Your horoscope recommends to expand your dreams, review your career aspirations and try to realize what you have accomplished so far.
It will be the planet Jupiter with its influence to give you the possibility of a breakthrough in the new year, which along with Neptune will strengthen your creativity and help you find solutions fast and innovative that will mark a decisive moment in your careers. Do not lose your energy, but focus on one project at a time when what you really want is to improve. The Leo in search of work will see the unlock of their professional life in early spring; there will arise many opportunities that will allow you to find a job that meets your expectations. New revenue coming in, thanks to the improvement of your professional life, the Horoscope announces that in this 2016 Lion you will witness also to an increase of your finances.

After a slight slowdown in the last few years, you will have the opportunity to take away some little whim.
Your expenses will become more focused and responsible, and towards the end of the planet Uranus will bring some nice financial surprises.
In the field of the work for you Leo Horoscope 2016 announces a successful year, in which the watchwords are change and renewal. The stars will demonstrate that your altruism must have limits, and over the months you will find the right balance.
What we have to worry about is not to let yourself go in compulsive spending, but try to think carefully about all the advantages and disadvantages they entail.

In short, the money on the 2016 Horoscope for Leo indicates that the beginning of the year will be little more laborious because of the passage of Saturn and Neptune, while the mid-year Jupiter will ensure that your financial situation remains positive until the end of 2016.

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