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DESCRIPTION SIZINGTELL A FRIENDMY NOTEThis eyebrow pencil by Ben Nye is formulated in a firm texture and has a precise point to create "wisps" of color to naturally augment brows. All sales of this item are final, no returns or exchanges except for defective merchandise. NEW Feature!Leave yourself a note about this style, you can even tweet it to your followers! Today I'm going to review Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil and show you how it looks on my brows.

The pencil is medium hard, but I would prefer if it was a bit  harder, so drawing thin lines imitating hairs would be easier. I used it sparingly throughout the eyebrows and concentrated more color on the outer third, because I have little to no hairs there. Then I went over with a clean mascara wand and fixed the result with clear eyebrow gel.На фото выше на моих бровях Карандаш для бровей Rimmel Professional, оттенок Black Brown. You can achieve different effects with this eyebrow pencil - from natural to bold brows, and the staying power is great. Perfect for a girl on a budget (like myself).Лично я никогда не ожидала такого качества от продукта за 150 руб.
I did not have the chance to try it in really hot and humid weather on oily and sweaty skin, because we're only in the beginning of the heat, but it works great so far.Карандаш для бровей Rimmel Professional легко точить, он не ломается.

About the eye brow gel, it comes in a tube just like a mascara but it's clear (it has no color). Some brow pencils look good on one girl but turn red on another girl, so it's really hard to choose without trying in real life.

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