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Well Gemini - We are now entering the mad zone Mercury will appear to turn backwards this month, then appear to turn forwards again in November. Normally this wouldn't be a big deal, but we have Saturn (heavy nova) and an eclipse (also undeniably cumbersome) in the same zone of your horoscope where we find Mercury dithering around.
There is also a conjunction between Ops and Psyche at 9.45am at 00 Sagittarius 57 the same day.
Mercury is Retrograde Shadow from Tuesday 1st October 11.36am (London time) so don't be fooled.
I've seldom seen so many asteroids and planets line up like this in your chart within the space of a few days. You are not writing a chapter in your relationship with this person, Gemini, you are writing a classic novel.

Then work around this Allow for screw-ups.Read the fine print, have Plan B, get a second opinion, don't leave anything to chance. If you put more energy into doing head-miles about the undeniably malodorous presence of Him or Her in your life, then it may well be this person who is at the heart of the action.
The fact that we have a penumbral lunar eclipse in Libra on Saturday 19th October suggests that children will be a big part of the story for many, many Geminis.What do you think?

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