The Judeo-Christian religions were founded in a region of the world where savior religions existed for thousands of years. The concept of numerology demonstrates that everything in the universe vibrates as its own frequency. In a 1985 People magazine story, one wife of an afflicted veteran complained that her 14-year-old wheelchair-bound daughter suffered birth defects due to Agent Orange, and the settlement left her out. This chart shows most popular birth months based on state public health data about more than 750,000 people born in Massachusetts between 2005 and 2014. Astrology readings of Narendra Modi Horoscope clearly depict the resemblance of his life with the planetary placement in his birth chart. An astrology birth chart (also called a natal chart) and interpretation shows someone's unique personality within a few hours. Whether for yourself or someone else, for many people they offer the first glimpse of the power of real astrology. A birth chart (natal chart) is a written representation of the planets at the exact time and location of a persons birth, literally putting that person at the center of the solar system, and calculating where everything else is. A precise birth time is required for some elements of the interpretation, so it's worth noting that reputable astrologers will typically offer a reduced size report if your birth time is unknown. I offer birth charts and interpretations for one person in my Understand Yourself packages, and for couples together as part of my Compatibility Reports. Are we compatible?Find out what astrology has to say about your unique partner and relationship beyond just sun signs.
Astrology and seductionBy understanding someone and how they view things it's easy to make yourself more attractive to them. Online relationshipsExplore hidden factors such as physical attraction so you can see the whole picture of your relationship. Get your ex backAvoid arguments before they start and turn your differences into strengths. Relationship ebooksFrom naughty to nice, my reviews of ebooks on dating, love, sex and more. Thank you for visiting Complicated Birth Chart Astrology, we hope you can find what you need here.
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First of all, no one can deny the contribution and great influence that Pythagoras had on science, mathematics and geometry.
Many theories of Pythagoras later became the foundation of the modern Numerology and gave meaning to numbers.
According to Numerology every number has its own meaning – Each number has its own vibration just like notes in music.

At birth people receive a set of qualities and knowing these qualities can really help to discover and reach your full potential as well as see person’s strong areas that should be developed and which are weak points that should be given proper attention. Here is a story of our consciousness evolution described through meaning of Numerology numbers. Many people use Numerology for predictions, however it is very important to remember that even though we all have an element of destiny in our life – Numerology reading can only help you to discover the potential that you were given, but your free will (which is sacred) brought you to the point of where you are in your life.
Originally from Ukraine, Dmitriy (aka Life Script Doctor) has studied new spiritual science Infosomatics and how the human brain together with the human heart interact with the higher levels of consciousness.
See Table of Contents for further available material (downloadable resources) on Birth Chart. You find the vibration rate of any object and you can link the qualities and positive energies linked to it. She made her debut into the Egyptian pantheon in pyramid inscriptions, in a magical text destined to allow the king to ascend into the sky.
They also make a unique and thought provoking gift, especially for those skeptical of whether astrology works!
There are many types and styles of natal chart, however the general principle and goal is the same.
The interpretation of the chart however takes time, skill and experience, and the quality and accuracy of interpretations can vary enormously.
Just for your information, Complicated Birth Chart Astrology located in Astrological Birth category and this post was created on October 10, 2014.
Just for your information, Novice Astrological Birth Chart located in Astrological Birth category and this post was created on August 9, 2014. We all learn a theorem with his name in school – “square of hypotenuse equals the sum of squares of the other two sides in the right triangle”. He was one of the first spiritual scientists who connected the cosmic music of vibrations with Numerology. The conceptual qualities behind numbers in Numerology can help us find meaning in the mission of a human soul, describe person’s qualities and show us why some people have it easy in life while other struggle in certain areas. Numerology gives many keys to better understanding of how things really work and can help you open many doors in personal and professional relationships. To understand the symbolism of numbers in this story you need to know that horizontal lines represent attachment, curved lines represent the energy of love and the cross of lines represent the choice or challenge of making that choice.
The horizontal line on top symbolizes that enlightened human is attached to the sky (the Spirit) the bottom curved lines shows that this human has love towards the Earth. It is attached to the Sky (the spiritual world) and materializes its creativity through a channel at a certain angle. If you lived your life within the mission of you higher self, then you most likely got sick much less than others, you have been successful in what you do in life and have fulfilling and evolving personal relationships.

Just as the Saxon Eostra (or whatever spelling catches your fancy) lent her rabbit and name in English to Pasch. It allows you to learn a lot, without adding potentially inaccurate information due to an imprecise birth time etc.
However, not many people know that Pythagoras was also a philosopher, mystic and the forefather of Numerology.
Pythagoras had nothing against the Greek Gods that were very popular at that time, but he was one of the first who introduced the idea of one God and that purpose of human life is to let divine into your heart. According to this concept of harmony everything in Universe is in balance and unity – everything and everyone is playing their unique and important part in the one great vibrational chorus.
Pythagoras established that Numerology Number Meanings lie in the foundation of all that exists in our Universe.
Since everything in our world has its own vibrational frequency the character and qualities of our soul are greatly influenced by the vibration of the date that we are born. Numerology together with other very effective tools like pondermotor writing technique can also be used to find true causes of problems with health so then Infosomatic (visualization) techniques can be used to resolve those issues with your physical body. Bottom horizontal line indicates that plants are attached to earth and can’t move, the curved line on top shows us that plants love the sun and light. And if you made certain mistakes in your life and made very bad investment decisions, there is still a chance to get back the energy that you have lost. You are destined to grow in the process of this unfolding and we are here to give homage along your way.
Don't forget to share this picture with others via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or other social media! Everything in the world, living and non living, men and women follow the laws of vibrations and can be described in numbers. Vibrations of our personality and thoughts always interact and resonate with the vibrations of time and space.
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