However, it has also been the subject of some harsh criticism with experts often accusing Apple of having put a heavy emphasis on the looks and feel of the app at the cost of functionality and usability.
That said, there are several pluses with the iBook application, which can be used to read ePub and PDF files. The Bluefire Reader is one of the best independent ebook reading apps for the iPad, with its biggest selling point being that it uses the Adobe Digital Editions DRM platform. The Bluefire Reader also offers the usual customization options such as font sizes, line spacing, color schemes, and so on. Kobo is the third of the big trio (Amazon and B&N being the other two) that offers an opening to the vast Kobo ebook store via its Kobo app on the iPad. Google Books is the newest addition to the reader apps available for the iPad and comprises of no less than 3 million ebooks.
Another nice aspect of the Google Book app is the night reading mode, which presents the text in inverted white letters against a black background. What makes the Google Book app different from the others is its heavy dependence on cloud connectivity. Stanza is also tied to a range of booksellers such as Feedbooks, Random House, Harlequin, Project Gutenberg, Munseys, BookGlutton, Mutopia, and PanMacmillan, from which users can source their ebook requirements. Best android ink ebook readers – android ereaders list, This official kobo message demanding large android ebook reader:” tablets largest ereading devices ereader.
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Apple has devoted significant resources to ensure ebook reading on the iPad is a pleasant affair.

This is hardly surprising, considering the app is best integrated for the iPad, which means there is no requirement of any external software to read books.
So while the app looks great and page turns almost look like a real book, users have often complained about the inability to maximize the ebook experience to make the most of available screen space and so on. Books can be obtained not only from the Apple iStore, but also from Project Guntenberg or any of the user’s own ePub or PDF files. What this means is that the Bluefire app can be used to read DRM-protected PDF and ePub ebooks that you might have purchased from independent ebook retailers.
However, with the demographic change that the entire ebook segment has gone through, Amazon has found itself to be in direct competition with Apple.
What makes the Nook app all the better is that it offers more customization options than other paid content readers.
Also, just like the Kindle or Nook apps, the Kobo app is tied to the Kobo ebook store and won’t respond to any other ebooks downloaded from any other source. Apart from providing for a nice reading experience, the Google Book app boasts of some unique qualities, such as VoiceOver support or offline reading. The seven different typefaces along with a wide variety of text sizes further enhances the night mode reading experience.
He brings a international approach to news that is not just applicable to the North American market, but also Asia, India, Europe and others.
Well, recent surveys showed that people are interested to read books, except that they are not ready to carry them around. Presented below are a few apps that vie for consumer attention rated for ease of use, depth of content, and overall experience. Also, with the iBook Store just a tap or two away, you will never find yourself lacking a good e-book to read.
Readability is excellent, which is enhanced further with the Retina Display in the new iPad 3. So the best thing Amazon can do is develop a Kindle app for iOS, which will allow iPad users to browse over 1,000,000 ebooks that Amazon hosts. Another interesting feature with Google Books is that many of the volumes from the Google bookstore are actually scanned copies of the actual literature, which means users will get to see the original form of the literature, including the typesetting and illustrations wherever present.
Instead, they will be loaded into cloud storage directly from the internet and as a result is very network intensive. What adds to the app’s appeal is that it is compliant with a range of ebook formats, including Mobipocket, PalmDoc (DOC), Microsoft LIT, HTML, PDF, Microsoft Word, and Rich Text Format (RTF).

Sovy brings his own writing flavor to the website and is interested in Science Fiction, Technology and Writing. And for those, who are forgetful and don’t put the book they are reading in their handbag everyday, the habit of reading gradually fades out.
Also, as is usually the case, the app is heavily dependent on the Amazon ebook store, but that shouldn’t be a problem for those who have already invested substantially in the Amazon ecosystem. On the flip side, users may not get to see the book in its entirety as a page may be shown to be warped depending on how the pages were treated on the scanning device. Searching by keyword is still not an option and until that happens, searching by title is the only options for users. Users also have the option to pen down notes for specific passages for research and later reference. These are in addition to the usual reader app preferences such as notes, highlights, bookmarks, searching within the book, sync last page read, dictionary look-up, and such. However, for the more important titles, Google also offers the regular ebook mode that will offer them in proper ebook format. These ebooks are basically digital versions of a regular book, making it easier for people to continue reading their favorite things on computers, tablets and phones.In the Android Market, there are quite a few e-book readers available now. Here are some of the best in the lot.Google Play BooksThe Google Play Books app allows readers to access more than three million free ebooks by Google. There is also a free trial for a few magazines available with this app.Aldiko Book ReaderAldiko Book Reader is a paid app, which gives users the flexibility to search for new books easily on the online store that consists of very impressive titles, ranging from bestsellers to classics. For the books that one is currently reading, the user can access them directly from the home screen.The ebooks on this app too can be organized into a digital library, and one can customize the reading experience by adjusting the font, line spacing etc. The built-in dictionary tool is an added advantage, as it helps users to get the meaning of any word, when they click on it while reading an eBook.Kindle for AndroidWhy spend money on Amazon Kindle when the Kindle app is available for free over Android phones?
It has a built-in text-to-speech function, along with 21 different kinds of operations that can be customized by the readers.
There is also a reading status bar on the app, and one can easily manage reading history, notes, bookmarks etc.In the recent times, more apps have come up, but most of them revolve around the same kinds of functions that the existent apps offer.
He writes articles regarding Mobiles, Tech, Gadgets, Games, Web Applications, Social Media and much more.

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