We are learning about the letter T, so I thought that tulip counting cards would go well with our letter of the week and also fit nicely into spring. Just wanted to let you know we did use the Spring Tulip Clip Cards last week and as such they are featured in one of my Spring posts at Sorting Sprinkles!
You’re welcome, Steph – I really appreciate your letting me know about the problem!!
I’m not sure you got this message, Lorie – just wanted to thank you so much for featuring me! Numbers is an interactive Sesame Street computer game that was originally developed by the Children's Television Workshop in 1991.

Initially released as one of two CD-I games by Philips Interactive Media, under the label "A Visit to Sesame Street," the game was modified for CD-ROM releases.
Elmo guides the user around Sesame Street while number recognition, counting, adding, subtracting, and other math skills are encouraged. As with its companion Letters, this game features posthumous voice-over work by Jim Henson as Ernie and Kermit the Frog. Songs by Charles Blaker, Christopher Cerf, Anna Dibble, Harrison Fisher, Ed Bogas, Candy Cugel, Si Fried, Maxine Fisher, B. I’m glad you liked the tulips and really appreciate your stopping by and leaving a comment.

The first of which was released specifically for the 3DO by Electronic Arts (1994), and subsequently by Creative Wonders (1995-1997), The Learning Company (1998), and Encore Software (2001).
It could be something on my end but i wanted to make you aware of it in case others have the same issue. The game was also included in the Sesame Street Learning Series: Toddlers Deluxe CD-ROM set.

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