New York NYC Crime Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Education Obituaries Sports Yankees Mets Giants Jets Knicks Nets Rangers Islanders Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School The Score News Crime U.S. Year ahead: If you are well versed and prepared in your area of work, this year and over the next few years will bring career success in your chosen vocation. Love, family, friendship: The presence of abundant Jupiter in your solar fifth House continues for the first six months of this year and provides you with the energy and prospects to meet someone romantically that can fit the criteria of a lifelong partner. Career, money, purpose: The presence of Career minded planet Saturn ingressed your tenth House of career and business late 2012 and will stay there for the next two years until December 2014, with a further short stay in 2015 from June to September. Year ahead: More emphasis will be placed on the domestic area of your life this year, and family matters will rise to the surface to be assessed, evaluated and altered to fit within your lifestyle. Love, family, friendship: For the first half of the year, social events that involve friends and associates are highlighted to connect you with people who have common interests that resonate with you. Career, money, purpose: Team work is the key to your success this year, and although it may be necessary to work alone initially, there will be a need to engage a group of people to bring your work to completion and victory. Year ahead: Over the course of this year you will reassess where you are and what you have achieved. Love, family, friendship: With Jupiter your ruling planet and the planet of good fortune, still in your solar seventh House of love and partnerships for the first half of the year, it is possible for true love to cross your path. Career, money, purpose: The influence of expansive and abundant planet Jupiter in your solar chart highlights partnerships on a business level to be extremely fortuitous. You will have the opportunity to review and renew inner beliefs and update your overall values, both in your personal and professional lives. Those you meet this year will in many cases be universal teachers who provide a level of knowledge that is required to expand your world views. It is important to balance your work with methodologies that allow you to relieve stress and tension in your life, something that fits easily within your lifestyle that you can do on a regular basis. Deep thought will take place to allow you to evaluate what went right, what did not work, and what improvements you can make. For those wishing to make a permanent commitment, there is also the potential for marriage or a vow of promise associated with this transit. If you have an opportunity to work with people who are on the same wave length as you and form alliances that will be mutually beneficial then this is a positive time to proceed along that path. However, with all this attention on your professional life, you will need to bring your attention back to your family and social lives to ensure they dona€™t get neglected.
However, with so much activity around your professional life, you will need to make a conscious effort to schedule in one-on-one time with a potential partner to evaluate their suitability.
It is a time of harvest and a time when you can be the leader in your career life and impress co-workers and superiors with your business prowess. This is an important year where you can set solid foundations to move forward on, but it is vital to clear outdated beliefs and issues that may have blocked you in the past so you have a clean slate to rebuild on and continue your lifea€™s journey.
The quest for truth becomes important and anyone who does not pass the test of quality and substance, rather than superficiality, you will inevitably part ways with. The last thing you need is for your health and wellbeing to stunt your progress, so it is vital to take care of yourself. With cautious Saturn in your twelfth House over these next two years, after considerable reassessment, you will be urged to cut your losses and let go of anyone or anything that no longer serves you in a positive manner.
With mystical Neptune in your solar fourth House of home and family right through until 2026, your home environment is very important over this period and you will strive to make your abode a tranquil place of peace and beauty to come home to; a place you can feel anchored, comfortable and connected on a spiritual level. When Jupiter ingresses the sign of Cancer, your solar eighth House on June 26th, it signifies a favorable time to invest, expand your career, or apply for a loan to support your professional prospects.

