Slokas 26 and 27 of Phaladeepika mention about one specific and very strong astrology yoga called as Saraswati Yoga.
Thus, this single yoga has been told to be auspicious for overall aspects of life (including education, career, finance, family and fame). However, the on ground applicability of this Saraswati Yoga may not be very satisfying or appealing; and, one may find many poor or less educated or unsuccessful people having this yoga in their horoscope. Well, guys all I can say is that just find ten or twenty horoscopes of known people who are having Karka Lagna with exalted Venus in their ninth house; and, simply ask them about their relationship with their parents and spouse. In addition to this, the affliction of Rahu on Mercury (via union) is intact in his Navamsha division; and, Venus is also coming under influence of Ketu. Now, the primary house for education is the fifth house of Lagna Chart (ruled by Mars which is debilitated in first house of his Lagna Chart). Of these three planets (Mercury, Venus and Jupiter); the best advantage (of Saraswati Yoga) is available for Venus which is exalted and enjoying the company of strong Jupiter in ninth house of his Lagna Chart. This is the horoscope of Sri Aurobindo who was a great philosopher, yogi and poet of India. In his Navamsha division though, Jupiter has become debilitated; thus full results of Jupiter’s apparent exalted disposition in his Lagna Chart may not be there.
On comparative note, among the three relevant planets for Saraswati Yoga (Mercury, Venus and Jupiter), Jupiter is the least disturbed; and, therefore, the primary advantage of this Yoga was available for the general and specific attributes of Jupiter.
Results of Shri Kanth Yoga – Person born with Shri Kanth or Sri Kanth Yoga will wear Rudraksha and sacred ashes on his body. In other words, the impact of Shri Kanth Yoga may bless a person to observe, follow and incorporate the characteristics or traits of Lord Shiva. However, the horoscope of Late Vijayalakshmi Pandit (18 August 1900 time 6:50 AM, Allahabad, India) can be seen in this regard wherein the Sun is occupying its own sign in first house of her Lagna Chart and, the Moon is exalted in tenth house. Results of Srinath Yoga: Person born with Shri Nath or Srinath Yoga in his horoscope will be good looking, attractive and wealthy. The primary strength of this Yoga is based upon good disposition of ninth house lord which makes a person fortunate with support of luck in overall aspects of life. This is not a common Yoga to be observed (specifically with three different planets); and, most of the time you may find Mercury and Venus (when one of these attains the lordship of ninth house) generating the Srinath yoga.
This horoscope belongs to Melanie Thernstrom who is the author of 1990 best seller, “The Dead Girl”; and contributing writer for the New York Times Magazines.
However, there are some other aspects too which should be taken into consideration while delineating the results of Srinath Yoga.
Therefore, the potency of these planets is diluted which didn’t allow full and potent results of Srinath Yoga.
This is another example horoscope which belongs to Alberto Bila who is an Italian journalist and television host. In this another example horoscope (given below), the Lagna is falling in Libra zodiac (Tula rashi); and, the ninth house is ruled by Mercury. The involvement of Mars, in this union, has actually boosted the attributes of Mars; and, the aspect of Saturn on this union is also supportive. As we can see in the above Navamsha division for Marconi Laura horoscope, Mercury is occupying Taurus sign and Venus is in Gemini zodiac; and, this is generating additional support for the planets to deliver their results.
Virinchi Yoga is named after God Brahma which is worshipped as the Creator; and, it is based upon the disposition of Jupiter, Saturn and the lord of fifth house. This yoga is comparatively easier to find as such both Jupiter and Saturn are slow moving planets. The above horoscope belongs to a famous French actor, director and producer Patrick Braoude; and, we can see that both Jupiter and Saturn are exalted in Kendra Bhavas of his Lagna Chart.
In this example horoscope, the fifth house is ruled by Saturn and, therefore, only two planets (namely Jupiter and Saturn) are required to be considered for Virinchi Yoga. However, at the same time, we also need to consider the inauspicious planetary influences on her Lagna lord Mercury as well as ninth lord Venus (which also rules over second house of her Lagna Chart). Here is another interesting horoscope for understanding the importance of planetary dispositions in accordance with their nature and potency. The nature of Saturn is not supportive for Karka Lagna; and, therefore, its aspect on the first house of his Lagna Chart is not desirable. Thus, while the positive influence of Virichi Yoga resulted in recognition and success in career; the inauspicious impact of other planetary dispositions also generated negative and painful results in his life. I hope the avid readers do enjoy reading this fourth article of mine on interpretation of yogas in vedic astrology; and, I will soon be writing the next article in this series.
