian rising person who is not Soul-centered, this service is primarily geared to the aims and goals of the personality. The nature of the love which Jupiter expresses on the Soul level through Aquarius is not of the romantic, personal kind. It is from this center of applied intelligence that Aquarius rising will anchor his or her true life purpose. It rarely manifests as far as the end of that list thankfully. However Pluto’s life and loves are always going have a torturous feel about them, they wouldn’t feel alive if they didn’t. They will enjoy flaunting the taboo side of this placement and relish in playing the “Bad girl” or “Bad boy”.
Arth Michel (09’); Belgian school teacher interested in black magic and astrology who raped, tortured and filmed male and female 12 year old twins and their younger sister with the permission of their parents! He was Dutch born with a Jewish father and escaped the Nazi’s to live in the UK dressed as a Monk. On the horoscope chart it is represented as ASC.The ascendant or rising sign describes what you are in front of the world.
And not to forget, shutterbugs simply love these people for their natural photogenic features.Taurus RisingSlow, steady, and capable! This loyalty can sometimes take the form of possessiveness, and they will resist letting go of their partners.
A big house, cars, designer clothes - Taurus ascendants simply love them, and well, also love showing them off.Gemini RisingCuriosity is synonymous to Gemini ascendants.
The ascendants belonging to the first set are interesting, and often engage in long conversations, while the second set ascendants may sometimes come across as harsh people. Despite being in the company of many people, you will never find these people being really close to someone. They are gifted in crafts, and can make it a good career option.Cancer RisingThe gal or guy next door is a Cancerian?
They would rather save money for their future, instead of spending it on unnecessary worldly luxuries. They are known to have great bodies, and never refrain from showing off their curves.Leo RisingLeo ascendants never go unnoticed.
However, you will never feel the lack of entertainment when you are in the company of a Leo. These people are usually creative and very competitive in nature.Virgo RisingIntelligent and serene!
Health is always on their mind, and you will find most of them indulging in mind-body exercises.
They have a drive to become successful, and simply enjoy competition.Sagittarius RisingBorn seeker, learner, explorer!
These people concentrate a lot on their public image - their clothes and their mannerisms in public. And if you want to look out for a Capricornian from the lot, look out for those pearly whites.Aquarius RisingNeed some advice?
But they are highly vulnerable in relationships, and can sometimes become their own worst enemy.
The reason I ask is that my chart has been rectified several times, and I am still not sure I know my Ascendant.
Established in 2013, The Real Astrology Academy provides astrology information, education, and training to astrologers and astrology students around the world.
The  ascendant house astrology represents your identity, physical characteristics, appearance, health and well-being, the physical body, vitality, attitude, temperament and the way you look upon the world. The first house is used to analyse relatives like Grandmother (Nani and Dadi)of both the parental sides.
In simple words, it It addresses our personality and presentation to the world, our essential qualities, approach to life, demeanor and basic sensibilities.
According to the definition of libra risings, They are the sexiest out of all the risings signs!!
Though I have always been aware of being highly intuitive, in the past few months I have felt downright psychic.
Should I continue my spiritual journey and challenge myself to find new friends who understand my mind-set better? Is this why i am often disheartened with my personal life, and want to take care of everybody?
I am quite obviously an aquarius personality and look even like a very typical aquarian… but the capricorn side of me is still quite strong! I think I might be a Scorpio ascendant since I tend to be by myself and don’t like to be around people much. It is much more the impersonal love of humanity in general and is accompanied by a distinct sense of loving detachment. Aquarius is connected to the circulatory system while its polar opposite, Leo is the ruler of the heart. They get a kick of reinventing and regenerating themselves with each affair.  “50 Shades Of Grey” aside, the subject will be fascinated by these kinds of relationships, the psychology of sex itself or the minds of very dark and twisted characters. Kurt Cobain (12’); American musician who suffered drug addiction, depression and eventual death through suspected suicide while under the influence of drugs aged 27. Where these Pluto buds are blocked for any reason they can turn toxic and seething, resulting in violent tendencies. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (24’); First lady of assassinated president JFK who’s bloodstain Chanel suit is so very iconic of Pluto. On the surface this person is nothing like the Pluto archetype, they may even look quite fluffy. Liberace sued a newspaper for implying he was homosexual and did not admit to it all his life.
Despite their independent nature, Aries ascendants are known to let go of things and compromise in their personal relationships. However, they often tend to get caught up in intellectual puzzles; thus, ignoring the people around them.
You will always find them helping others, because a Cancer ascendant wants other people to be happy.

They have an inbuilt charm of attracting attention, and their charisma never fails to make an impression.
These people are also known to jump to conclusions pretty soon, and may appear as bossy when in a group. They will gather as much information as possible, and are considerate enough to share it with others as well. Only when you have gained the trust of these ascendants, will you be able to know what is going on in their life. The world is full of adventure, and Sagittarius ascendants know exactly how to explore them.
Due to their seeking nature, they tend to have knowledge about a lot of things, and love sharing the same with others. Not all of these ascendants are outgoing in nature, but even the quiet ones have a lot to say and offer. These people are very good at accepting people from all walks of life as equals.Pisces RisingPisces ascendants can be identified by just a single line - go with the flow. They are generally in a dreamy world, even when they are having important conversations with people.
Brimming with tips and techniques, it’s fun and practical — the perfect addition to anyone’s astrological explorations.”Find out what everyone’s talking about!
Also why am I still going through financial and emotional turmoil even when Pluto is now out of my sun sign Sagittarius? I’ve finally settled on teaching as a career with emphasis on working with kids needing counseling from their teacher as well. It pulls me down to earth alot probably, which is a good thing :) It is so cool to see many people on here interested in astrology!
