Kabbalah is a Hebrew term and Kabbalah (Mazal) astrology has its basis on this Jewish form of astrology. The title of Dan Brown's new book has been revealed after a 'puzzle' was completed by fans just hours after being posted to social media. The title – Inferno – was revealed soon after the announcement by readers, who had been invited to use social media posts to help expose a digital mosaic. Select your preferred way to display the comments and click "Save settings" to activate your changes.
More Secrets Nice catch on the publication date, I'm interested to see how that factors in. You’re preaching to the choir, Langdon thought, having learned the lesson firsthand in Paris a number of years back. Magic Circles So, here is something that I've been thinking about for a while, but haven't quite come to a conclusion on. Tarty doesn't ring any bells for me but sect sounds like part of a mathematical term, like intersection. More on Fibonacci You can also get to the Fibonacci clip by typing in the list of numbers provided on the page. The Pythagoras Clip Probably not a necessary piece of information, but FYI: the video shown in response to the Pythagoras answer, with Dan coming out of a 'secret door', is (I'm pretty sure) taken in the museum of Palazzo Vecchio. The history of the Medici's obviously holds plenty of possible content for a Dan Brown novel, given their importance to the Renaissance and involvement with collecting historical texts, including those on Hermeticism.
The photos I have begun to save and start to identify the photos posted to Dan Brown's Facebook page. Poor code This just seems to be poor code (of the computer program type, not the hiding secrets type).
TARTY SECT TARTY SECT = TETRACTYS (a triangle of 10 points arranged equidistantly) the concept is attributed to Pythagoras. The cover codes Not sure if you guys have had a look at the cover of Inferno yet - but there appears to be a code within the 9 circles. The Seven Clues The pictures in DB's Facebook Album, I believe, just simply represents the numbers 1 through 7 (perhaps for the Seven Deadly Sins in Inferno). Some interconnections Beginning with five, every other Fibonacci number is the hypotenuse of a right triangle with sides of integral length.
The basic definitions of trigonometry flow from the lengths of the sides of a right triangle whose hypotenuse corresponds to one of the radii of a unit circle. The Fibonacci series, the Pythagorean Theorem, and the geometry of circles are very much interconnected.
The nine letters I read them the same as Greg and agree that they have an Italian feel to them, although I don't know the language at all. Excerpt from finale Langdon looked down at the makeshift tourniquet binding the knife wound in his left leg. Ralph, can you explain how Ralph, can you explain how you got the idea of using the O twice? Using the extra O is still, as you say, somewhat arbitrary, and I'm not sure this is correct, but it feels right to me. I wrote the imaginary excerpt myself partly for fun, but also to make the point that if the solution to the cover art is correct, it could nicely fit with Brown's writing style. One more clue Greg noted early on that the nine letters are arrayed directly opposite the first nine Roman numerals, yielding a one-to-one correspondence between the letters and the numbers.
Pythagorean triples and the calendar A Pythagorean triple consists of three positive integers that satisfy the equation of the Pythagorean theorem. Interestingly, but probably coincidentally, the second one precedes the publication date by 2 days.
Tarty sect TARTY SECT is an anagram for Tetractys which is a triangular figure consisting of ten points arranged in four rows: one, two, three, and four points in each row, which is the geometrical representation of the fourth triangular number.
Medallion Letters CATROCCA regular cryptogram to TESORETTO, a work by Brunetto Latini.
Wonder whether clues in the novel might help readers to figure this out using Alberti's cipher disk or similar?
But what is significant enough about it to land it front and centre of the cover of the new book? It is possible, if we are dealing with a master craftsman, that the nine letter code was designed to lead in more than one direction. Finally, recall that the clues on Brown's recent books hinted at themes from the book to follow.
Not as tough as it appears I was still pursuing all avenues until the latest "Monday Masterpiece" image was posted.
I had guessed that it was likely some sort of substitution cipher for an Italian word, given the double consonant near the end followed by a vowel, and the overall cadences of the entire word. Quote:In Inferno Dante refers to Latini and his words in one translation follow (beg line 79).
