Yes, the world still loves books, no matter what version they’re in: printed or electronic. In today’s post, we’ll show you some websites where you can download free eBooks that range from Classics to Historical Fiction, Romance to Horror.
Smashwords gives you the opportunity to discover new voices in all categories and genres imaginable.
Docstoc boasts more than 20 million professional documents in PDF, Word and Rich-Text format which are shared by a user-generated community.
Some of us focus on getting the most up to date information regarding the latest web hosting plans while others concentrate on verifying the information before we publish them online. Some of us prefer the real thing while others prefer them in eBook version, simply because they are so easy to locate, download, and store for future reading and reference.

The library contains a plethora of Marketing, Medical, Romance, Fiction, and other free eBooks in PDF format.
You can find and download books in software engineering, mobile app development for Android and iOS platforms, computer science, web design and development, and others in PDF format. Once you sign up, Smashwords will offer useful tools for search, discovery, and personal library-building. You are spoiled for choice with over 1 million free eBooks available in 8 different categories, including Biographies, Mystery, Romance, Religion, and more.
You can find and download the document you need for free or upload your own documents to share with others. Without further ado, let’s take a look at 10 of the best places you can download free eBooks from.

They then post these eBooks on the site so visitors are encouraged to check the site every day for resale opportunities. Your search results will be curated for you and you’ll get direct links to download or purchase your eBooks. You can search books, comics, and graphic novels for the iPad, Android, Kobo, Mac, and PC platforms, among others.

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