As many of my readers may remember, Solar Eclipses (new Moon) and Lunar Eclipses (Full Moon) always occur in pairs.
We are about to have two very significant astronomical events which are occurring within one day of each other.
We have just experienced a total lunar eclipse that was unusual in both its length and strength.
It is rare when three significant astrological transits occur at nearly the same time, any one of which is likely to be important, but that is exactly what will happening between December 19 and 21 of 2010. Every six months the dance between the Sun, Moon and the Earth causes two eclipses – the Solar and Lunar eclipse.
What happens during a Lunar Eclipse is that the Earth lies exactly between the Sun and Moon, which casts a shadow over the Moon. Although you will be reading this newsletter after the New Year, marking the beginning of 2010 (I’ve heard one should pronounce it Twenty Ten), it is being written a few hours after the Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) on December 31, 2009. At 5:55pm PDST, Wednesday August 5th, 2009, we will have a Lunar eclipse (Full Moon) that marks the last one in this series that began at the previous Full Moon on July 7th. Every six months or so, we always experience a Lunar (Full Moon) and Solar (New Moon) eclipse. I spoke about my vision of astrological counseling and my general views of how astrology is being practiced today.

By the way, it is considered to be a Blue Moon (meaning that there are two Full Moons this month), but as far as I know that fact has no astrological significance.
They occur within two weeks of each other although sometimes the Lunar eclipse is first while at other times the Solar eclipse is. In this case, we had a Solar Eclipse on November 13th which is about to be followed by a Lunar Eclipse on November 28th, 2012.
19 at 5:23pm PST, there will be the Inferior Conjunction between the Sun and Mercury at 28° Sagittarius. On Saturday morning at 4:30am PDST, June 26, 2010 we will have a very powerful Lunar eclipse at 4° of Cancer (the Sun) and 4°Capricorn (the Moon).
We are about to enter an unusual phase where there will be three eclipses running in succession.
The key to understanding a Lunar Eclipse is to note that it affects our emotions and subconscious attitudes most of all. Because this is the last one of a series, it’s likely to occasion a finishing up of what has been set into motion over the last 6-week period.
The first of the series is the Lunar eclipse occurring on Tuesday, July 7th, at 2:21am PDST near 15 deg. Because of these factors, this eclipse is much stronger than most, which means that those of you who have planets or angles in aspect to the eclipse are likely to be quite affected by this particular one.

Lunar eclipses do often create emotionally turbulent periods that can bring cathartic relief in their wake. I want to deal with these one by one, but as you read, I hope you will do your best to imagine that they are all happening basically at the same time. This one might do something similar, but that will depend on how much a person has been dealing consciously with the myriad of forces that have been emerging so far. The next Eclipse is a very strong Total Solar Eclipse on Tuesday, July 21st, at 7:35pm at 29 deg.
It is so rare that these two astronomical events haven’t occurred together in 456 years.
They are all going to affect us in some way, though the people who will be affected the most will be those whose charts are aligned with where these three transits are occurring.

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