So are you thinking there will be a link here with the sacred feminine and the fidele d'amour, and Latini as being some sort of initiate in that sense ("thou didst teach me the way for man to win eternity")?
A Second Possibility There is a second possibility for the significance of Tesoretto, one which I should have thought of immediately because I wrote about it in Inside Dan Brown's Inferno: the Tesoretto of Cosimo 1, the secret room in Palazzo Vecchio that Dan Brown is emerging from in the video on his website. The path from the Pallazo Vecchio across the river by means of the Vasari Corridor is anything but a secret. Langdon discovers a secret route from the Palazzo Vecchio to the Forte de Belvedere that goes UNDER the river by means of an elaborate system of tunnels. Sacred Feminine Yes, the Sacred Feminine pretty much has to be there to keep in context with the Langdon series. 2.)-- Someone who believes Dante either did not die, or was somehow ressurected, which is why his remains went missing for some time (maybe the remains now in Dante's Ravenna tomb aren't Dante?). 3.)--It might be a bit of a reach and difficult to keep this plot-line animated, but it could be geo-political.
4.)--There could also be a pre-Christian ritual that is believed will lift an initiate into the immortal pantheon of the gods. The things in common to all three are likely the divination of "exact time" and "exact location" for which I suspect Inferno will be the instruction manual.

Metatron's Cube The image at the bottom of Brown's website would be a great starting point for creating a maze. 1) You have to move from start to finish (bottom circle to top circle) in exactly ten moves, without entering the same circle twice. If you calculate the number of potential paths (start and finish fixed, 11 other intervening circles to pick from), there are 55 possible routes, so you probably wouldn't want to guess your way through.
The Secret Door Video Does anybody have any idea what the woman says as an answer to the question "Is there another room behind this ?".
We must also note that the woman says, 'Yes' and she also says,'But its not like this one.' Is that a possible hint that there is a secret page on the site, not like the rest of the site.
The word PI can be seen one letter in starting from the beginning or the end of the letter string. One more hidden PI It was pointed out early on that the sentence "Symbols are very adept at hiding the truth" was modified from its original version, which had 37 letters, rather than the current 35, which is the product of two prime numbers, 5 and 7. Either way, PI is hidden as close to the centers of the letter arrays as you can get it, read vertically.
Italian Translation I've just compared the english verson of the prologue and the first chapter with the italian translation by Mondadori editor, to seek something interesting. 1) The word on the medallion in the front cover has 10 letters (instead of 9) with 2 letter in the outer circle, and the word has changed in: CATROVACER. 3) CATROACCR has really only one mono-alphabetic translitteration into TESORETTO (I checked it with 245000 italian word list), but it seems that this reference was omitted in the italian cover.
Pythagoras redux I don't speak Italian, but when I went to the on-line translators, the variation on TROVA that was most frequently displayed was TROVARE. It only seems fair that the Italians get their own puzzle given that the story largely takes place in their country.
CERCA-TROVA Is the enigmatic clue left in a renaissance fresco in the room called "Hall of Five Hundred" in Palazzo Vecchio, Firenze. The phrase is written in white ink over a green flag that cannot be easily seen by a viewer on the floor level because it is located in the upper side of the paint. Some researcher told us that the enigmatic phrase may hide a secret cavity in the wall with a lost work by Leonardo (so called "The Lost Leonardo"). CATROVA(CE)R If you look better the inner circles, the "c" and the "e" are clearly different. In general it seems strange to me that the italian translators had wanted to change the secret code in the front cover, but they do it. Lets' consider also the fact that behind the sud-est wall of the Hall, on which there's the fresco with the enigmatic words "CERCA-TROVA" there's the secret room called "Tesoretto". Kabbalah Astrology provides us with a logical, rational, credible and scientific understanding of God. Brown's code-solving historical investigator Robert Langdon will return in the new novel, Inferno, set to be released on May 14. Bit hard to tell by the way the code entry section is designed if progress is being made towards an endpoint, or if there's just a few ciphers to crack for the fun of it. I was wondering why I kept entering the phrase into search engines varying between "are" and "can be" - was cranky at myself for not being precise.
