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In contrast, bad books are written when their main purpose is to appeal to a large number of people so a company can sell a lot of them and make more money.
Good books make my heart sing and there are so many good ones, I just can’t wait to read them all. And so, my little children, that is why I want to read Beverly Cleary’s fabulous, funny, thought provoking stories of Ramona Quimby (clearly a labor of love) and why I don’t want to read Barbie Princess Charm School.

Some books have found their way into our home and my girls just LOVE them… and I don’t (to put it mildly). Maybe the writer’s mind created a character that made him laugh, or cry, or that he just loved. Books like these are not written by authors, but salespeople who have researched what people are most likely to buy and then included as much of that as possible into the story.
This classic children's story, featuring beautiful illustrations, has been loved for generations.
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These books might have lots of fabulous things in them (princesses, fairies, jewels, flying horses, tinkley magic, etc.) but they often don’t even make sense and very rarely make you feel anything.
Great books are written because that is how an author communicates thoughts and ideas and feelings.

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