Cancer Horoscope PhasesWhile Aquarius flows with an easy calm, Cancer is like a turbulent river with many rapids. Those that fall under the sign of the capricorn go through life with calm & deliberate actions. Capricorn’s are happiest wearing darker colours, (black, brown, navy or olive green) and enjoy working or living in surroundings where the walls are dark. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and is a sign that tends to make those born under this sign natural leaders. For those born under this sign it is about comfort and familiar surroundings that make them happy. Unlike those born under the Gemini sign Cancers have a love of the past and this is mostly reflected in the comfortable and sometimes cluttered Cancerian home. If you were born under this sign then most likely you love to travel and enjoy the outdoors.
January to December, there are many meanings to the month you were born and more specifically the day. It’s time for you to burry all the hatchets and move in to 2016 with enthusiasm, confidence, optimism, maturity, and success. In terms of your work and career, you will have a lot to explore due to the many changes that are to occur. If you are working as a business owner, then 2016 is the year you should consider introducing a new product or service to your customers. While working for someone else, your career will be in a state of flux as your position can be threatened. Do keep in mind that sudden changes can still occur, keeping a backup plan for all activities would be wise of you to do; Plan B and C, even D will make sure things happen the way you want them to.
There is a high possibility of you meeting your soul mate and there is a lot of love and intimacy waiting for you. 2016 has a lot in store for you my Cancer friend; a beautiful friendship, or a relationship waiting ahead, travel, self-finding, and much more. Erectile dysfunction or menstrual pain will drive a wedge between you and your spouse in 2016 with Ketu’s transit in your eighth house. Just don’t let your forward momentum drive you to cutting corners or not doing the appropriate research.
Be sure that, at work and at home, you are giving as much as you receive in your relationships.
A new relationship isn’t a great idea, but that doesn’t mean a fling on Valentine’s Day is out of the question. Social butterflies will thrive, but single Cancers should avoid taking someone home that they don’t intend to see again. They can be hot tempered one minute and loving the next and friendly humor can be followed by biting sarcasm. Whether a fad in clothing, home furnishings or other this is the sign that will most likely embrace them.
Those under this sign become quickly bored by routine and frequently change jobs, clothes and surroundings. Those born under this sign are extremely precise with a place for everything and have few frills and fantasies. You may not feel like this at the starting of the New Year, your mojo will be a bit low, but later on, magic will happen. All you need to do is follow what you love and believe in, there will be times in the beginning of the year when you will be somewhat dependant on your co-workers to help you get the job done right. You should also consider changing some of the aspects that are present so that creativity can be added. You will feel like your job is at risk during this duration, however, you need to stay calm and continue ahead with mental peace.

