The polarities are a basic principle that divides the signs into positive and negative or masculine and feminine signs.
In each set of elements, these three are then divided into one cardinal, one fixed and one mutable sign each.
As you can see in the table above and on the list in the side, every zodiac sign has an ascribed symbol.
The ecliptic is the apparent motion of the sun, meaning that, as seen from the earth, the sun travels across the sky throughout the year - this path that it apparently travels (although in reality it is the earth that travels around the sun) is called the ecliptic.
It's important to realize that western tropical astrology (what we're talking about here) does not consider the actual constellations of stars when talking about zodiac signs.
It's merely parts of the sky that are fixed, dont change and do not disappear (contrary to stars) that were named after those constellations and are kind of permanent representations of them.
That is why knowing someone's time of birth as well as latitude and longitude of birthplace is crucial.
As you know, the zodiac sign someone is born under depends on the day they were born, and these periods of the years are the zodiacal seasons. Each season starts with a cardinal sign, proceeds with a fixed sign and finally ends and transitions with a mutable sign.
The zodiacal year starts with the Aries season, since this is the first sign of the zodiac and March 21st is the first day of spring! As the earth travels around the sun throughout the year, the sun apparently travels through the sky as seen from the earth and therefore passes through all 12 zodiac signs on the ecliptic. The days for the zodiacal seasons are slightly off each year so it's best to have your exact sign properly calculated with a birth chart, considering the proper time of birth.
If someone was born while the signs were changing from one to another it is said that this person was born "on the cusp". However, you can only ever be one sign - it's all a matter of precision when it comes to calculation - the time of birth has to be considered when you are born on the day the sun changes signs. It's important to know and understand that the reason somebody identifies with more than one sign or doesn't identify with "their sign"is because we have a whole chart of signs.
If you have any other questions, make sure to leave them in a comment below, and I'll try and answer them in more lessons to come!

Figuring out whether someone needs Sun or Moon Nurturing The Moon indicates how our emotions need to be nurtured.
What is your astrological combination of sun, moon and ascendent and how can it be wrapped up in one sentence? Have you ever read your horoscope in hopes of gaining some supernatural preparation for what the future holds? Many astrology buffs have reacted with feelings ranging from annoyance to rage at finding out that their favorite pseudo-science has suddenly proved unreliable. First of all, let's break down the numbers: what are the 12 13 signs of the zodiac, what dates do they encompass, and what dates did they used to encompass? But what does that mean for all us toddlers, adolescents, teens, adults, and seniors who unexpectedly had our signs switched? And if we're now each associated with a different astrological sign, how can we be sure that the personality traits we used to describe ourselves haven't changed as well? To avoid the upcoming drama, I think I'm just going to remove myself from the situation and continue to not give a "phiuch" about astrology. These qualities are often misunderstood though, they neither have anything to do with good and bad nor do they have anything to do with gender identity. Although the sun is seen as moving through the sky when it comes to the idea of the ecliptic, this is merely because astrology is human-centric - it considers the celestial bodies in relation to the person on earth. I love to write and this is where I share my thoughts on astrology, sprinkled with other interests such as mythology and psychology. Or have you ever looked at a breakdown of your astrological sign, latching on to all the vague tidbits that accurately represent your personality type (or rather the personality type you wish you had), and conveniently ignoring the ones that aren't so insightful? That means that on your next birthday the sun (or moon or whatever) might not be "in" the same constellation it was in on the day you were born. Some have been lengthened, some have been shortened (some significantly - I'm looking at you, Scorpio), and everyone involved has been thoroughly confused. We all know that certain aspects of ourselves are governed by the position of the heavenly bodies at the time we were born, and surely the historical locations of the planets and stars haven't changed.
Going forward, which horoscope do I read in tomorrow's paper if I want some insight into the future?

Will the change from a feminine water sign to a masculine air sign cause me to feel more extroverted and outgoing?
From what little I know about astronomy, the Moon's gravitational pull has caused Earth to "wobble" on its axis, a phenomenon first noticed before the birth of Christ. The information on this website is presented for educational and entertainment purposes only.
If you were born on mars, your astrological chart would have mars as the center of the solar system.
If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you might have already heard that the astrological sign you always used to define yourself could be wrong. The news took a few days to go viral over the Tweeters, and the Diggits, and the FaceUnions, and it's been a few more days until my scheduled post where I can tell you all about it.
So by that logic, for everyone born before 2009 - the year when Ophiuchus was fished out of the Babylonian trash bin and reinstated as a legitimate astrological sign - their signs remain the same. Sure, I can still identify as a Cancer based on the astronomical positioning during my birth-moment two and a half decades ago, but as we progress through and past 2011, do I have to read Gemini's horoscope to see what's going to happen to me?
And then there's this "Ophiuchus" sign, that was supposedly rejected by the Babylonians who wanted their high drama on the celestial stage played out by an even 12 constellations. Maybe people weren't reading their horoscopes regularly, so the Freemasons or the Illuminati or whoever it was that invented astrology decided to shift all the dates and add in a new sign.
I'm no stargazer, but I don't know how they got from the little pentagon-y box (pictured right) to the dramatic rendition of the "serpent-bearer" (pictured above - and is it just me or does it look like he's drying his crotch with a big snake in place of a towel?). From a publicity standpoint, it's a risky maneuver - the potential payoff has people paying attention to twice as much astrology as before, since they'll invariably want to keep track of both their old, nostalgic sign and their new, accurate one.

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