The narrator (I hope it isn't Dan Brown) is incorrect about the Golden Ratio being the quotient of every element in the sequence and the element that precedes it. More specifically, in the Studiolo of Francesco I de Medici, "a very sophisticated treasure chest “of rare and precious things”, with a secret entrance to the Tesoretto ("little treasure") of his father Cosimo I. It's the shield of Castille-Leon, but the addition of the double-headed eagle points to Toledo. I threw in a few other array-manipulation statements like push, pop and so on and they all resulted the same.
Interesting that 'tetractys' gives the same video response as 'pythagoras' as well - a great play on words that also works as an anagram. Opposite the Roman numerals 1 through IX are nine letters, which I make out as 'catroaccr'. The double 'c', the a's and o's - I feel like there's an Italian word that might be made out of this with some anagram permutations.
I figured out ROCCA but got stuck at that point, unsure what to do with the final 4 letters. Secondly, if you read about Dante's Inferno in Wikipedia, the numerical format for the work is actually 9 + 1. Unless it's just one of a few codes that they've set for readers, that have no major signficance for the storyline, but are once again part of a competition.
At first glance it would be difficult to create a meaningful letter-substitution cryptogram out of a single string of only nine letters, but the fact that one letter appears three times and two more appear twice make your idea very plausible. We now have two possible alternatives (I like yours better), and how cool would it be to have not just two, but three separate sub-puzzles flowing from a mere nine letters? The three parts of the Divine Comedy, Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso, start with the letters I and P. Going back to the Lost Symbol cover, someone commented somewhere on this website that the clues could be integrated into a single final symbol, a 3x3 grid. And I noticed the posted image of Canto XV, but Latini and Tesoretto certainly didn't jump to the forefront of my mind! This perhaps might make more sense, as a likely prime location in the next book - although Latini's work has perhaps more direct links to Dante and the Inferno.
It's not hard to imagine a moment in the story when Langdon incorrectly starts out with Interpretation A (he goes to the library) and suddenly realizes it was Interpretation B (the little room in the Pallazo Vecchio) all along. To provide an added layer of security, this system was laid out in the form of a maze, with multiple blind alleys.
Imagine needing to get from the bottom circle to the top circle, but having to know the correct sequence of intervening circles to traverse.
Ordo ab chao begins and ends with an O and the quote from Job is related to the discovery of a dead end.
Maybe this was a clue to look for PI going backwards and forwards somewhere, for example, with the publication date. It seems simply: CERCA-TROVA, that is a reference to the woman's word "seek and find" ("cerca e troverai" in the italian version).

It is a Pythagorean prime: it is both a prime number as well as the sum of two squares (12 and 13). Interestingly, you can get it from the original string by removing the last three letters and reattaching them to the front. Thought "Ordo ab Chao" would be a cinch, but the translated phrase doesn't result in success.
I'm guessing that's the "tarty sect" with a Pythagorean triangle beside it (tart = pie), though strictly you'd think the answer should be "Pythagoreans", not "Pythagoras". For consistency it made sense to me to just type in the name of the corresponding mathematician. Arranging the letters in a V and using the O twice just seems so arbitrary, I wonder what gave you that idea. Finally, if you look at the images of fragments of the cover art on Brown's Facebook page (they were on his website earlier) one of them is a close up of the left hand portion of the letter W in his name. Well, the immediate significance is easy - the author of Tesoretto, Latini, was Dante's guardian and mentor after the death of his father, and Dante placed him in the circle of hell with the sodomites in his Inferno (though not in a nasty way - he shows great respect and compassion for him when he comes across him). The tie-in with Dante and Florence, as Greg describes, also lends very strong support to it.