Many of you will already be aware of its meaning; but for those who don’t know, a little explanation will be good.
Jupiter is occupying its own rashi in ninth house of his Lagna Chart; and, also joined by exalted Venus. Some of you may say or think, “ I have read somewhere or I have heard somewhere or so’n’so world famous astrologer does not adhere to this concept (Venus is not a friendly planet for Karka Lagna)”.
Very likely, most of them may not be having any pleasant experiences (specifically during the Mahadasa of Venus). The affliction of Rahu on Mercury (via union); and, the aspectual influences of Ketu and Saturn on Jupiter + Venus union are not auspicious and disturbing the positive attributes of all these planets. Jupiter is occupying Virgo rashi (in tenth house of Navamsha) and, coming under aspectual influences of Rahu and Saturn.
Mars is also afflicted via its union with Ketu (which is also having its cruel aspect on fifth house). The negative aspectual influences of Saturn and Ketu in Lagna Chart and, of Ketu (via union) in Navamsha division are not desirable for Venus; however, in overall perspective, Venus is having the maximum available support in his horoscope. Jupiter is exalted in first house of his Lagna chart and making union with debilitated Mars; and, Mercury is joined by Venus and the Sun in second house of his Lagna Chart. In my opinion, the maximum advantage of Saraswati Yoga will be available for people born in Gemini and Virgo Ascendants (ruled by Mercury) followed by Tarus and Libra Ascendants (ruled by Venus); and, in this regard, the horoscopes of Ben Affleck and Bruce Lee  can also be examined.
And, these three Yogas are named after the Hindu Trinity or Trimurthi Gods (Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesha).

And, therefore, exact representation of this results (like smearing of sacred ashes or wearing of Rudraksha) may not necessarily be there.
And, therefore, the on-ground applicability of this yoga appears to be good because the strong disposition of Lagna lord, Sun and Moon is capable to bless the person with good, strong and helpful nature.
The union of debilitated Ketu with the Moon is, however, not desirable; and, disturbing the clean influence of the Moon. The potent disposition of Mercury blesses with good looks and strong communicative powers; while, the well disposed Venus is supposed to give wealth as well as add to the physical appearance. On ground applicability of this yoga is somewhere between average to good (depending upon the disposition of relevant planets). Daughter of a prominent political scientist, Melanie is very well educated; and, lives with her husband and two children in California, USA. In her Lagna Chart, Mercury is occupying its own sign in tenth house and Venus (as ninth house lord) is placed in ninth house.
Despite being placed in their own sign, both these planets (Mercury and Venus) are under cruel planetary influences. She had a late marriage (January 2007) with Mr Callahan (whose first marriage ended in divorce).
The planetary disposition, in this horoscope, is almost similar to the previously discussed horoscope. Thus, for this horoscope too, only two planets are to be considered for application of Srinath Yoga. In her Navamsha division too, the relevant planets (Mercury and Venus) are reasonably disposed.
This Yoga derives its strength from fifth house supported by the planets Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter remains in one sign for around one year while Saturn takes around two and half years to complete its stay in one sign.
Now, let us go through some example horoscopes for better understanding of this Virinchi Yoga. The lord of fifth house (Venus) is also occupying its own sign in tenth house ( joined by Mercury and exalted Saturn); and, therefore, the disposition of all the three relevant planets is quite potent in his Lagna Chart.
Lord of ninth house Venus (also rules over second house) is also badly placed and afflicted via aspect of debilitated Mars; while, Moon is badly placed in twelfth house.
The horoscope belongs to an American Actress and author Tatum O’Neal who is the youngest person to receive a competitive Academy Award (she won the Award at the age of around 10 years in 1974 for her performance in Paper Moon movie). Tatum is born in Virgo Ascendant (Kanya Lagna) wherein the fifth house is ruled by Saturn; and, therefore, only two planets (Saturn and Jupiter) are to be considered for Virinchi Yoga. Mercury is combust and afflicted by debilitated Sun in the second house of her Lagna Chart; and, Venus is afflicted by union of Mars in third house of her Lagna Chart. Besides, the bad placement of Lagna lord Moon (occupying sixth house along with Ketu) is also not good for health and well being. Mercury is in seventh house (joined by Rahu) of his Lagna Chart; and, therefore, all the requisite conditions for Saraswati Yoga are being addressed in his Lagna Chart. Vedic astrology is a very vast ocean of knowledge; and, different people or astrologers may have different views or opinions about some specific concepts.
