No app has so many Indian astrology, Vedic astrology and Hindu astrology featuresThis is the most accurate Astrology App out there. Getting your future told by a fortune teller with her or his magical crystal ball and power can be a scary and exciting experience. Thanks to modern day technology, knowing your future will never be a problem as there are applications tailored to tell your fortune. Horoscope features real-time updates and users can consult the application any time of the day without any restrictions. For those of you seeking other sources for your future apart from the stars, then Numerology Daily Horoscope will surely help you out. For users who dona€™t seem to understand Bazi or just a bit confused about Chinese astrology, the app will greatly help you understand yourself better. The app is simple to use and all you need to do is choose your Zodiac sign and youa€™re good to go. If youa€™re tired of Western Astrology then you might want to try an alternative with Chinese Horoscope.
Instead of the usual Zodiac signs, Chinese Horoscope instead uses animal signs drawn from Chinese astrology a few hundred years back.
Learn more about your future and enhance your intuition with Galaxy Tarot, an all-around application that reveals your fortunes.
Galaxy Tarot also has a Tarot spread analyzer that lets you examine themes, browse the complete deck, and explore each card with its associated description ranging from number, card symbolism, rune or crystal, and associated color, giving users the ultimate Tarot reading experience.
Herea€™s another Tarot reading application that is not only accurate but realistic at the same time.
You’d will feel that you are actually holding a real-life Tarot deck as you shuffle your fate by shaking their phone. For those of you who need instant answers to difficult questions without having to do lengthy rituals and awkward conversations, then Yes or No Tarot is the right application that will cater to your needs. To use the application, just select a category for your life issues such as career, money, or love. Other features include changing the decks, and letting you explore the cards by browsing the complete list of cards being used. You will be able to decipher your palma€™s different lines, such as those for life, health, love, intelligence, sex, fortune, money, marriage and children, travel, fame, and fate. The app features daily horoscope readings, nifty predictions, relationship analysis, number analysis, personalized birthday forecasts, and Vaastu.
For those of you who are looking for both Horoscope and Tarot card readings, then this is the application for you.
On the other hand, selecting the Tarot tab will prompt you to pick from three different cards in which your fate will be determined. After choosing your sign, you will then see predictions made by professional fortune tellers. Herea€™s another horoscope application that features cute caricatures replacing the old traditional Zodiac signs.
To use the application, select your Zodiac sign on the appa€™s main screen, after which you will get predictions for your Zodiac sign and can also choose to share the forecast via Facebook or Twitter. With over 5 million downloads in the Google Play Store, therea€™s no doubt that Daily Horoscope is the most popular horoscope application for Android. My Horoscope is another horoscope application that features a more personalized approach than the usual general reading made by other astrology applications. To get started, all you need to do is set your birth date and the app will automatically show you your predictions. One thing that makes this application different from the rest of the pack is that it organizes its predictions, not only by Zodiac signs but also by a€?decantesa€?, that is primarily based on your exact date of birth.

With a whole selection of astrology apps to choose from, getting a sneak peek at what your future holds is easy.
If your favorite astrology app didn’t make it to our list, let us know what it is in a comment below. Daily Horoscope is a fresh, elegant application for checking horoscope for you and your friends.
Whether youa€™re interested in daily horoscopes, compatibility chakras, or Tarot card readings, there will always be an equivalent application that you can always count on. Predictions are detailed enough to satisfy your understanding of astrology and you can consult the application for categories like love, work, or wellness.
Numerology Daily Horoscope is an app that shows your personal numerological horoscopes for the day.
Then look no further than the Love and Romance Horoscope that is specially designed for heartbroken souls seeking their soulmates.
All predictions are geared towards to a persona€™s love interest, so expect nothing more than more love.
See your future from a different viewpoint with Chinese Horoscope and be amazed with how your future looks from a different perspective. Chinese Horoscope features daily horoscope readings, information regarding your sign, and the ability to share your horoscope readings on social-networking sites. Galaxy Tarot is not just a Tarot reading application but also brings along a handy encyclopedia for users who want to learn more about Tarot reading.
Tarot Reading by Zappallas is another astrology reading application that features 3D graphics and detailed instructions.
Yes or No Tarot is a great way to get answers fast, most especially to tough or silly decisions you have to make. Each line is explained briefly, showing different variations and pictures along with their corresponding meanings.
Start your day with Ganeshaa€™s guidance as the app will reveal your future based on Indian Astrology. Horoscope and Tarot combines both the elements of forecasting the future with Tarot card readings and at the same time see your fortune according to your Zodiac sign. Thata€™s not all; the app also features Lovescopes that will predict your love life, and Psychics that will tap forecast on your future.
Horoscope HD Free is a free horoscope application that separates itself from the norms by being somewhat cute and at the same time user-friendly. You can also learn more about the characteristics of your Zodiac sign by simply long pressing the icon. You can also narrow down results according to more specific areas like work, health, or love life. Besides that feature, the application also allows you to share your predictions via social networking sites and other methods. If these apps so useful and true it means people should not be bother about going to the astrologers.
You project the world into being and the Out There out there, is actually the inner you shown to be seen or not. Instead of relying on your Zodiac sign or the stars, the app uses numbers and their relationship between physical objects and living things to forecast your future. Each prediction is unique and is packed with all the sweet little details you will surely love and enjoy reading. You will get your daily dose of forecasts for wellness, love, emotions, intuition, fortune, creativity, the future, past, current work, and wealth. Chinese Horoscope is so simple to use that you only need to choose your equivalent sign and in an instant receive information about your future.

Users just need to draw a card and the application will automatically guide you along with instructions and predictions. Fortune telling has never been so realistic and exciting with the Tarot Reading application.
In an instant, your questions will be answered with a detailed explanation on the chosen card.
Learn the art of palm reading with the Palmistry Palm Reading application by IT&IS a€“Euroresidentes. Navigation is straightforward and each line is explained briefly with easy-to-understand examples. The app is pretty much similar to western horoscope applications that base your future on your Zodiac sign or animal sign. The app is easy to navigate and offers tons of information that includes detailed predictions and analysis for your everyday living. On the appa€™s main homescreen, you’ll find a wheel with matching symbols corresponding to Zodiac signs.
Each Zodiac sign is carefully illustrated in a galaxy-style approach, with stars forming your Zodiac sign. There is no limitation on the amount of consultations you make as it is a free application that you can download at no charge. Instead of animals for Zodiac signs, the app features cute drawings of people wearing costumes resembling the Zodiac signs. The app supports over 20 different languages and is translated by professional translators making it the best Horoscope app for worldwide use.
Daily Horoscope is pretty straightforward and it does only one feature–predicting your future for the day. Not only that–paste your daily horoscope to your clipboard and send it as an SMS message or via email.
According to many users, the app is so accurate that most of the time the predictions are true and somewhat relates to the daily happenings of their lives. Tarot Reading is simple and easy to use that even first-time users who dona€™t have knowledge in Tarot reading can learn the basics by using the app frequently. Once the cards are laid down, you can then decipher your fate by selecting the cards and reading the descriptions. With Palmistry Palm Reading, you can instantly decipher the hidden clues on your palms using the appa€™s detailed instructions. Below each illustration, you can find the date which that Zodiac sign corresponds to and the traits that are greatly dominant in that sign.
The app also supports widgets for easy access and even have a love prediction for those of you who want to know your future romance. The app also supports different themes, if you feel that the standard color is quite boring for your tastes. Love and Romance Horoscope is one of the most sought-after applications on the Google Play Store as it specifically caters to a person’s love interest. In terms of graphical interface, the app has a minimalist feel and is light enough at less than a megabyte.

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