Whether you're shaping your eyebrows for the first time or trying to recover from an over-zealous wax, we all need to know what our perfect brow shape is before we get down to grooming and start with the hair removal. If you want your eyebrows perfectly symmetrical, a lot of people like to use these stencils. If—having seen the tutorial above and liked the results—you decide to use stencils, these are a popular brand. A lot of eyebrow tutorials skip that step, and you will wind up with a Lily Collins version of the drawn-on eyebrow, which is no more attractive than the skinny parentheses versions. Even if you pluck, or draw on them, they still reflect the mental outlook that feels right for you. Most eyebrows do not exactly match each other: In this case, the left eyebrow = personal life, while the right eyebrow = our external world.
Winged (thick at beginning, becoming thinner at ends): You need to be on the planning committee! The arch is the most important part of the brow and it’s essential that you find out where it should reach its peak. If you find your hair is extending over these areas, you’ve got the simple task of either waxing or plucking in line with the markings. Blame Cara Delevingne or Lily Collins, but thick, sculpted, perfect eyebrows are everywhere, and they’re fabulous. This is good to know, even if it means you will be stuck measuring your face in the mirror for the next two hours to figure out if you’re an oval, heart, diamond, or dodecahedron.
Michelle Phan’s tips are excellent, including putting a warm washcloth over your eyebrow first, or plucking directly after showering or washing your face.
They’re pre-formed in “perfect” eyebrow shapes, so there’s no risk of screwing up as long as you stay within the lines. I thought I was pretty much a master of brow care, but I hadn’t even heard of a brow pen before this.
Advice like, “use your leftover mascara to groom and darken your brows” sounds so easy but is totally not useful for those of us whose brows are auburn at best. But if you’re really, really careful, this Pinterest hack says you can darken your own eyebrows at home.

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If you think this is bull-, then you must’ve ignored the details of each eyebrow example. You appreciate logic, and you will need to be shown all the facts and available data before accepting something as true.
Gregarious and expansive, you may have good leadership qualities because few people will challenge your authority.
Mentally tidy, well-organized, and methodical, you do well in any roles that requires attention to detail and completion.
The eyes, the pupils, the nose, cheeks, chin, jaw, forehead, dimples, lips, teeth, ears, profile…etc have meaning.
All you need to do is familiarise yourself with the three key points that help to determine your best brow shape and lay your hands on a pencil.
You want this to measure up in line with your nostril so hold a pencil vertically against the bridge of your nose — where your nostril just begins — and that is where your brow should start.
Again, taking the pencil, line it up with your nostril — this time the outer section closest to your cheek — and angle it outwards so that it goes “through” the centre of your eye at your pupil.
To find where your perfect brow should end, take your pencil and again hold it at the outer nostril by the cheek, but this time, instead of angling it through the pupil, you want to aim alongside the outer corner of your eye. If your eyebrows aren’t naturally quite so perfect (whose are?), check here for some quick solutions to the most common eyebrow problems. Give it another chance and look at other people’s eyebrow shapes besides your own, and see if they agree with their own explanation. Sometimes you can understand an idea or theory better if it is explained to you in terms of a personal example or experience. You may have a tendency to interrupt others when they seem too slow to speak because you can often anticipate what they are going to say before they have finished saying it. Your visionary approach allows you to create exciting new plans, but your challenge is with follow-through.

By your mental standards, the rest of the world may seem slow or even unable to fully comprehend ideas.
If you have a problem, you may have trouble sleeping because you can’t stop thinking. Access hairs on the right side indicate that you spot problems in business and the public area. Tip: use a kohl pencil with the tip facing upwards, then you can gently press the pencil against the skin to mark where the brow should start. Where thepencil reaches your brow (or the line that your brow would follow if it's missing!) is where your eyebrow should end. Whilst you’re waiting for the sparse areas to grow, use a brow product to fill in the area. It is best not to burden you with too much technical detail without showing you the real-world application (usefulness). You need time to put new information for you to understand how you feel about the subject and how the parts relate to the whole.
Try a brow pencil — always remember to use light, feathery strokes in the natural direction of hair growth — or a wax, followed by powder to keep the pigment in place.
You store information with an emotional tab; by recalling the feeling, you can often recall the event with surprising clarity. Your challenge is to develop more patience with others who don’t have your gift of mental quickness.
You detest being put on the spot to make a snap assessment or to make a decision about something new before you have had time to reflect on it and understand it.

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