000000Texting has quickly overshadowed traditional calling among mobile phone users, but what do adults really prefer – calling or texting? It is nearly impossible to walk down the street, glance around in a restaurant, or people watch from a park bench, without seeing countless individuals pecking away at their smartphone screens. So to answer the question simply, adults today generally prefer texting versus calling if you factor in the number of text messages sent and received per month versus the number of calls sent and received. As texting has quickly become the primary communication method among most age groups today, it is important to realize that different age groups approach text messaging in different ways.
On top of this, T-Mobile is announcing a special partnership with Gogo which lets customers send in-flight messages -- SMS and MMS -- using the plane's WiFi network. Finally, T-Mo revealed that it wants to loan out branded wireless routers for free to any customer who wants it (and is willing to pay a $25 deposit, which you'll receive as soon as you return the equipment).
Culver City, CA - The Los Angeles School of Gymnastics will open its doors Sunday May 19th, from 1-3pm for the school's annual summer Camp Open House.
The 2013 Summer Camp program, which will run from June 10th - Aug 30th, is the perfect answer for children's need for structured activities during those long summer months. At the largest gymnastics facility in California, campers can use three 3,000 foot spring floors, full-size trampolines, multiple beam bars stations, spotting belts and the foam filled pit to guarantee their endless energy can be directed somewhere else other than the computer screen.
A Happy New Year Gift to you and your family: you must download Viber a free International calling and texting app for family travel!
Luckily,  during our Grand Cayman trip, friends who are frequent international travelers and have college aged children abroad  introduced us to Viber a free international calling & texting app for family travel.
Suzanna Keith is an experienced marketing professional who believes in leveraging revolutionary insights and ideas to grow extraordinary brands. Talk to your friends and stay connected with them through calls, video chats, and instant messages on your iPad. This phenomenon is all too common today, with the average person sending off dozens, if not hundreds of text messages per day.

But the key difference lies in the level of importance that is placed on text messaging among the different age groups.
While kids or young adults tend to use their phones and send text messages to stave off boredom, adults often text with a greater sense of purpose. Speaking in San Francisco -- not in Vegas, where the other carriers are hanging out at CTIA -- CEO John Legere and Friends announced its latest move: Free WiFi calling and texting to all customers and corporate accounts.
You can also access your visual voicemail as well, which means you can at least reply to the sender of that message via text and let them know you'll get back to them after your flight.
Dubbed the T-Mobile Personal CellSpot, the ASUS-made hub is capable of dual-band 802.11ac, along with plenty of other standard router features -- reps stated that it likely has more features than anyone else's router. However, it seems to be cheaper than many of the international plans of the main wireless carriers which could make it helpful during emergencies when traveling.
Her expertise includes researching consumer insights and building on these insights to drive long-term strategic direction in all aspects of brand management. Studies from 2008-2010 concerning cell phone usage among adults seem almost quaint today, as text messaging and traditional calling activities ran nearly neck and neck back then.
Those aged 18-25 generally feel that texting is a completely acceptable form of communication and that it can easily replace the traditional phone call, while those aged 25 to 34, 35 to 49, and 50 and older represent continually decreasing levels of satisfaction with texting as a primary communication method. For adults who currently have a smart phone that operates using either iOS or Android, consider downloading the magicApp today. From here on out, every smartphone the carrier sells will come with the capability, and if you don't have one already, you're eligible to get one through T-Mobile's Jump early upgrade program. Granted, you still don't have the ability to get free data through Gogo, but it'll still be a fantastic chance to stay in constant communication with the ground below you. The idea is for the CellSpot to prioritize your HD WiFi calls while attached to your network; if you're on a call and your significant other turns on Netflix on the other side of the house, your call will no longer be dropped in the name of data use. However, the trick is that the person you are calling must have the app.  This app is a nice complement to Skype because you can text for free while talking.

Just five years later, we are now seeing significantly greater levels of texting among adults versus regular calling – to the tune of more than 2000 texts per month. So while adults certainly send and receive a large number of text messages on a monthly basis, they are more likely to use texting as a tool of convenience versus a primary communication medium. This application enables the user to get a US phone number on their smart phone or tablet, enabling unlimited calls to the US and Canada over 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi. A nice benefit of this feature is a seamless transition from the network's Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) coverage to your WiFi network. This may be the most interesting announcement of the event, since the company has an exclusive multi-year agreement with Gogo (straight from the mouth of CMO Mike Sievert, even), and it feels like it's addressing a major pain point that many of us experience anytime we travel.
Interestingly, the average adult sent and received just 65 text messages per month in 2006. Convenience is the key word here, as adults will often use text messaging to reach their children when they are at school, to communicate during work hours, or to multitask when they are doing something else. Plus text messaging is available through the magicApp – ideally suited to save the user money and deliver incredible convenience.
That number jumped up to 350 text messages per month in 2008, and then skyrocketed to over 2000 per month seven years later. When it comes to multitasking, in fact, a 2013 AAA study indicated that a higher percentage of adults reported using their phones to text while driving versus those aged 19 to 24. Interestingly, Nielsen studies show that text messaging may not decrease in volume very much as the user gets older, but the acceptance of text messaging as a proper form of communication is lower than in younger age brackets.

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