Customized invoicing, which details usage by location or department, makes expense-tracking a snap.
Directory assistance (411) was originally provided for free by phone companies for their local customers.
The Law Offices of Regan Associates, Chartered provides Group Legal Care to more than 20,000 families throughout the East Coast. The founders of Regan Associates, Chartered implemented eight of the first nine group legal plans in the United States. Through its Legal Plans, Regan Associates, Chartered represents a diverse and interesting clientele, including professionals, hospitality workers, police officers, truck drivers, laborers and service employees. 411 DIRECTORY ASSISTANCE COMPLAINTSCharges worked for this company regulatorymy boyfriend worked . Summary: An overview of the handful of Waivers and assistance available to seniors and families in Wisconsin who are researching Long-Term Care, including assisted living, or who are living with a disability and need help with the process of finding care, support and programs.

We'll assign your company an exclusive toll-free number that rings directly into our call centers.
You'll hear why we're corporate America's leading live-operator directory assistance alternative.
These families are employed by firms large and small, including many Fortune 500 companies, as well as numerous cities, towns and municipalities. Waivers and programs highlighted include the ADRC, IRIS, Family Care Partnership Program, COPW and CIP. With an industry-wide average of 6 seconds, our goal is to consistently beat that time even during peak periods of high-volume directory assistance usage. This is based on the same sample pulled above, but measures how many callers' directory assistance requests were successfully fulfilled. Using a 100-point scale, our directory assistance operators are evaluated in the areas of Customer Care and Fulfillment with an emphasis on meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

Regan, the firm’s chief executive officer, has more than 25 years experience as a Group Legal Plan Administrator and more than 30 years as a trial lawyer.
Regan has been at the forefront of the legal services movement to provide affordable lawyers for millions of American families.
He has lectured, lobbied and published in this area for years, spearheading the notion that having competent, affordable lawyers is critical for the average American family.

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