I is the ninth letter of the alphabet, and P is the sixteenth, corresponding to the two sides of the most famous right triangle (3 squared plus four squared equals 5 squared). You undersell your talents, you've made a brilliant leap there from a few minor clues and hunches to a fantastic decoding job.
If you take a wrong turn, and your torch burns out, you will be effectively buried alive, in the dark, beneath the inky waters of the Arno.
Finally, the street medallion was one of a series of circular "stepping stones" leading to a goal. As I mention in Inside Dan Brown's Inferno, the hidden room that Dan Brown is emerging from (more properly, he's emerging from the stairwell - the actual room is up a flight of stairs) is the Tesorotto ('Little Treasure') of Cosimo I de Medici, which was a private room and storehouse for a number of his most treasured possessions (found within Palazzo Vecchio in Florence). Chokmah reflects the masculine side of our personality and as such is referred to as the 'cosmic father' at times. Interesting also that cipher's video isn't like the other two, which are more instructional about the code word entered. But not sure what cipher system would be used that would have those 3 letters not encoded, but the others 'shifted' by varying amounts. 3x3, along with the Masonic 33 tie-in, once again corresponds to one side of a 3-4-5 triangle, but also yields nine, thus tying in to the Inferno, and the Pythagorean Theorem figured prominently on Brown's website for the new book. 6) represents "sacred"--the Metatron is part of Sacred Geometry and the Bible of course is. The grid idea also brings to mind Cartesian coordinate systems, which also circle back to Pythagoras. The key to picking all the right turns will naturally be some mathematical formula, probably based on the Fibonacci series, the Pythagorean Theorem, or both. Th video is dark and hazy, so I am guessing the intention was to blur whatever hint is hidden in it. Tesoretto is the name used for Cosimo's little treasure room at the end of the secret passage Brown uses in one of the videos. The sephira reflects our ability to analyze things while making vital decisions and choices and is ruled over by the Guardian angel Raziel. He also understands that one key to a good puzzle is that it is neither to easy or too hard. Finally, if you stare at the cover one more time, the medallion is comprised of a series of concentric circles, which looks very much like one of those maze puzzles you might have played with (either with a pencil or a little silver ball) when you were a kid. Speaking from an astrological perspective, the position occupied by the Chokmah is ruled over by the planet Uranus which in turn reflects the inner aspects of human beings. The energy of Chokmah can be used in looking into the vital aspects of our lives.About Your ArchangelAlso referred to as the 'Secret God' or the 'Angel of Mysteries', Raziel is the archangel of Chokmah. His head swam as he gazed down on the glistening lights of the beautiful city as evening fell. He is the angel of knowledge and is often positioned as the patron of the first human being on Earth. Raziel is the famous author of the well-known book 'The Book of the Angel Raziel', which contains all the earthly and celestial knowledge. The last of the three was connected to the Palazzo Vecchio, now the town hall of Florence, by means of an assortment of paths and tunnels, some of which were likely to have been sealed and forgotten for centuries.
The huge structure was originally designed as a palace, but its crenellated battlements created the appearance of a giant fortress. It reveals all the positive results that are achieved through our thoughts, emotions and actions. The sephira reflects our money matters, our wealth and also the areas of prosperity and is ruled over by the Guardian angel Tzadqiel. Speaking from an astrological perspective, the position occupied by the Chesed is ruled over by the planet Jupiter which in turn denotes the areas of wealth, prosperity and opportunity. The energy of Chesed can be used to attain what we want from life.About Your ArchangelArchangel Tzadqiel means 'Righteousness of God'. Whenever you will find yourself in some kind of difficulty and you need help, Archangel Tzadqiel will be there by your side to help you out of the situation. As long as you have the desire and the potentiality to learn and acquire knowledge, Tzadqiel will never let you divert your route from the path of Righteousness, although it is not a very easy path to be followed.
It reflects the way followed by the great spiritual masters so as to facilitate their attachment with the spiritual world.
Also known as the 'Ocean of Wisdom', this path is a highly innovative path for those who try to unify all things.

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