The Luxo Ball has a long history with Pixar, appearing in its first-ever short, Luxo, Jr.—you know, the one with the playful desk lamp. 1. When Buzz Lightyear “proves” that he can fly in the first Toy Story, the Luxo Ball is the toy he bounces from. 3. If you really squint at Russell’s merit badges in Up, you’ll spot a familiar shape in there.
The pizza delivery truck that played a central role in the first Toy Story movie has turned up in every Pixar movie since, except for The Incredibles. 8. In Finding Nemo, you can catch a blurry glimpse of the truck through the thick aquarium glass as Gill the fish plots the escape from the tank. Animators love to sneak in references to other Pixar movies, sometimes even including films that haven’t been released yet. The short changed the face of the industry, showing hand animators that computers were assets to the industry instead of the end of it.
Jack-Jack's babysitter thrusts a bunch of toys at the little superhero in an attempt to keep him entertained.
In A Bug’s Life, the To“YO”ta can be found parked next to the trailer with the deadly bug zapper. It makes perfect sense that the pizza delivery truck can be found watching the Piston Cup race in Cars, doesn’t it?

It’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo, but the Toyota can be found taking in the Paris sights in the background of Ratatouille as Skinner is chasing Remy near the Seine. By the time Brave came out in 2012, fans were on to the whole Pizza Planet truck inside joke—and they wondered how in the world animators were going to work a modern-day vehicle into a film set in ancient Scotland without totally disrupting the continuity of the storyline.
The poster of Finn McMissle from Cars 2 (2011) that showed up in Andy’s bedroom in Toy Story 3 (2010). The dentist in Finding Nemo has pretty good waiting room material—a little boy waiting for his appointment can be seen reading a comic book that stars none other than The Incredibles (2004). When the newly-announced Cars 3 eventually comes out, keep your eyes peeled for the Radiator Springs Drive-In. When the Toy Story gang is cruising through the aisles of Al's Toy Barn, Barbie isn't the only toy they happen across. A113 is the number of the classroom where many California Institute of the Arts graphic design students studied, including Pixar heavies John Lasseter and Brad Bird. As an avid board game lover, she is especially fond of her work on Split Decision and Mixed Nuts.
But the famous room number is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all of the "nudge-nudge-wink-wink"ing the animators do. Along with the lamp, the Luxo Ball has become an icon for Pixar, which is why they like to squeeze it in whenever they can.

Hiding references to it has become a nod that animators like to hide within their work—and not just Pixar films. Frederickson has to appear in court for his little assault charge in Up, the court's room number happens to be A113. In Monsters University, as Sulley is entering his first class at college, the plate on the door pays homage to one of the first classes his animators took. In her spare time (ha) she likes to run badly and visit roadside attractions that make most people cringe. Here are a handful to look for when you find yourself watching Toy Story for the seventeenth time, or when you're trying to distract yourself from sobbing through the beginning of Up.
In Cars 2, Mater and Lightning McQueen drive past the sign that states it's showing The Incredimobiles. And here's an extra little tidbit: The summons number is 94070, the ZIP Code for San Carlos, CA, where a Pixar producer was once mayor.

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