Thus, while the Yoga (Saraswati Yoga) is apparently present; the concerned planets are afflicted due to which full and clean results of their disposition may not take place.
Therefore, all the relevant planets generating Saraswati Yoga (Mercury, Venus and Jupiter) are afflicted in both Lagna Chart as well as Navamsha division due to which the potency of these planets remained restricted and limited (to deliver the results of their apparent disposition in Lagna Chart).
Besides, the negative aspect of Mercury (joined with Rahu in seventh house) on Mars is also undesirable for Mars and fifth house. And, because Venus is not a friendly planet for Karka Lagna; it (Venus) may only be able to protect and promote the houses ruled by it (along with general traits of Venus). However, while Saraswati Yoga is applicable on his nativity; the full results of Saraswati Yoga were not there. Therefore, the potency of these two planets (Mercury and Venus) may also remain disturbed and restricted. The disposition of the Sun (exalted in his Navamsha division); and, the union of Moon with Saturn (in sixth house of Lagna Chart) also provided secondary support. Besides, due to its lordship over twelfth house of the Lagna Chart, the basic nature of the Moon is also not much friendly for Simha Lagna (Leo Ascendant). He will be a strong devotee of God Vishnu; and, will be specifically inclined and helpful for other devotees of God Vishnu. In addition to this, Venus (supported by luck and fortune) may also ensure marital bliss (happiness from wife and son) for the native; while, the combined influence of all three planets (Venus, Mercury and ninth lord) may cause him to be inclined towards God Vishnu.
Thus, both these planets (Mercury and Venus) are generating SriNath Yoga which resulted success in writing (communication) along with financial success. Mercury is combust and joined by Sun and Rahu in the tenth house; while, Venus is making union with Mars. The primary difference, which may not be apparently visible, is that Mercury is not debilitated in his Navamsha division which might have allowed him to be comparatively more active and regular in communication related matters. Both Mercury and Venus are occupying friendly zodiac sign of Saturn in fifth house of his Lagna Chart; and, also receiving aspect from Saturn (joined by Jupiter in third house of his Lagna Chart). Among other things, the fifth house primarily signifies knowledge and intelligence; and, therefore, having Virinchi Yoga is specifically auspicious for knowledge and learning. Therefore, both these planets may remain in their respective signs for longer periods generating more possibilities of Virinchi Yoga. However, some other relevant factors are also present and should be given due consideration before concluding. The chart belongs to a person who was kidnapped and murdered around the age of 7 years only. In her Lagna Chart, Saturn is occupying its own sign in fifth house; and, Jupiter is occupying its own rashi in seventh house.
And, this disturbed disposition of Mercury and Venus didn’t allow her to exploit her full potential.

The union of Mars with the Sun can be considered somewhat supportive (both planets are friendly with each other); however, the involvement of Mercury and Venus in this union is not good and is causing affliction to Sun, Mars as well as fifth house. She is the daughter of Brahma, the Creator; and, those who want to achieve success in learning, knowledge and wisdom are suggested to pray for her blessings. He will also be extremely wealthy and fortunate; and, will also be blessed with happiness in marriage and family life (good wife and son). While, he was blessed with fame and wealth, he couldn’t acquire proper education and started working by the age of 13 (as a golf caddy at the local country club).
I cannot and may not like to address why some other person or book is having different opinion than mine; and, all I can do, is to share what I could comprehend from the ancient and authentic texts (like Phaladeepika).
The aspects related to marriage and family may not be able to generate any strong results though. I do have some horoscopes in my personal database wherein the Yoga is fully operational with explicit results; but cannot share the same due to sake of privacy of the concerned individuals. Vijayalakshmi Pandit was an Indian diplomat and politician; and, she campaigned against Indira Gandhi (former Prime Minister of India) and helped the Janta Dal win the 1977 election. The primary strength of this Yoga is based upon good disposition of fifth house lord which makes a person wise and knowledgeable. Besides, the bad placement of the seventh lord Moon (occupying eighth house of his Lagna Chart) as well as the aspect of Mars (joined by Rahu in twelfth house) on Jupiter is also detrimental for the attributes of seventh house.