I am having trouble finding the old fashioned calculations for finding the ascendant sign from a ephemeris. It is actually the Soul-centered individual with Aquarius rising who is able to express the purest form of love in terms of its usefulness to society. Indeed those dark eyes burn so deep into their targets soul that one can feel quite violated by them.
Like the conjunction the usual sexual magnetism is there, but the darker, kinky side of their intimate nature is not apparent on the outside and partners are often shocked when these sugar-coated sweeties have a hot and spicy centre. The trine has a great capacity for churning up the treasures from deep within Pluto’s mine and creating great wealth. Aileen Wuornos (23’); American serial killer who claims to have murdered seven men in self-defence. It is only when they become sexually involved that their stalking, obsessive, compulsive side becomes apparent, but by then its too late.
Marina Macario (08’); Astrologer specialising in underworld topics, taboo subjects and the Persephone myth. Liberace had been HIV positive and symptomatic for years before his death but it was never made public. You will often find them letting out their anger on the concerned person, and later being completely at peace.
Due to their love for materialistic things, you will find them to be collectors of something or the other, be it stamps, coins, or anything else under the sun. Family and friends treat Taurus ascendants as a 'Rock', a person whom they can believe and share their innermost feelings with. And if you are in the company of a Gemini ascendant, be prepared to answer their innumerable questions. They sometimes attract others attention because of their loud physical appearance, while at other times, it is their regal manners that demands interest from others.
But, they are self-absorbed, to a point that they consider asking for advice to be a sign of weakness. I have gotten a personalized ephemeris from a website, using my longitudes, time of birth etc. I am everything but no one thing!” Yet the Soul purpose of Aquarius rising is to transform these superficial, egocentric actions into a profoundly capable person eager and ready for World Service. It is pure and potent because it emanates from the benevolent energy of Jupiter and extends in ever more expansive circles through group orientation and group consciousness.
It is from the heart through his mind and social networking capabilities, that Aquarius rising is be able to disseminate his inner vision for the benefit of humanity.
The subject can easily become a workaholic, pushing it self too far and burning itself out.
Their partner is shocked when they wake up and find a great ball and chain clamped to their ankle.
Brenda Frazier (11’); Debutante and “poor little rich girl” who suffered tempestuous relationships, breakdowns, anorexia and bulimia.
Right from the clothes we choose to wear, to the people we hang out with, our rising sign can say it all. Their radiant presence cannot be ignored, and you can almost feel their presence in a room.
These signs cannot completely describe your personality, but it is fun to know a bit about oneself, isn't it? As scorpio is rising does that mean i will just appear to be self destructive or is there an actual danger of it? I am either super neat or the opposite but I am always organised (in my mind!) I love creating things with my hands especially silly cartoons of my animals. This can be most easily accomplished through the circumstances and natural forms of expression of his exoteric ruler, Uranus. Of course Pluto is also very adept at deep freeze behaviour itself. Pluto demands so much attention that it can be very draining for anyone close to them. Emperor Nero (18’); Controversial, extravagant and tyrannical ruler know for many murders including his mother and possibly his spouse while pregnant. Because Pluto is so resilient however more often than not they emerge, phoenix-like from the flames, bigger, stronger and more powerful than before. Frida Khalo (29’); Mexican painter best known for her surreal and painfully graphic self-portraits and tumultuous relationship with fellow painter Diego Rivera. Dave is a recovering heroin addict and has had four brushes with death earning him the nickname “Cat”. When did that happen? It’s not that Pluto in hard aspect to the Ascendant is really that controlling, what has happened is somehow they have seduced their lover into following them so far down into their black velvet labyrinth that they simply cannot find their way out again. This process of becoming a unique individual is one of the greatest contributions we make to the world in which we live. They can get the reputation of being the “Bunny Boiler” since they are the ultimate stalker and can obsess over someone through their tendency to become addicted to the sexual part of the relationship. Since Pluto rules the realm of the afterlife these folk can tap into other dimensions giving them the gift of prophetic ability.
Also: Wreckless Eric, Silvio Berlusconi, Robbie Williams, Joseph Goebbels, Julie Andrews, Gwen Stefani, Errol Flynn, Harrison Ford.
One was a suicide attempt and the other his heart stopped for 2 minutes as a result of a “speed ball “ overdose. In the process they have become so enmeshed with their Pluto partner that severance would seem like a very painful and messy operation. Titanic hits Iceberg (29’); Symbolic of Pluto’s ice reclaiming the huge wealth and pulling it back down into the underworld. They are completely cautious and careful in any new venture or project that they undertake. It seems with so many planets in the second house things shouldn’t be so hard financially! D Lang, Steve Martin, Jon Venables, Nancy Sinatra, Keanu Reeves, Justin Bieber, Bilawal Bhutto.
They are able to access occult (hidden) knowledge, which is why they make great spies and hackers.
They have the most dramatic and mesmerizing presence of all the planets rising and they are very, very hard to say no to.
Also; Rufus Wainwright, Serge Gainsbourg, Robert Redford, Margaret Thatcher, Joan Baez, Ian Richardson, Hayley Mills, Harry Secombe, Bruce Lee, Bob Monkhouse, Bob Geldof, Bettie Paige. Sometimes they flip from one to the other in successive relationships, feeling bullied in one marriage only to divorce and go onto and play the tyrant in the next. They do very well in politics and positions of power once they learn to lace their coercive tactics with a bit of charm. Taboo sex and fetishes seems to be a strong theme here and they may feel compelled to hide them or live a double life. If their sexual urges are suppressed then they can warp into violence or the rage can turn in on itself and result in mental illness. Hard aspects to Pluto sometimes feel like you have some massive karmic debt to pay off and that all relationships are “fated”.

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