If you feel as if obstacles are coming in the way, do not think that the task is not achievable. Internally and emotionally, there have been developments and changes in your life, the relationship that was always idle for you will now change as your perspectives are changing. Since Cancer is a water sign, beaches, tropical islands, and exotic places will be best suited. Selecting a place which is too crowded will take away the opportunity for the both of you to get in to a romantic mood.
With all the changes going on in your life, and your possible involvement in travel and sports, you will need all the rest you can get. Use your newfound self-esteem to charge straight at the obligations that you are answerable for this year.
You may find yourself feeling needy and resentful, and this can leave you in a position to look ungrateful and cold.
Opportunities to be a mentor will stimulate you to be more productive and creative in your career. No one likes to feel that they are the only one working to create a healthy, happy alliance.
You want to do something different or try something new this month to shake up the routine. A sense of self-confidence and excitement will breathe life into new ideas and bring the answers you have been looking for.
It's not that those born under the horoscope sign of Cancer are particularly mean, it's just that their fluidity is centered around emotion.
Best of all Cancers use imagination to solve today or tomorrow’s problems better than any other horoscope sign. The colour which appeals most to those born under this sign is Amber (which is also their gemstone.) Oranges through to fiery reds are also colours that this sign will gravitate towards. Your past will be left behind, including family disputes, professional problems, and all insecurities of the past.
You know you can do it, you are a Cancer, and a Cancerian never gives up, all you need is a little fine-tuning and then you are good to go.
There are two possible reasons behind this; either the company is considering a restricting process or you are not pleased with your company. The fields that will see great success in 2016 are sculpting, cooking, gardening, counseling, coaching, art, acting, entertainment, music, astrology, and similar occupations involving creativity. Remember, clear everything out, are you willing to sacrifice and compromise, is your partner ready, are you on the same page, such questions really matter to make things last longer.
By selecting a seductive location with few or no people, over dinner, you will be able to successfully set the pace, the mood, and you will be able to open up to each other without having to worry about who is surrounding you.
Spend some time at the sea, or on a mountain; the fresh air, change of atmosphere and people will bring the health changes you were looking for. Instead of pushing others away due to faults only you may see, look inward to make sure you aren’t expecting too much from the people who love you.
Things just keep getting better as you bring new ideas into the projects you work on and are rewarded for your efforts. Ambition takes over your brain, and your reputation will thank you for your hard work and dedication. Give a little in disagreements with loved ones, and don’t forget them in your zeal for perfection. They are also very good at coming up with new ideas that can change or even revolutionize the way things are done.
Having good taste and enjoying comfort is key for a Scorpio, they hate any form of deception so you’ll often find pieces chosen for their space that have honesty and purity of design.
You will begin to look at yourself with a completely new perspective and aim for higher goals.

It is normal to feel restless and a bit down during this stage, but it’s okay, you need to tell yourself that you are doing a good job. Important decisions will be taken from mid January until mid of February, and once again in November to December.
There will be a limited number of insecurities and it will be easier to let them know about who you are by portraying it. Nature will do wonders for you, all you need to do is observe it, enjoy it, and re-live those moments that are not coming back.
Instead, center on the blooming feelings of compassion in you and give of yourself to family and friends. Co-workers and managers will be equally eager to help you bring your ideas to fruition quickly and efficiently.
Challenges that may seem insurmountable will, once overcome, bring you closer together with your co-workers and create a bond that you never had before.
However, your inbuilt desire to work alone might clash with the required partnerships at your work.
These emotions seem to come out of nowhere, but are in reality always there, hidden under that shell. The pisces home is one that is most likely very eclectic reflecting their artistic side while having many pieces of art and nick knacks  on display. Definitely a sign to tiptoe around if you’re navigating the Leo waters for the first time. Music, interesting conversation, good food and fine wines will also be a part of this home. Because of the Scorpians preference of deep colours, the overall effect of the decor would most often be somewhat sensuous and dramatic. Aspirations toward change leave you feeling like you need to scrap everything and start anew, but this might not be the best thing for your own stress levels.
Building revenue streams into a favorite hobby will reduce stress by giving you a creative outlet and bringing in the extra money you will need. Learn to enjoy the team work and spirit that is involved, including in the relationship with your partner. The Moon rules Cancer and just as the Moon goes through phases and moves erratically in comparison to the other heavenly bodies, the person born under Cancer tends to have a rather erratic life and will go through phases never knowing what tomorrow will bring. Translated in to the home the colours might be reflected in black lacquered Oriental furniture, perhaps some chippendale pieces and many dark green walls offset with one or two well selected paintings. Those born under the Cancer sign are the most home loving of all the signs and have a great love of food. Be compassionate and gentle with yourself, and you will look forward to an excellent year ahead.
If your partner is not a good swimmer, take them swimming so that their trust towards you develops even stronger, same thing vice-versa.
The very same imagination that can help a Cancer climb to new heights can also be misused and trigger jealousy, fear of imaginary consequences and can in some instances, drive the Cancer into depression or worse. While emotion can be the their greatest strength, it can also be his or her greatest weakness. But, it doesn’t necessarily mean that those born under Cancer are necessarily mean or evil.

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