At that time, he was passing through Mahadasa of Venus and antardasa of Rahu; and, as you can see both these planets are also under cruel influence of Mars. Both these planets (Saturn and Jupiter) are safe from any inauspicious planetary influences; and, therefore, the chances of Virinchi Yoga results are more prominent. Aspect of Jupiter on the first house as well as on the union of Mars with Sun, Mercury and Venus is generating some counter positive support against inauspicious planetary influences; however, it may not be able to completely eradicate the impact of cruel planetary influences on his nativity. I hope this brief explanation of the term, “Saraswati” would have provided ample idea about the influence and might of the Yoga. Persons born with such Yoga (Saraswati Yoga) are very fortunate, famous and honored by the Kings (Authorities). I am not going into details about the astrological reasons behind the wealth and fame in his Lagna Chart as such besides the apparent presence of Saraswati Yoga, there are many other factors in his horoscope. And, as per my understanding of vedic astrology, Venus is not a friendly planet for Karka Lagna and only under certain very limited conditions it (Venus) can generate unblemished positive results for Karka Lagna (Cancer Ascendant). The aspects of Jupiter on Mars and fifth house in Lagna Chart and, aspect of Moon on Mars (in his Navamsha division) are auspicious; however, this may not be able to completely eradicate the negative afflictions on debilitated Mars. While, for other prospects of Saraswati Yoga (like education), the results may primarily depend upon the disposition of fifth house and Mars (which are not well disposed in his horoscope). Basic nature of Mercury and Venus is also not much supportive; and, therefore, limited advantage of the union of Sun with Venus (generating Dhana Yoga) may be there (which is also disturbed due to involvement of Mercury). The quantum of fame and happiness in life may also depend upon the potency of ninth and tenth houses of his horoscope. Jupiter, the lord of seventh house signifying marriage, is also badly placed in eighth house of her Lagna Chart. The relevant planets are occupying friendly zodiac sign of which Mercury has become debilitated in his Navamsha division. The potent disposition of Jupiter further adds to wisdom, righteousness, wealth and family; while, the well placed Saturn will help him in being content as well as gaining respect from authorities. I am not having any credible information about the marital prospects; therefore, will not be able to comment on his marital life.
But at the same time, Saturn is also afflicted by its union with Ketu as well as via aspect from debilitated Mars (joined by Rahu in eleventh house of natal chart).
In her Navamsha division too, both these planets are reasonably disposed without any major damage which is further adding to the fruitfulness of Virinchi Yoga. Therefore, the placement of all three relevant planets (Jupiter, Saturn and fifth house lord) is sufficiently addressing the requirement for creation of Virinchi Yoga. Zwagerman’s 20 years marriage ended into divorce in 2010; and, thereafter, he became clinically depressed and suicidal. However, I may like to draw your attention towards the astrological reasons due to which he couldn’t acquire even average education despite the presence of Saraswati Yoga in his Lagna Chart. Besides, Venus is also combust which is further diluting the potency of the Dhana Yoga being made via union of second and eleventh houses lords. The basic nature of Mars is not friendly for Virgo Ascendant (Kanya Lagna); and, therefore, this is double affliction on Saturn. And, if we see rationally, the positive results of Virinchi Yoga did take place in her life. Zwagerman started writing quite early; he was well educated and was awarded the Gouden Ganzanveer Award for his extraordinary contribution to the Dutch written literature. Jupiter is also combust due to which full results of Jupiter’s exaltation may not be there. Therefore, it may also happen that despite having this yoga, one may not be very rich, or famous or successful in professional life.
The added influence of Mercury (lord of ninth house of his Lagna Chart) on both Venus and Saturn might have taken care of Sun’s negative influence on the ninth house. The presence of exalted Ketu in fifth house of his Lagna Chart; and, the debilitated state of fifth lord Mars (also coming under aspectual influence of Ketu) are not auspicious for education and learning.
The involvement of Lagna lord Mercury in this union (Jupiter + Sun + Mercury) may not be able to generate any credible support as such Mercury is debilitated and combust. The influence of Jupiter (on Ketu, Mars and fifth house) is supportive and diluting the negative influence of Ketu (on Mars and fifth house) to some extent. Thus, both the relevant planets for Virinchi Yoga are under multiple malefic influences; and, there are no potent influences of supportive planets on these planets (Jupiter and Saturn).

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