Solid as its structure is the ox represents a steadfast personality and a goal oriented individual. The symbol of the snake represents a charming and seductive character that has an introverted nature. The rooster represents a highly practical character that is observant of his surroundings and likes to analyze things accordingly. Loyalty, honesty and faithfulness are the key qualities found in the character that the zodiac sign of the dog represents. Chinese dragon tattoo is widely considered as probably the most well-known representations on the planet.
Within the Chinese culture, the dragon is viewed as a strong symbolic representation of good fortune. It can be considered as an expression of strength and magic in addition to being a great friend to mankind. It can also be viewed as an association towards the supernatural, a link between heaven and earth. Several Chinese figures go as far back as ancient times; the actual symbol regarding strength is one of the older ones. This particular sign is considered to create real strength, endurance and also great health. Love tattoo is an amazing symbol which represents any kind of love ,  for lovers, parents, relatives and friends. As in the traditional western zodiac signs, you'll find 12 distinct signs with different tattoo symbols meaning.
The differences between the two is Chinese symbols are about the year of birth as opposed to the day of birth.
Chinese zodiacs utilize animals for each year: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Lamb, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig.

Your zodiac signs are in fact character types for the animal represented by your year of birth. Most of these qualities are usually detailed in the same way as those listed in your western horoscope.
The personality traits of cheerfulness, cleverness, mischievousness, inquisitiveness and liveliness are associated with people having the Monkey Zodiac.
They possess qualities of being creative and intellectual but at times fail to exhibit these qualities and come across as confused personalities. They’re diplomatic and can sometimes be deceptive hiding their opinions about others underneath their friendliness.
As in the traditional western zodiac signs, you’ll find 12 distinct signs with different tattoo symbols meaning. Discover the characteristics of the twelve animals that make up the Chinese zodiac signs.The twelve animals that make up the collection of the Chinese zodiac signs are well known around the world. Individuals born in the year of the rat are considered to be clever and cunning while possessing a good sense of humor. Hard working as they are people born in the year of the ox can also be stubborn and tend to be introversive.
Individuals born in the year of the tiger are as charming as the animal is while possessing a strong ambition and the courage to back that up. People born in the year of this powerful mythical animal are warm hearted and full of charisma. Although unorganized in nature they possess a lot of creativity and are sensitive to their surroundings.
Full of energy and an upbeat attitude there is no stopping the monkey people once they get going. Generally, they are known to be very helpful towards their friends but things can get real ugly if provoked.

The great aspect about that is it is possible to choose who will be the object of this love. With their charm, they sweep people off their feet’s and fast become popular with big crowds too.
It goes without saying that those born under the Monkey enjoy being the center of attention. A Chinese Zodiac reading would primarily consist of a detailed interpretation of the sign you belong to according to Chinese Astrology. Most of us are however only able to identify the animals rather than knowing what exactly they stand for. At the same time they tend to be egotistic and possess a natural tendency to become leaders. They are also known to have a strong intuitive spirit which sometimes takes precedence over their brains. They love to be intimate and roam the earth but at the same time they are known to be impatient and unsteady. Individuals born in the year of the goat require a lot of love and support from their acquaintances. Although they are believed to be good listeners they can be big time heart breakers as well.

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