Directory assistance (411) was originally provided for free by phone companies for their local customers. We specialize in counseling employees through difficult mortgage and real estate financing issues. STRS staff provide trauma counseling, including EMDR, along with CISM training and interventions. Cherokee Health Systems is an organization committed to serving the health care needs of its clients. The gift you can give to yourself or to the one who worries you is the gift of Intervention. Licensed therapist & certified substance abuse counselor in private practice in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. Performance Rating of 94, up to 14 points higher than the average company in our line of business. If you have pieces of information about a person who called you, but still no name behind the caller, try the AT&T Directory Assiatance website. Could you message me with any tips about the method that you made your blog post look this awesome, I’d enjoy it! To be the primary internal and external market segment window furnishing system “supplier” to wholesalers, retailers and the commercial market in the New Zealand and selected export markets. Has long been synonymous with high quality window furnishings, components and systems for the wholesale and retail markets. Our head office is located in Wellington, New Zealand, and we also boast an extensive sales and warehousing network throughout New Zealand, giving us the power to distribute to a global customer base.
Blinds 2 Go proudly offers the highest levels of innovation, quality and service in everything we do.
From the award-winning Privasee® Slimline Venetian Blind to our exciting new Glissade Panel Glide System; from our bespoke Roman Blind to our Unitrak Vertical Drape, Blinds 2 Go is proud to present the finest in New Zealand window furnishings. As you navigate through our website, we introduce you to our most enduring ranges and operating systems so you can see for yourself why Blinds 2 Go is the name to trust when it comes to high quality window furnishings.
When choosing the correct Sunscreen Blinds there are three room considerations that should be considered; openness, colour, room location and use. The fabric colour used in our Sunscreen blinds fabrics determines the amount of heat gain, brightness and glare. South facing windows receive high levels of sunlight and will therefore need a dark fabric with low openness.

Always elegant, Blinds 2 Go Vertical Blinds are perfect for larger windows and sliding doors.
Featuring an award-winning range of fashion finishes, we can create a completely coordinated look for your home or office with matching or contrasting pelmets, chains and cords in continuous lengths. Slim Series 2000 – The System offers a uniquely streamlined appearance without any decrease in strength. UNItrak is the sturdy, aluminium-constructed mechanism at the heart of our Vertical Drapes. Both track systems feature stainless steel spacer links which remain rust-resistant in every climate and give the drapes a consistent overlap and symmetrical appearance. Blinds 2 Go Vertical Drapes come in a wide range of fabric choices with optional pelmets and chains whilst both Tracking Systems are available in five decorator colours of white, grey, beige, birch white and ebony.
Operated manually or motorised, the Roller Blinds have features precisely manufactured components representing the latest in plastics technology. These award-winning Slimline Privasee® Venetian Blinds are a beautifully versatile solution offering year round comfort at every window. The Privasee® Slimline Venetian Blind delivers complete privacy and sun protection in a patented system that adds beauty and practicality to any window. With a choice of over 40 decorator colours, Uniline will tailor your Privasee® Slimline Venetian to match your existing colour scheme. Thanks to their excellent energy-efficient properties, our Double Glazed Venetians are a popular choice for commercial applications.
Blinds 2 Go specializes in Blinds, supplying one of the most comprehensive ranges of technical sun shading and blind systems on the market today. Let us inform you of all the new blind products that we carry and help you with the decision making of your project.
When you choose Blinds 2 Go for your window treatment needs, you get more than the leading custom window treatment service: you get the support of our industry leading affiliates. Advertise with us We rely on quality and customers to keep growing and the more people we have advertising the more affordable it becomes!
We are an upcoming growing business and the more companies that we have advertising the more affordable it becomes!
This method works best for home phones, although cell phones have been known to be in this directory as well. As of 2014, you may need an account logged in with AT&T to use the directory after a certain amount of tries, so do your best to enter as much information as you can to perform a good reverse phone search the first time and not waste your chances.

Everyone enjoys natural sunlight, but solar glare and brightness through windows can prove to be uncomfortable. The percentage of openness ranges from 9% which allows more solar energy and glare through the blind to 1% which lets very little glare and solar energy through. Darker fabrics provide better view to the outside and provide excellent glare-free environments, while lighter colours result in lower heat gain, but may transmit excessive light onto computer screens. Office areas where people are working at computer screens fabrics with low openness must be considered to avoid glare. Its design allows for a matching fabric insert, to be incorporated into either side of the reversible track, to match with the fabric used. Superbly engineered, it allows for even the slightest adjustments and rotations of the drapes. The mechanisms are geared to allow for the finest adjustments and ease of rotation and are colour co-ordinated to match the tracks. Because of our stringent production values, Blinds 2 Go Deluxe Roller Blind will maintain its good looks for many years to come.
Proving why it won, Privasee® features a unique ‘crimping’ system for snug closure and complete light blockout.
Available in 25mm slats, they provide superb sun, glare and wind protection for extremely ‘exposed’ windows, significantly reducing heating and cooling costs. These are a solar protection blind system, providing a great reduction in both solar glare and brightness of the sun, while providing a view to the outside.
As always, safety is a priority and the blades release the moment excess pressure is applied.
Matching or contrasting pelmets are easy to install thanks to their unique clip-in features. Easy to operate and incredibly durable, they’re perfect for high traffic areas and frequent use. Choose from a range of metal pelmets for an edgier look or a more traditional fabric style to completely coordinate with your blind.
Snap-in style brackets make installation and dismantling easy whilst self-aligning hooks and wheels guarantee smooth operation.

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