Personal growth: With the brilliance of the cutting edge energy of your ruling planet Uranus placed in your solar third House for an extended period right through to 2019, you will feel compelled to investigate areas of higher knowledge that can include both a scientific and occult range of topics along the lines of where science and spirituality meet.
In other words, love can be there waiting for you, but you need to want to make the effort to allow someone to occupy space in your busy life. This is also an extremely creative period when you can develop new ideas and concepts that are thought to be revolutionary in the market place.
Some people will be destined to depart your life in order to make room for others who will be more in line with the new emerging you.
The way you think, feel and live life is under review and not everyone from your past will want to walk the same path. With money, be careful you dona€™t take on more debt than you can handle and overextend yourself. You will build close knit connections and those who dona€™t fit into this category and are not likely to take up space without providing some benefit. The more you can build and develop personal relationships of substantial quality the more secure you will feel on an emotional level, rather than have fleeting moments without the essence of reality, which can leave you feeling bewildered. However, with the influence under the Pluto transit in your solar second House of money and possessions, the way you make money, invest and spend can all change, which is not necessarily better or worse, just different and can have an effect on how you operate on a daily basis.
For those already in a relationship, it is important to stay connected with your family and loved ones.
Midyear, when Jupiter ingresses your solar sixth House for a one year period, it will be necessary to implement strict routines to work towards to keep your productivity high and your stress level low. Personal growth: The study of metaphysics can occupy your attention, which can assist you to uncover some of lifea€™s mysteries, or at least provide a better understanding of who you are and what life is all about for you. Relationships will undergo a transformation as you develop on a mind, body and spirit level, and many Leos will acknowledge that you exist on different dimensions. With the fanciful Neptune influence in your eighth House through until 2026, you should act with caution when borrowing money and ensure systems are set in place so everyone knows what they are accountable for. Personal growth: During 2013, while you regroup to gain valuable insight as to what journey you want to travel, it is important not to judge your progress, but to accept yourself, your achievements and your perceived failures simply for the role they played in your life and move forward from this point.
As much as you try to get some order and routine in your life it may not always be as organized as you anticipate.
When Pluto is involved, you want to ensure all your dealings are of the highest level of integrity; this is not a time to do risky business with questionable characters.
Pluto in your 12th House through 2024 will provide opportunities to confront feelings of guilt and allow you to continually work on an honest evaluation of who you are and what changes you want to make to benefit your life and personal growth. It is easy to take those you love for granted when you have so many other pressing opportunities and responsibilities to attend to. The more you can look after yourself to ensure your health is in check the more progress you will make on a business level.
If you can stay open to change and to new ways of thinking, this can be an extremely liberating year. With Saturn, the planet of responsibility, in your solar fourth House of domestic matters for a further two and half year period, you will look to connect with loved ones on a deeper level and have the security of family and the home environment. It has never been more important than now to keep your monetary dealings above board and be careful not get involved in anything shoddy or risky, no matter how marvelous it may appear. It is advisable to be open to unstructured situations to allow a level of spontaneity to take place, which can add spice and excitement to your life. Romantic month: A connection between Venus in your sign and expansive planet Jupiter in a personal area of your solar chart in early February can spark a meeting of hearts and minds and provide the energy to propel love forward.

With powerful physiological planet Pluto in your 12th House through 2024, you will also be working through deep-seated emotional feelings to confront and unblock them, which will free you to be the best you can be. Romantic month: An abundance of activity in your solar seventh House of love and relationships in February can provide the energy for love to start or move to the next phase. This is a time when you will want to group together with those you love, rather than face life alone. This is a positive time to take on additional studies, and it is possible to develop cutting edge concepts seen as innovative as well as useful that can have an impact of elevating your professional status front and center in your industry. Venus and Mars both ingress your seventh House of relationships, the full Moon in your sign, a challenging transit between Uranus the planet of sudden change, and transformational Pluto can shape your personal life.
Lucky for you, Sagittarius, you were born with an optimistic gene, and this year you will seek to attract like-minded people. If you stay open to what comes next, you will be able to accept the divinity of changes destined to occur in your life and although you may not see it at the time, the universe has a grand plan which will reveal itself all in good time. Power month: February is not only the month of your annual new Moon, but there are a host of other planets in and around your sign, which make this one of the most illuminating times of the year for you with love, work and money. All in all, this year is a balancing act and all areas of life are important, especially your intimate connections.
Fanciful planet Neptune in your second House teaches you the real value of money and not to get too attached to material possessions; everything has a place in life and it is essential not to overvalue the importance of money and material things. Power month: Professional change can suddenly occur in May, and August sixth is your annual new Moon, signifying the commencement of your next solar cycle.
Your values will be challenged by those who resist the changes you make within yourself and with your life, and this will further highlight how far you have come and grown on a personal level.
In addition to this celestial activity a favorable connection between the Sun and planet of expansion Jupiter, make this a month when anything can happen. Angel advice: Life is cyclic and you are heading into a period where you can advance on a business level, but in the process of reaching for the top, you need to look after yourself.
Angel advice: It is crucial to look after your body and pay attention to the messages it gives you. Power month: Late in 2012, on December 13th you had your annual new Moon, which was the commencement of your next 12 month solar cycle and considered a wish period where you can start afresh for the next solar year cycle.
This year is also very much about gaining balance between home, work, and looking after you.
Health and well-being are paramount to success; if you look after you first, you will have plenty of energy and resources in reserve to give to others. The month of May presents many options for consideration both on a personal and professional basis.
Angel advice: People can appear this year offering their assistance just when you need them the most. You are urged to accept help for the right reasons, and remember there is generally a price to pay at some stage to keep relations between you and others on an equal scale.

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