Answer First is the UK based call answering service catering for small to medium sized businesses. Our operators are able to identify your companies calls and answer them however you want us to.
We answer calls quickly and professionally in your company name, respond to your callers and collect details as you instruct. With message inclusive tariffs starting from as low as ?20 per month we have a plan to suit every size of business. Our systems, staff and technology mean that we are able to instantly distinguish all calls that come into our receptionists and answer them exactly as you request. Here at Answer First we do things a little differently, we don’t tie you into any long term contracts for our telephone answering service, we don’t even ask for “set-up” fees or card details to get you started. Whether you choose to use our answering service all of the time, some of the time or when you just need a break from the phone, our operators will always be available to give your company a constant phone presence. What happens if I have an important client I need to speak to but the call comes through to you? That’s not a problem, many clients use our service as if we were their companies own receptionist, we can simply greet the caller as per your instruction and transfer your important clients through to you.
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We can help make sure that your valuable new telephone enquiries are always answered and that existing clients know they can always contact your company, even if you are unobtainable. We can then take the callers details then send you a message (via SMS txt or email) or transfer the call through to your mobile.
We believe this is the best way to prove you can trust us with your telephone calls and clients. We already have a huge range of clients from all over the UK and from a huge range of business sectors from plumbers and IFAs to doctors and large firms of solicitors.
Instead we offer all new clients a 30 day free trial of our service with no commitment to continue afterwards. Clients who have been on trial regularly tell us that they knew they were missing calls but had no idea they were missing so many.
Your clients will appreciate that their calls are answered quickly and professionally by staff that know and understand your business, after all- our staff are your staff.
Some clients choose to send all calls through to us, others just when they are engaged, in a meeting or on lunch. We can make diary bookings for you or place orders online, it really is like having your own member of staff, except we are never off ill or on holiday! To take up a free trial all we ask is that you are not doing anything different in your day-to-day business during the 30 days, it is not intended as free holiday cover or back-up for an impromptu marketing campaign.

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This unique number is then yours to either divert calls to us on or use as your main contact number.
Or bespoke systems then recognize any calls coming through on your number and our operators answer as per your instructions.
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