I have gotten bored of filling in my brows with shadow, so I decided to try something new and go with a pencil.
I really enjoy using this product, it produces a nice effect while being super easy to use. La entrada de hoy es una resena del lapiz High Brow de BENEFIT Cosmetics en el tono "Linen Pink". El tono en el que se presenta, "Linen Pink", es un rosa palido ligeramente perlado, pero basicamente mate. Today's blog post is a review of BENEFIT Cosmetics High Brow Pencil in the shade "Linen Pink".

During Shoppers Drugmart's double points redemption, or whatever it is called, I picked up Benefit's Instant Brow Pencil which usually retails for $25 and can also be found at Sephora.
El lapiz, mas grueso que los lapices de ojos habituales, tiene una textura cremosa y su consistencia hace que ademas de iluminar, corrija levemente las irregularidades en tono de esa pequena parte del rostro que tenemos bajo la ceja.
It is a pencil created to highlight the eyebrow bone, just under the brow arch, in order to clear the area and make our eye makeup look cleaner and brighter.
This pencil, thicker than our usual eye pencils, has a creamy texture and its concealer-like consistency makes it also perfect to correct the uneveness in tone we may have in that area under the eyebrow. It also makes the color easily blendable so it is not just dark lines of brown pencil in my brows.

It is great for shaping my unruly brow hair and also blending the color into a nice natural look.
Especially when my natural color returns as I grow out my hair (even though it will still be too dark).
It is said it has a lifting effect, and that is precisely because of the optical effect it produces when we apply it only in that tiny space, making it look optically higher, and brightening our look.

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