A study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found that older people who read regularly are two and a half times less likely to have Alzheimer’s. Whether or not you’re aware of it, reading fills your head with new information, and you never know when it will come in handy… Looking at you, Colonel Meow.
A study by the National Endowment for the Arts found that people who regularly read are much more likely to be engaged civically and culturally. When you read, it transports you and your worried mind to another place, so you won’t feel so overwhelmed with the hardships of everyday life.
According to Cristel Russell, a consumer behavior researcher at American University, reading a book—much like listening to a song, or watching a movie—can be a way to relive past experiences and gain new perspective. So, if you’re going through a breakup and read a book in which the characters are experiencing something similar, it can give you insight.
Every time you read, you create a new memory of what you’ve read—essentially exercising your memory muscles. A study at the University of California, Riverside, found that when you’re exposed to a great novel, the writing of that author will inevitably rub off on your own skills. A study done at the University of Buffalo proved that even though fiction is about an imaginary world, through reading you’re able to conceive of other possibilities, and a life beyond your own insular one. In other words, you may never have traveled to Europe, but by reading about a culture other than your own it helps you to understand their way of life.
Honor Wilson-Fletcher, Director for the National Year of Reading, said that reading “opens doors and makes life easier, so at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what you read.
Tiany Davis is the owner of The Homeschool Lounge, a private community for homeschool moms. Helping your children become avid readers is one of the most important things that you can do to help them succeed. There's nothing I love more than seeing my son lost in adventures between the pages of a book, to see him go back to a book, day after day to learn what happens next. Books take us to places we can only dream about, we find new friends in characters that we grow to love. Once your child can sit still for 20 minutes of read-aloud time and understand what was read, you can slowly introduce him to read-aloud chapter books. Once your child has transitioned from beginning readers to more advanced readers, she will more than likely be ready to explore the world of chapter books. To combat the frustration difficult words bring my sons, we created a game with an ongoing list of new words they learn.
At-Risk.org has been compiled as a resource for parents and the general public in search of information about at-risk youth. A good book can be your best friend in need always available to you and with all the answers that you need.

Having a good book near can save your time when you need urgent answers on a specific problem. Reading books about parenting teenagers before your kids actually become teens can prepare you for the difficult time that is to come, according to many Maine parents.
It is a good idea to have parenting books written by psychologists and pediatricians in your house and read them from time to time, even several times. Books written by nutrition experts can help you feed your children healthy and we don’t need to tell you how this is important for development of a young person. Disciplining your child can be some of the topics you will read in parenting books, and there are hundreds of them, as this is detailed subject, in which many parents need help. While that doesn’t mean reading alone will prevent Alzheimer’s, it does suggest that there’s a correlation between intellectual pursuits, like reading, and prevention.
Cunningham wrote a paper called, “What Reading Does For The Mind,” and discovered that being an avid reader actually does make you smarter. And a 2009 study found that reading for just six minutes can reduce stress levels up to 68%.
With each new memory, your brain forges new synapses, strengthens existing ones, and helps to keep your memory sharp. So, keep your nose in a book and you’ll have people falling over themselves to try and distract you! The more you read, the better you’re able to spot patterns, which helps to build those analytical thinking skills. In that way, it helps you to empathize with other people and connect with different cultures. She juggles many hats as a wife, homeschool mom to four boys, mom-preneur and social good advocate. Whether you are a homeschool family or not, your children can benefit tremendously from reading chapter books at home. Introducing children to chapter books at an early age can nurture a love of reading and help children on the road to becoming avid readers.
Make reading fun, use various character voices as you read and discuss the pictures on the pages. Instead of feeling frustrated when coming upon a word they cannot pronounce or do not know the meaning of, they are excited to find a new word to add to our word wall. Bedtime read-alouds will become something your children look forward to, a memorable part of their childhood. Spending time with a book can be much more worth then spending time in front of a TV, especially if you are educating yourself on subjects that really mater to you, like parenting children. There are other parenting resources that can be helpful (like magazines or internet), but one parenting book can have many chapters related to one topic on one place, making it easy for you to find what you need.

If you prepare yourself on time, you will be much more successful in the job of teen parenting. It is very important that parents learn how to recognize symptoms of sickness so they can treat it on time. This way you will remind your self what good parenting is, keeping relationship with your child on a healthy level. It is possible that your children become troubled in teen age but you can prevent this with proper discipline. Take a book written by acknowledged professional, do not just pick the one with catchy title, but will not help you. It not only helps you retain information, but also helps you maintain that knowledge through old age. And since all of us need to use words at some point in our careers, reading makes it more likely that you’ll be promoted faster. Reading aloud to your child helps with listening and comprehension skills, helps build his vocabulary, improves memory skills and teaches life lessons through discussion.
Take advantage of the precious time you have with your children, enjoy good books, start great discussions and let their imaginations soar. The Works Cited page of this site will reference any at-risk youth resources that were used to compile the content for this site.
Beside illness symptoms, there are also symptoms of substance abuse and other troubles teens may cause. Having regular family meals is important for children both in nutritional way and it is an important part of positive child discipline.
While chapter books have many benefits, they should by no means replace picture books; picture books are just as important as they help children master visual literacy.
Be prepared, there will be bumps in the road — your child will encounter times of frustration, be sure not to push too quickly. Teenage problems in Maine are various these days, and parents should try to learn at least a bit of all of them.
Allowing your child to read chapter books out loud to you or a sibling will make a world of difference.

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