Includes entry tests to show students what they need to study most; short learner-friendly grammar presentations followed by examples of correct use and simple traditional-type exercises to build confidence.
In fact there is a 10 marks question in board exams in which you have to convert a paragraph of Hindi into English.
Southern Indian students are very good in speaking English but tell them to write and you will find huge number of grammatical mistakes. In order to know simple and most common mistakes you need to properly understand how English rules work.

You can have this book and start preparing, learning and doing all the exercises given in the book.Click on the books to know about the PriceThere is a 26% discount on the main book. Key to Wren and Martin book contains the answer of all the exercises given in the main book. ParaphrasingThe book contains everything that you can think of in English section of any entrance exam.
If you will learn, practice and solve the exercises provided in the book then rest be assured that you will always find the English section easier in exams and you will be able to solve the paper in less time than ever.

Don’t go for downloaded free pdf ebooks as they will waste a lot of time in scrolling up and down itself.

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