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Libra Horoscope 2014 predicts it to be a hectic year both in terms of personal as well as professional life.
The yearly astrological predictions also foretell it to be a year of satisfactory income flow. Jupiter would continue to bring the shine of luck and fortune upon you during the first half of the year, says 2014 Libra Horoscope. Impulsive decisions have to be avoided to make sure that the personal life runs smoothly during the year.
A great slate of readers: astrologers, tarot readers, intuitives and others are lined up to give 20 minute readings. Vendors of New Age items will display jewelry, crystals, hand-crafted soaps and candles, books and other items for sale. To the sound of the Drum, you will learn how to relax and journey to a special place and enter an altered state of consciousness. The change of seasons, each Equinox and Solstice, brings an indication of the energies and patterns to be expected in the next three months.
For over 46 years Alphee Lavoie has earned his reputation as a national and international MASTER ASTROLOGER. Gevera explains the basic elements of sacred geometry and how they are useful in healing and meditation.
Gevera Bert Piedmont, an award-winning, top-ranked blogger, is the author of the Jaguar Nights series of Mayan-Aztec calendars. The Astrological Society of Connecticut is one of the largest and most active local astrological organizations in the United States dedicated to educating people interested in astrology, sponsoring lectures, workshops, fund-raising fairs, and social activities. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged Astrological Society of Connecticut, New Age Fair.
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The Latest From Astrology Media Press#Blog Promotion: #Instagram, #blogging and You(Astroblogging) Since Instagram’s debut into social media it has grown explosively. Take This TestWritten by yours truly on the theory that if astrology works it can be practiced inside out.
Thirteen fantasy authors examine endings - and sometimes beginnings - in stories and poems ranging from lyrical to macabre, from bizarre worlds to here and now, from hope to despair.
Check out my article at the Shoreline Times to find out Prince William's and Kate's prospects for "Happily Ever After".Then check out the other articles in the Astrology of Royal Marriage series.

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Be alert and tactful while you speak as anything can be taken out of context and hurt the sentiments of your dear ones. It is also a favorable time unlock your inhibitions and come out of your shell to discover the possibilities.
August 19, 2012, the Astrological Society of Connecticut will hold its quarterly New Age Fair from 10 AM to 4 PM at the Keeney Center, 200 Main Street, Old Wethersfield, Connecticut. Get a jump on your holiday shopping by picking up one of kind items that you will not find anywhere else.
You will learn safely to enter non-ordinary realities for questions and to trust your Power Animal, Guide or Teacher. Additionally, she has lectured and led workshops in spiritual development and astrological concepts. Learn about the Flower of Life, the 5 Platonic Solids and the amazing merkaba field, and how to make crystals grids using these shapes. Hardie is the Founder & Director of Angel Connections and the Award-winning Author of “Creating Heaven on Earth – A Guide to Personal Ascension.
It lasts 90 minutes and costs just $15, which includes your chart and a coupon for $5 off an astrology reading at the fair.
If the Keeney lot is full, try the public parking lot behind the fire station at 171 Main St. Please, upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to experience this site. The age where this sun line is clear, it is the indication of success and where line is not clear, it is the indication of failure in that age.
At $20 for 20 minutes you have a chance to sample different kinds of readings at a price that is much less than many readers regularly charge. Agneta will explore the current astrological landscape, and will lead you on a Journey related to your own personal involvement.
They called event called “rare” and a “quirk” … Continue reading >February 2016 Monthly Horoscope(Astrology Explored) Aries—You think actions speak louder than words. However, keep in mind that any increment would also come with additional responsibilities and expansion in work scope.

Those involved in a steady relationship would also get chance to uncover the realms of romance and deeper affection.
Barbara left the Corporate World in 1995 to pursue her spiritual work of assisting individuals to awaken their spiritual consciousness and to assist them in achieving Ascension in this lifetime through conscious awareness. I'm sorry, but professional and other commitments do no give me the time to analyze a reader's chart or charts for comment on the blog. Career developments may leave you anxious for most of the first year but soon you would learn to adjust with the rapid pace with the changing times. Nurture your business relationships and learn the dynamics to be successful in your endeavors. The veil is very thin now due to the Ascension of both Earth and Humanity so it is much easier to make a connections with the Angelic Kingdom at this time. Barbara is an Ordained Spiritualist Minister, certified Spiritual Healer, Medium & Counselor, International Lecturer, and certified Master Hypnotherapist. This is enough for you to bolt to the gym or the local bar to deflect any messy emotional … Continue reading >The Astrology of Celebrities: You Will Be Missed Alan Rickman(Astrology Explored) The public at large can’t catch a break as another iconic and well loved actor, Alan Rickman, passed on at age 69.
You will share a good equation with your colleagues and this would turn around for you in the long run. However, it is best not to rush into any decision without careful thinking as there is a big threat of being misled into a trap by blind love. Agneta is a Past President and a current Officer of the Astrological Society of Connecticut. He has made numerous appearances on local radio and network television as well as CNN, Bloomberg , The Hartford and Connecticut magazine. She is a member of International Association of Counselors & Therapists (IACT) and The National Spiritual Alliance (TNSA). Possibilities of relocating to a new workplace look high but it would be upon you whether or not to take the choice.
Professionals looking to add more degrees to their resume can do so during this year as the stars are in their favor to pursue further studies.

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