Miley Cyrus was born November 23, 1992, making her a 10 of hearts, Ace of hearts, 3 of spades Scorpio Monkey.
Miley Cyrus is the 10 of hearts, which makes her really into partying and fun, and having success with large groups of people. The trouble with Miley Cyrus is that her Ace of hearts first karma card is the Ace of diamonds. The trouble with Liam Hemsworth is that the Ace of spades represents a desire for work so strong that it can take precedence over all of their relationships. In the past life spread, Liam Hemsworth has a venus connection with Miley Cyrus, from his Ace of Spades birth card to her PRC, the 3 of spades.

I doubt this relationship will last long, considering how unmarriageable both of their cards are.
Because they are both Aces, they are both really into themselves, and don’t mind being alone.
Not to mention their first karma card is the 7 of hearts, meaning they’re always looking out for how they are being disrespected in relationships, and looking for it so much that they find it. They may understand each others’ need for freedom, for self exploration, and for work. Scorpios in the Monkey suit tend to be a bit on the silly side, because Monkeys like to be silly, even if Scorpios don’t.

But can Miley Cyrus take on this role with Liam Hemsworth, from the destiny card perspective?

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